Giniro no Kami no Agito
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Agito (アギト)

Agito is a young boy who is the main character in Gin'iro no Kami no Agito. we are first introduced to him as he and his friend descend into neutral city's water supply to steal some water. He is portrayed as a boy who enjoys helping others and is not above taking more risks than necessary if someone he likes is in danger. We are really introduced to him as a character when he stumbles upon the sleeping Tula and wakes her up from her sleep. As the two start to get settled in Tula is taken away by Shunack. In desperation Agito goes to the forest and becomes 'enhanced' he now has powers that far outstrip that of a human, however if he uses too much power he will turn into a tree.

All in all he is a very kind and determined boy who will go to great lengths to help others.

Voice Actors
Patton, Chris
Katsuji, Ryou
Kim, Yeong Seon
De Bouard, Vincent
Ünal, Ozan