Kogorou "Sensei, Goro" Katsura

Kogorou Katsura

Bakumatsu Rock
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Bakumatsu Rock: Mystery! Onsen Kaijiken ze yo!!
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Bakumatsu Rock: Howling Soul
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Kogorou Katsura (桂 小五郎)

Birthday: June 26
Zodiac: Cancer
Blood type: O
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Hobby: collecting music scores
Special skill: inventing things
Position in the band: drummer/percussion

He is one of Shion's loyal disciples along with Shinsaku, who were on a mission looking for aforementioned, but ended up in Ryoma's town. He is an open minded, mature, patience and a knowledgeable person which is why the latter calls him "Sensei," he also like to invent things, but he is a bit shy of being naked where he avoids taking public baths. He is also a member of Ryouma's band where he does percussion.

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Voice Actors
Morikubo, Shoutarou