Daichi "The Crusher" Fuwa

Daichi Fuwa

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Daichi Fuwa

Birthday - 12.31.1984
Sign - Capricorn
Height - 174cm
Weight - 60kg
Blood Type - AB
Favorite Food - doesn't know
Dislikes - anything that can't be explained scientifically
Hobbies/Special Skills - activity of destruction
Uniform Number - 1
School - Sakura Jyousui, 2-C

Fuwa joined the soccer team of Sakura Jyousui because of Shou. The first time he played soccer, he played PKs or penalty kicks. He was the goalie while Shou was shooting. Fuwa saw how much fun Shou had playing with him, even though he lost. He didn't understand why, so he started soccer to find the reason why Shou smiles because of soccer.

Fuwa is the infamous "Crusher" because he was known for analyzing people's skills and beat them and their pride. Everyone, except Shou, feared him and greatly disliked him. Eventually, people began to trust him little by little as Shou does.

Voice Actors
Kiyasu, Kouhei
Rigotti, Alessandro