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January 31st, 2009
By setsuna-chan
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October 3rd, 2008
Kiddy Grade

Ep.1 preview
Light and Shadow, Right and Wrong
For every force that exists there is
another one that opposes it.

Ep.2 preview
There is no such thing as complete freedom,
Those who escape their cage will only find
themselves in a prison of another shape.

Ep.3 preview
Coming Soon

Ep.4 preview
Often the grandest moments in life
are revealed in the smallest of detail,
those who pay attention should not
miss them.

Ep.5 preview
Coming Soon

Ep.6 preview
Coming Soon

Ep.7 preview
There are those who seek control
power, but when it becomes to
great it is the power that takes

Ep.8 preview
It posses as a friend,
and creeps up from behind.
When the truth is discovered,
it's already to late.

Ep.9 preview
Were egregious is bless,
knowledge is a curse. For even
those who have learned
from the past, are sometimes
doomed to repeat it.

Ep.10 preview
We cry for release,
But the moment we break
though are heavey chains,
the weight of freedom falls
upon us.

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July 24th, 2008
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Private Entry
June 6th, 2008
I have many friends I made from anime site's and other sites. Each friend is special in their own way. People say that if you say hello your opening other door to say goodbye to that person. I want to say hello to everyone and try not saying goodbye.

Friends I've made.

I've made a really good friend. Her screen name is Izumi-chan.
She's funny and always nice. We talk a lot and she's very out going. We're about the same age and watch a lot of the same shows so that's probably another reason way were friends. She has a lot of clubs and I'm always more them welling to join them.

HikariDawn is a person I really like to talk to. She likes Horror and bloody animes like Elfen Lied. She's nice and has her own clubs. The Kunoichi (Female ninja) Club!! and The Makie Sasaki Club!!

willjones7927 a new person I've been talking with. He's nice and a great person to know. He's favorite color is black and red. He also lives in Dallas(cedar hill),tx. He doesn't watch any thing really bad and likes a show with a good story.

I have other friends on MAL but none are as fun to talk to as Izumi-chan, HikariDawn, and willjones7927.

I've made friends with a boy and his screen name is CoralineAlgae. He's also very funny. He love's Naruto and Asian food. He has a great dream of becoming a teacher. When I talk to him he always replys back. He says I'm like Hinata from Naruto.

I've made friends with a girl and her screen name is Venus21. I don't know that much about her but I do know she likes Sailor Moon. Which I do to. She also likes "tv-shows where people win money".

Vongola11th is someone else I talk to but not as much as the others. She is also very nice and likes cute things. She says she doesn't like horror movies because they freak her out. And most horror movie scare me as well.

Nicci-Chan4 a girl I go to school with. Me and her have known each other since 6th grade but didn't actually become friends in tell 8th grade. She's out going and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her.

xXlovellyangleXx and Chibi-angel are sisters that I just made friends with. Their nice and are into a lot of animes that I like. Talking to them is fun and I want to keep doing so. They both live in Hawaii.

I have much more friends on Veoh but these are the one's I talk to the most.

Oblivionblot Veoh is a friend I made on Imeem but also has a profile on Veoh. He is nice and love anime's in English dub. He's also a big fan of Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Anoop B. I know almost nothing of him. But we still talk and hopefully we'll become better friends. I do know he likes Lucky star.

Shinchan Rules is a good friend and a fellow lover of shin-chan. I talk to him on Veoh and on Imeem.

AMC44 Veoh is also a big anime english dub fan. He and Oblivionblot Veoh both download tons of anime.

sakurablossom143 and TenTen143 are both sister's if you haven't notice. I talk to them once in awhile on Veoh, MAL, and other sites. Their very nice to talk to as well.

I have so many friends that I may have forgot but they are always in my heart. And I know that even if I say hello and I may have to say goodbye they well always be by may side. And that we well see each other again some day.

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