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September 14th, 2009
I love MAL and the community at MAL, however every once in a while I have to remind myself that people can be and are often assholes. I suppose it is to naive of me to expect people to act with any bit of decency, after all why should we be nice when the internet gives us anonymity?

Anyway, I love the many features of MAL and especially enjoy the idea of episode/chapter discussions in the forums. I've followed many before which had great interaction: people answer questions, air out their theories, profess their excitement for the next installment, and even the occasional well thought out critique of the show. However, there has been a few discussion forums that have basically ruined this feature for me
Example: Vampire Knight.
At the time I watched this show and its sequel I had never read the manga. Let me say that I had to give up on the discussions because people blatantly posted spoilers without tags and then got all high and mighty if you said anything to them. Obviously I'm not a good fan if I haven't read the manga. Excuse me.

Latest Example (Which will probably be the last): Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
The beginning of this discussion was a bunch of people constantly complaining about how much a bitch the main character was... okay I get it, let's move on. The rest of the discussion involved people poking fun at others while spouting off about their own amazing intelligence/awesomeness. Check this post out (spoiler for episode 10 of Tokyo Magnitude)

Who the fuck does this person think they are?! Please fucking die! Ugh. I'm really angry.

I have to admit that there were many people who made excellent comments and observations in these forums, but unfortunately they were overrun with jerks.

I don't mind intelligent discussion whether I agree or disagree with the topic, however I just wish that people would not be so rude and stuck up when making their comments.

And yes I realize I'm being somewhat hypocritical. Argh!! :(

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December 31st, 2008
Ugh... I am so tired of people rating things that they haven't seen or read!!! It is equally annoying for people to rate plan to watch shows a 10 as it is for someone to rate something a 1 that they've barely read/watched. Personally, if I start a series and do not make it past a couple chapters or a couple episodes... then I just leave it unrated. You can not rate an entry entirely on a few moments, well at least not accurately.

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June 25th, 2008
Thanks to moving and an oil burning candle, my laptop screen is now ruined. As I write this half the screen is already light and dark and weird. *cries* Why did it have to spill on my laptop?!? I priced it and it'll be around $300 to get a new one. I'm poor from moving!!!
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