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January 11th, 2017
Anime Relations: ēlDLIVE, Fuuka, Idol Jihen, Nyanko Days
elDLIVE - this is the kind of show a person who had been in coma or cryostasis since mid-90s and was awakened and made write a script for a space comedy adventure school romance drama anime while still on sedatives would create. Also they've somehow dragged Kugimiya Rie into this.
Idol Jihen - This is basically an anti-utopia horror show for me. I mean, a nation ruled by fucking idol bullshit, imagine the horror. Being kinda serious though, a thoroughly derivative boring idol show without anything remarkable going on for it at all.
Nyanko Days - What. Cute girls doing, uh, things with literally catgirls and no one finds it strange, what a world to live in.
Also character design is so unoriginal I actually initially thought two of the shown girls were references to other works.
Fuuka - 2 minutes 23 seconds. That's how long it took me to realize I can't be arsed to watch a show that starts like this. Stupid and generic doesn't even begin to describe first impressions I've gotten from looking at it. I mean, if this was listed as a harem comedy or some shit I might've given it a shot on watching a couple more episodes, but a romance/drama with a beginning like this?Nah man, that's not a show i can enjoy.
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October 4th, 2016
Well this is a season full of disappointments if I ever saw one.
These are show that i don't even want to put onto my list for, uh, reasons yet would like to leave a few of my first impressions on for future reference if ever needed.
Nanbaka - stopped watching 6 minutes in, a bunch of autistic cretins doing stupid shit that's supposed to be funny or something. There's absolutely nothing to draw my attention to as a viewer in this show.
Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai - stopped watching at 4 minutes mark, 1.5 of which were actually the opening credits. Thoroughly derivative hardcore shoujo with awful script and - supposedly main - characters you just want to punch in the face for their behavior. Skip. I actually really liked the music clip this is based on and am really disappointed the anime adaptation turned out like this.
Tiger Mask W - 8 minutes or so, this isn't even B-movie level of stupid, this is worse. Disclaimer: I am not in any way into wrestling, i consider this whole silly staged violence as having zero entertaining value. I am also not really a huge fan of sports anime in general, although things like Hajime no Ippo, i.e. well-directed athletes' career stories i find quite enjoyable. This show, however, has proven to have awful script and dreadful direction. Skip.
Bloodivores - I actually almost made it to the end of the first episode, the scene that made me finally stop watching was the meeting with MC's father in the jail which was the cringiest imaginable shit. Chines guys, you can into decent cartoons but you really need to up your scriptwriting and direction if you want to make watchable serious shows. Also damn that girl has giant boobs, wonder if that's because she sucks blood or something.
Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru - watched for about 4 minutes or so, this is clearly a fujoshi bait without any actual effort put into it. Instant skip.
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September 28th, 2014
I shall name this season 'A summer of bullshit horrible endings that provide no closure whatsoever and therefore fuck up the shows' value as a means of entertainment'.

i understand the producers' desire to have an open ending that can serve as a setup for the next season(s), but goddammit HAVEN'T YOU HEARD ABOUT THE DRAMATIC COMPOSITION THING? Among all the summer's shows, only three to five ones didn't make me want to punch the script writer where it hurts for how they ended.
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January 15th, 2014
Anime Relations: Nisekoi
I was told by a friend of mine that this is an outstanding comedy on par with Seto no Hanayome (which is one of my favorites, btw) or better. Well, what can I say: no such thing in sight so far. The first episode has proven to be a slightly above average school romance with commonly used-type characters and strong harem vibes. Also, I think the trademark Shaft art style is not suited for this kind of works and is totally overused by this point, same as KyoAni's character desing thing, which makes it kinda annoying.
Now, I honestly tried to start reading the source material a few times, but the farthest i've gone is the end of vol.1. I just can't seem to notice what makes this so outstandingly good in the eyes of most.
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January 5th, 2014
Anime Relations: Tonari no Seki-kun
It is funny enough to grab attention for the short five minutes that it lasts. My concern though is that it will quickly become whether tedious and self-repeating or just too nonsensical to provide entertainment at all.
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Anime Relations: Space☆Dandy
Let's say I know nothing of all the hype over this anime or the team that's making it. In that case, the only thing i can say about the first episode is: it is bad. Not absolutely horrible bad, of course, but it lacks any of the qualities of the "good" anime, such as an interesting setting, a captivating intrigue, engaging characters, good humor and the like. Instead, there is a lot of meaningless colorful action (very well animated, i must admit) coupled with cartoonish violence, a load of service, bland dialogues that are supposed to sound cool or funny or whatever i guess and a void where sense is supposed to be.
- character design and animation quality;
- pretty much everything else.
First impression: inconsistent and boring. A huge failure for a first episode that is supposed to attract the wiever.
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Anime Relations: Seitokai Yakuindomo*
Nothing really changed compared to the previous series and OVAs, though it feels like there is more perversion and less humor now.The scene with the airplane in the beginning was meaningless&useless from my point of view. The highlight of the episode was the judo match between Mutsumi and Toki, which was done really good.
First impression - totally worth a watch as it is basically the same as its prequel, and i liked that one.
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Somehow, i feel like writing the very first entry in my blog tonight.
Some guys you may or may not know called this show " Another Shitty Sister LN Adaptation". Aside from the minor fact that this is actually adapted from a manga, I agree with them completely.
The setting of this series is as follows: two grown-ups've married making their adolescent children (male and female, of course) siblings. The very next day after new wife and her daughter moved in, whatever-father leaves for work in some foreing country, happily followed by whatever-mother leaving the two almost_strangers to live all by themselves under one roof. The imouto is a tsundere, the MC is a standart easygoing harem protagonist. The other characters introduced so far seem no more than the usual crowd in these kinda settings, only exception being a slutty ghost of whom we know next to nothing as of yet.
- overall quality of art, animation and character design(though eyes on males look creepy in some scenes), but nothing exceptional.
- the setting is overused(yes, there is one unusual detail here, but it seriously doesn't change anything);
- obvious emphasis on eroticism, which probably means this show won't have anything but lusty schoolgirls fawning over the MC in stock for the viewer.
- too much attention is given to the human's basic bodily functions.
So the first impression is: it's a yet_another fodder service anime directed at imouto lovers with weird fetishes.
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