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Dec 7, 2017 8:11 AM
Anime Relations: ReLIFE
Since not all webtoons/manhwa are listed on MAL database I'm just gonna list them here

DICE:The Cube that changes everything
Chapter 14
Powers, games

Chapter 29
Powers, supernatural, vampires, comedy, action

Plan to watch

Secret Crush
Chapter 50
Romance, comedy

Something about us...
Chapter 69
Romance, Slice of Life

The Gamer
Chapter 34
Superpowers, games, adventure, action

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
Chapter 109
Superpowers, games, adventure, action

Winter Woods
Romance, Psychological, slice of life, mystery

King's Avatar
Chapter 52
Games, Action, Comedy

*Note to self: Put descriptions and pictures on each title when you have the time.
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