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March 7th, 2023
an actual rating system, which doesn't matter

Favourites= my top ten of the respective categories, in descending order from right to left (far right is my 10th favourite, far left is my favourite). nothing to do with rating, although i've noticed that they're all an 8 or higher. regardless of score, these were the shows i ENJOYED the most, and have impressed me as memorable or otherwise interesting.

10= left a notable impression on me. I go out of my way to rewatch or otherwise remember things that happened. above all, a 10 really makes me consider its themes in relation to my own life, their characters have profoundly deep personalities or backstories, the visuals are stunning or used meaningfully past simply displaying the story, etc. they are perfect, for all practical purposes. although nothing is objectively perfect, it can be in the eyes of the individual. as a general rule, I'm less likely to give sequels 10s, but who knows--there are exceptions to everything.

9= was missing something that would otherwise make me want to give it a 10. my 9s and 10s are very close--much closer than for example my 8s and my 9s. perhaps the art or sound design was subpar, i felt it could have done more with its themes, something or other made me not want to give it a 10, etc. minor imperfections are what keep things from getting a 10

8= great. I was never bored, liked almost everything about it, but found subjective flaws within. perhaps something that didn't make sense, a plothole, was a portent of the second season, etc.

7= enjoyable. i never stopped half way through, and its story was potent enough to warrant a certain amount of interest. anything that i would consider to have objective flaws (such as the contrivedness and needlessly convoluted story of code geass, or the melodrama in chuunibyou) would not get higher than a 7.

6= this is my average rating. I probably have plenty of good things to say about these, but plenty of bad things as well. i could have lost interest half way through or something, but kept watching so that i could put it on my list and see my silly little statistics go up. I guess they cancel each other out. Raildex is a good example of this.

5= bad outweighed the good. the show either bored me, or I found too many things wrong with it to call it "good," or even "decent."

4 and below= anything below a 4 is either something I dropped or is just straight-up bad. if I finish something, it had at least some value, which warrants a higher rating. 1s-4s are just varying levels of awful. a 4 is still terrible, but something (tits) made me keep watching it (testament of sister new devil). a 1 has absolutely no value. nothing I finish will receive a 1, unless it's really short. (tenkuu danzai skelter heaven)
Posted by betaterra | Mar 7, 2023 1:52 AM | 0 comments
I can't rate individual arcs as 10 on my list, so I'll just put them here. all of these are not without their flaws, but I never cared about "perfection" in the first place.

Enies Lobby (One Piece)
Water 7 (One Piece)
Poison & Soul Liberation arc (Made in Abyss)
Sisters arc (Railgun S)
Afterstory (Clannad: Afterstory)
Class C Conflict (Classroom of the Elite)
Cultural Festival (Love is War)
Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Return to Shinganshina (Attack on Titan)
Hitagi End (Monogatari Series: Second Season)

I'd consider these to be the absolute peak of my experience in the medium so far.

Also, while I wouldn't consider every arc within this period to be 10/10, (amazon lily, thriller bark, post-enies lobby) chapters 322 through 597 of One Piece are what I would consider the greatest stretch of story in anything.
Posted by betaterra | Mar 7, 2023 1:49 AM | 0 comments
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