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July 30th, 2013
Anime Relations: Persona 4 the Animation
Greetings Again here in this tutorial im going to teach you how to make a game card holders. in this demo i used PS Vita game cards. I Learned how to do this when i was searching around the net and found how to make this one for SD Cards. Its Really Simple really. You can put in in your Game case or your wallet if you like.

If you want this one for your DS or 3DS game cards.. then add sryrofoam or something thick enough that can hold your gamecards.

Here's what you need:

- White Glue
- Illustration Board (and Styrofoam for 3DS/DS Game Cards)
- Box Cutter or Cutting Knife
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Your Game Cards

Step 1

Get your Illustration Board and cut Three Rectangles the first one is 9cm X 4cm and two more in 9cm X 2.5cm.

I took a picture of only two for this one. sorry but you get what I mean lol.

Step 2

Place your game cards on one of the 9 X 2.5, try to layout.

Step 3

Trace the bottom of the game card like in the pic below.

Step 4

Next is to cut the traced lines. this will serve as the one that will hold your game cards

Note: Dont worry about tracing it too big. make some space so that you can pull the card easily.

Step 5

Now glue the 9 X 2.5 that you cut earlier and glue it to the 9 X 4. and let it dry. Don't use too much or the glue will be too strong to hold and it will be tight to fit the game cards.

Here's is an example on what it would look like.

Note: make sure you there is no wet glue reside on your work or else it will ruin your game card.

Step 6

Next its to apply small amount of glue on the sides and place one uncut 9 X2.5 that will hold the game cards for the front. and again wait for it to dry. You can test if its dry by using the cutouts that you used for the game cards. call it dummy cards lol. This is to check if there are still no residue

when its dry then try to test it out on your game cards. be sure that the glue is not too much or it might be too tight for your cards to fit.

viola and you are done. you can smooth out the edges by cutting the tip on the sides and cutting the two tips that you cut, making it rounded

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April 11th, 2012
Rage of Bahamut is a trading card game now on Android Devices. It Features Beautiful Card Arts. Lots of Moe and Bishie Characters. and it is also Free

There are three Orders. Humans, Gods, and Demons. Humans Consists of samurais, knights, ninjas, Gladiators, Dancers, ect.. Gods have Unicorns, Elves, Sprites, Faeries, ect.. while Demons have Vampires, Undead, Devils, Dragons, ect..

-Quest:Go through quests and it gives rewards you game money, cards and treasures(collect them and get a rare card)

you can also set leader card. they are cards that represent you, like an avatar. you use them through boss battles at quests and you can use your friends leader cards to help you beat the boss.

-BattlesYou can also test your might against players and battle each others decks.

-Enhance Cards to make them stronger by tributing left over cards and a small game money fee and BOOM level up. there are also skills that affects battles in events and regular battles like raising your deck's attack or lowering your enemies attack; the higher the level the more effective the effect.

to level up skills you must tribute a card with a skill, there is a percentage chance to level it up. to raise the percentage is to add more cards with skills for tribute

-Evolve: Most Cards Evolve by combining two cards with the same name and what that does is it makes your card stronger. 5% of the stats is retained to a non-maxed card and 10% to a maxed card. there are only 4 stages of evolution

for example:

Fighter + Fighter = Fighter+

it can also be:

Lilith++ + Lilith++ = [Seduction] Lilith

also through Evolving you can raise their rarity from normal to high normal...

Orders: Guilds or Orders(is what the game uses) is a group of players. these are essential for you and them. all of you can participate in events and also get an advantage from regular battles.

yes even though i said it was free, but you can also purchase in the game, premium coins called "moba coins" to get some rare card tickets and exchange them for rare cards to make you become stronger in battles and items that raises your stamina or attack and defense power.

so... Game on! lets play and also reffer to me so we can get 100,000 game money(ruppies) and a rare card use my referral code



this game is very fun and addictive i had to put my other games on hiatus so that i can focus more on events with my order.

dont forget reffer to me... nta6667

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June 11th, 2011
first I would like to give my apologies on taking very, very long to make this guide and now I have time to make this. Note I am not responsible if you did it wrong.

Things you need:
- Sticker paper (glossy, not matte finish because in some printers the ink wont stick to the paper)
- Photoshop (I used gimp for this tutorial)
- Printer (note most printers dont have white inks so use a white colored sticker paper)
- Box Cutter/ Hobby Knife
- Scissors
- Clear Sticker or Clear Acrylic Spray Paint
- Ruler (I recommend to make it long for also helping apply the clear sticker paper)

Making the template
Step 1: first you need a template for your ita whether it is a PSP or a DS or a PS Vita(if you like), what I did is some research and found some templates and slightly modified it. Because the first one that I got has no speaker holes.

Step2: next is to decide what image do you like as your skin.

Step3: Make the image fit on the front cover and back cover. Remember to sort the order of layer so that the picture that you want is at the very most back of the template.

For the back part you can delete the circles for the PSP logo at the back or leave it be and cut it along.

Step4: erase some excess (to save some ink. lol), things that you will cut(the screen, buttons and the speaker holes)
*note that save the one that you deleted on the screen part. Why? Because it can become your BG of your PSP.*

also you can add a PSP logo on the 6 o'clock region on your template. Or you can add your name if you like.

Step 5 Double or Triple Check and Print and save your work.

Applying Protection:

paper tends to get soggy when it gets wet, so does sticker paper and your sweaty hands. This also adds more glossy finish.

There are two methods here first is what I always use is the Clear sticker method and the other is Clear Acrylic Spray Paint Method.

Clear Sticker Method

I always tend to make mistakes on applying this. But it pays off when you are done, it makes it more resistive to sweat.

Before we start you should learn on how to apply stickers properly that is watch this video on how he applies the clear sticker. And make sure there is no dirt or hair. Or else you will start again on printing.

carefully apply and use that ruler to remove that air bubbles. Or else back to printing.

Clear Acrylic Spray Paint Method

I dont really use this much because it is new to me and its not that bad imo. You can make it thick or thin coatings if you like. Another thing I dont like is the smell, takes 2 weeks or more to remove that smell; Again make sure there are no dirt or hair on the sticker paper. If the spray paint is newly bought, spray some to remove some air inside, because if you dont, your skin will have bubbles on it.

if it turns out well it would look like this

Cut with scissors and on the buttons and stuff use your box cutter and carefully go along the line, also use the ruler of the screen to make it more straight.

Sticking it
some of my friends doesnt want to apply their skin, what they did is they align it with their PSP and secure it with a clear PSP crystal case.

Note again if you did it wrong, dont blame me, if you want to stick it to your psp, apply the sticking method that you learned on applying the clear sticker paper method, make sure no dirty things on your PSP this time, no air-bubbles or you will go back to printing..

at the back cover apply it as whole then use your cutter to slice gently trough the UMD panel.

And viola! You are done.
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March 13th, 2011
im here to defend the people of japan who got unlucky because of the quake and tsunami.. if you are an ignorant shut it them let me remind that there was a 8.9 magnitude earthquake near japan... it affected japan so greatly then a tsunami followed next wiping out farmlands and cities... i watched at the news on the sad faces of families who lost their homes and realatives.. its very painful to watch...

im hearing people who say that the japanese people deserve that earthquake and tsunami throughout the web.. either they are just racist or just plain stupid... they are saying because of revenge on pearl harbor? little did those people who didnt read their history books.. america got revenge TWICE by nuclear bombs.. and yeah back then the japanese occupied the philippines and let filipinos and americans walk from a long distance without food and water.. but that was A LONG TIME AGO... its forgive an forget be thankful that you are living now..

also if you are born in a country that did something bad to the world and in the next generations have passed you done nothing, and then get blamed for something you didnt do.. isnt it painful? think first before you speak people.. stop trolling that doesnt make sense..

im not saying this because i like things jaoanese that is anime and manga... im saying this because i care...
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December 19th, 2010
hello battleknight45 here with my third blog entry on MAL lol.. sorry i dont post much..

ive been an anime figurine collector since college i think around 2006 (i think?)... im still in college btw and earning money for anime goods is kinda tough and because here in the philippines i think only manila has the stores that sells anime goods.. and i dont have a credit card account so no online buying.. FOR NOW.. lol..

here's my routine on buying anime goods whether its figurines or something..

1. plan on what you want to buy - its more helpful if you go to sites like nekomagic to get the latest news and remember the reviews.

2. get out of the house and buy anime goodies - do i need to explain this?

3. go to a hobby store/ anime goods store - remember to get updates from their website on new arrivals, pre-orders or sale(holidays for example)

4. when at the store, browse.. for a loooonng time - why spend time browsing? there might be something you missed.. for example in toy stores some collectors hide the rare ones in the backmost of the shelf..

5. check you money - its better to be prepared on cash.. bring your ATM card if have one.. or beg to your parents to give you some money.. lol..

6. decide on to buy it or not - before buying go to different stores to find which one is the cheapest.. also you might change your mind on your target you might get something better..

7. once you buy it you'll..... - be happy at first with mixed emotions of regret.. why regret.. of course anime goods are not very cheap unless you got a bootleg one.. which i dont recommend on buying.. also another form of regret.. when you dont have enough cash to buy another target.. lol...

8. canvas on what you spent - i normally dont do this lol.. but i recommend to do this.. this might help you on focusing your next prey.. or... give an explanation to your parent on how much you spent.. lol..

9. enjoy you new something - take good care of it..

well i think thats it.. these are my routine on buying anime goods i hope it kinda helps on you....

tip.. dont be greedy... think about your needs before your wants.. ^_^
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November 13th, 2008
For starters I began reading manga when I borrowed a manga titled “Gacha Gacha The next revolution” (AKA. Gacha Gacha Secret) then a new world started before me. So I went online and become addicted to manga by DL reading (I support the authors, I buy them if licensed… if I find one here.). I collect “boys be..” manga I have 6 of them and wait for tokyopop to release some. I mostly read ecchi manga. It’s funnier than hentai and more amusing to see some comedy mixed to it. My 2nd genre is shounen. Nothing beats reading jump then waits for it to be animated.

Heres my wish to update soon list…

*A Girls - same manga-ka of boys be and gacha gacha. A very interesting love story, you’ll crave for the next chapter

*Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - The anime OVA is just one volume I think, and the manga is still ongoing.

*Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan – more gore! The OVA is not really enough I have a ps2 game but… I can’t read kanji

*Chokotto Sister- The anime subs finally ended and I want to read more chokotto sister because the manga has a different outcome. Neko nyan dance is addictive

*Gakuen Tengoku (Gakuen Heaven) – No!! not the F!’in yaoi. This here is the harem ecchi version. One lucky bastard got a hot teacher and a student to fall in love with him and do ecchi stuff.

*Hanna of The Z - an unusual manga, an airhead girl that never dies and she got into a club to find her special power. Rocket Punch!!(Fist takes off… literally)

*Hiyoko Brand (Oku-sama wa Joushi kousei) - Just finished the anime back then. The manga is more revealing and has more storyline. 10+ volumes I think.

*Imouto wa Shishunki – brother complex girl in puberty most talk is ecchi and hilariously funny. It’s a 4koma manga.

*Kamen no Maid Guy – the anime is done and theres more to the manga.

*Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ - a few more chapters then its done.

*Kodomo no Jikan – kill reiji!!

*Mai no Heya – three girls bearing the same name “Mai Sugimoto” in one roof.

*MAR Omega – I finished the first season and I can’t wait for the sequel to continue.

*Mouse – by day teacher by night a master thief with his lovely and seductive assistants.

*RAVE (Rave Master) – I still didn’t know what happed next

*Saving Life – Harem=Good=Ecchi

*Tanpo – not much people know this yet. It’s about a boy who got mixed up to a fixed marriage. But he got caught and he has to pay by working.

*Wild Pitch - Harem=Good=Ecchi with a twist for baseball
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