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May 7th, 2019

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Anime Relations: Bakemonogatari

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Anime Relations: Fate/stay night

I don't intend to kill you, Shirou. You're mine. I'll kill the other Masters, but you're special. That's why I locked you up here, so there won't be any interruptions. - Illyasaviel von Einzbern

It's difficult to change the world on your own, but twisting it a little might not be all that hard. - Shinobu Oshino

The scars that you can't see are the hardest to heal. - Nao Tomori

The ones who accomplish something are the fools who keep pressing onward. The ones who accomplish nothing are the wise who cease advancing. - Celica Arfonia

It's not bad to dream. But you also have to consider what's realistic. - All Might

No one would help me. And that's when I understood... That only I could help myself. - Mine

All we can do is live while losing things. - Renji Yomo

Even if you have your reasons and there are things you can't tell me, no matter what, I'm on your side. - Historia Reiss

What's important is not what's right, but what we believe is right. - Escha Malier

Believe in yourself... If you don’t have that...
it doesn’t matter how many talents you have, you still won’t be able to hold your head up high... - Chiaki Nanami

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Anime Relations: Bakemonogatari

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Anime Relations: Charlotte

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Anime Relations: Diabolik Lovers

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Anime Relations: Pokemon

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Anime Relations: Bakemonogatari

「 Wired Sound 」- Dementia/Psychological: level MAX

- You've seen too much. You've transcended humanity and operate on another level now.

Alpha Male - GAR: level MAKSHIMUM

- You aren't made out of testosterone. Testosterone is made out of you.

Archaeologist - Hisortical: level 3 (208 from 257)

- You have learned that sometimes going further just isn't worth it. And yet you try.

Flowers of flesh and blood - Trauma: level MAX

- It's far too late, now.

Are you a wizard - Mahou Shoujo: MAX POWER

- All limiters removed. You can call yourself a god, a wizard, or whatever you wish. You set the rules.

Pierce the HEAVENS! - Mecha: level MAX

- Do the impossible. See the invisible. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! You just sang that in your head, didn't you?

This is even better live - Music level 2 (151 from 193)

- Proudly display the badges you have earned in the fancafe.

Golden Truth - Mystery: level MAX

- You can solve any mystery by now. The path to the Golden Land has already been revealed to you.

Heart full of Love - Romance: FULL LOVE

- So many romance anime! You surely are an expert in relationships already.

Prima Undine - Slice of Life: level MAX

- Awarded Ph.D. degree in slice-of-life-ology. You can teach others how to stay calm and take it easy.

Emperor of the Universe - Space: level MAX

- You're the ruler of the whole Universe. There's no one with more power than you.

Olympian - Sports: level MAX

- First across the finish line, great job!

Memories - Studio Ghilbi

- Once you've seen them, you can never forget them.

Feels... weird, man - It's just an ice cream

- Watched Boku no Pico. This is what you get when you follow /a/'s recommendations.

It's just me and you now - Nice boat

- Awarded for completing School Days. And they say true romance is dead!

Long and hard - The process of acquiring this achivment, that is

- Ten years ago, you began this journey...

Banquet of the Golden Witch - Game: level 3

- You've challenged her to a game. There is no turning back, now.

Transcendence - Original: level MAX

- You have been returned to the primordial ocean. From the highest point in the sky, you can peer into every universe, and lose yourself in an infinity of stories.

Short but gold - Shorts: level MIN

- You have learned that some of the greatest things come in small packages.

I like them long - Anime, that is

- Didn't fall asleep while watching long anime series. 100 episodes isn't a big deal to you.

VHS master race - Pre-1980 anime

- You overwrote my cartoons with The Karate Kid?! MOOOM!

Blockbuster - Nostalgia: level MAX

- Man, do you feel old as all hell.

Chronomaster - Tempus Fugit

- Your discerning eye has traveled across the aeons of animation.

Innocent One - Saint

- Puritan, oblivious, or serial killer in the making? Either way, you made it through No Man's Land without glimpsing a single bra. Good job!

Completionist - I'll endure anything

- You've managed to survive watching so many anime without dropping any of them. You masochist.

Wicked Cultured - Youth: WASTED

- By making a deal with the devil, you have ensured access to even the most obscure of materials.

The Maniac - Passed 2500 mark (3670 from 5000]

- Watched 2500 anime. Is this healthy? You should contact your doctor.

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Anime Relations: Bakemonogatari

I'm level on mal-badges. View my badges.
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