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Jan 14, 11:58 PM
Anime Relations: Dantalian no Shoka, Dantalian no Shoka: Ibarahime

Welcome back. Last time a gothloli idol was covered. Now it’s time for a gothloli library.

: You mean librarian.

No, the girl is a library actually. Like Index only without the undeserved haters.

: Sad people hate the cute loli nun and favor Sparkycrotch for no good reason…

Right? And now we have three seasons of her terrible spinoff all with more filler than canon. Meanwhile Index the show gets TIME COMPRESSION up the wazoo.

: How unfair!

: Ahem. Have you forgotten I’ve been here the whole time?

Sorry for getting easily distracted.

: Yes. But now introduce me properly and everything.

Right! You are…

: Yes. I believe this is where girls get blogged. You better talk about me with utmost respect.

I shall write respectfully.

: But he’ll still talk about your loli ass.


Huh… Have some hard turrón I had left!

: Good! *eats and smiles*

: Quick, blog her while she’s distracted eating!


Dalian has dark purple hair. Really dark though, looks black sometimes. This is a good thing. It’s long enough to go past her waist and looks good, and she has long sidebangs with volume and they look great. The bangs are generic but not bad. She also has a token gothloli frilly bonnet that looks nice. Off to a good start.
Score: 9

Dalian has reddish eyes. Sadly not quite red, looking more dark pink but still very nice. They’re also tsurime and that helps too. Very good.
Score: 9.5

: Munch munch… This doesn’t seem too bad…

: The fun starts now…

Dalian is good here. She lacks measurements included basic ones, but she looks really cute still. She’s kinda small and huggable like all good lolis, and has a flat chest which think was never an issue either. Her clothes sadly are kinda figure-hiding and that prevents top scores, but she’s really good still. One official image does show partially her legs and not surprisingly they aren’t very thick, but for a loli that’s not odd. She also has pale skin which fits her gothloli librarian character well. And of course her love interest is taller which works for a cute loli. Very nice overall.
Score: 9

Dalian never shows ass. How unfortunate.
Score: 1

: That was… *flusters bright red*


: How could you talk about my body like that! And complain I don’t show off my b-butt either!

: Ass. Call it an ass please.

: No!

: Then you leave me no other choice. *flips Dalian’s long skirt and lowers her bloomers exposing her pale loli ass*

: Please stop! This is very embarrassing!

And em-bare-assing too certainly! *rubs her pale ass*

: Aaah! *enjoys that*

: And now we can continue the blog.

: That was strange, but certainly pleasant…

Dalian does well. Like you’d expect from a girl this month she defaults to gothloli and hers looks fantastic since it’s black and red and white and very cute. She wears bloomers and sadly not buruma but like old school underwear which is kinda bad but seems fitting. Her only issue is lacking variety, with a winter outfit being her only variation, but when your base is so good the end result is solid still.
Score: 8.5


Dalian is pretty cool. She’s known as the Black Biblioprincess and lives in or rather is the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian that houses 900666 Phantom Books and yes that is an oddly accurate number. She helps the main guy and also her new caretaker Huey look for Phantom Books people misuse for evil. Kind of a standard “case of the week” setting but the show was still fine.

Helps the girl was cute. Dalian is really smart and knowledgeable, but because of that she’s quite proud and haughty. She even shows surprise when others act smart. Luckily I love proud girls so find this attitude rather cute and endearing actually. She also has a weak point in her love of sweets which is always something cute. All in all she’s pretty cute and the best part of the series.
Score: 8

Dalian does alright. She’s the main character alongside Huey and that’s always good, gets all the fanart because she’s the best girl and only important one, but needs more popularity sadly. Like a certain bone lover the show seems more popular outside Japan and I can’t even blame Japan hating adult women for this. Sad.
Score: 7

: Commoners have bad taste. Big surprise.

Right. Can you believe people like Hachiman over twice as much as Homura the magical girl one?

: I don’t know who Hachiman is but sounds disappointing.

Dalian does well. Her relationship with Huey is cute and a good “loli and older guy” couple for sure. She’s kinda tsundere sadly but at least the good type that just isn’t honest and not the bad punchy type. Overall decent,
Score: 7

Dalian lacks a specific age. Probably a lolihag though, and being officially “looks 12-13” only helps further. Great for blog scores.
Score: 10

Miyuki Sawashiro sounds cool and cute. Dalian also likes saying “Yes” and “No” in English for appeal points.
Score: 8.5

Total: 77.5 - Excellent

: Sounds like a good score. I appreciate the hard work.

Thanks. I appreciate you were fine with showing off ass.

: Naturally. This was all staged after all.

: What, you readers thought we abused the girls against their will like common perverts?

Nope, turns out we are uncommon perverts!

: Yes. But now I shall leave. Farewell. *leaves*

: What now?

Another gothloli. This time a gambling rambling one!

: That franchise? Uh oh spaghetti-os that sounds bad.
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