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Dec 27, 2019 3:54 PM
Anime Relations: Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Seiran 1
Hey everyone. Well, I finished watching the 3rd of the 3 part second season of this series. I haven't watched the original so I'm not familiar with it but honestly after watching this part I do feel more like checking out the original than I did after the first part. I wasn't too into the first season but continued watching it because it has the nice cinematic vibe of being set in space, and became more attached to the characters as I watched more episodes. However I feel like compared to other scifi things it is a little lacking because all of the planets look the same geographically as Earth. The characters are very interesting people though maybe a bit too serious compared to other things I watch.
The open and closing soundtracks are also very nice and one of the things that made me stick with the series even when it gets annoying at times. I did read someone's comment comparing it to Aldnoah Zero and someone else say A/Z is trash compared to this great franchise but I disagree with that. I also compared it because of some of the same people doing the soundtracks. It seems like what they do in A/Z has to be very much inspired by LogH but I think A/Z does a good job of showing the closed community of nobles and the negative effect on an outsider character in the same way LogH does but since it is just between Mars and Earth in A/Z the space travel side of it is more exciting in my opinion and the battles are more dynamic. However it also has the weird technology that can only be controlled by the princess so that part of it is worse. But anyway, the LogH battles seem like they just get as many ships as possible and charge at each other in various directions so that is kind of boring though in second season they do have some different things happening which is a little better. So overall, I think the new LogH is good but it could have been even better if they had made a series which experimented with the setting even more but I think it is interesting to watch as a first time viewer. Thanks for reading my blog. I decided to continue on this list and blog because it is too much work to switch to a new one after all so I am just going to keep adding to it. Leave a comment what you think if you want and if I should try to watch the original. I don't know if I will like it as much without my fav VA. :)
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