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January 20th, 2020
Hey everyone. Well I already made some blog reviews but I will write another update about some others I didn't mention yet.

First I was really happy to finish Carole & Tuesday finally. Was waiting for part 2 to come out for a few months but it was worth it and the livestream concert was really fun to see. I really liked the songs in the anime but they sounded even better in the concert! For the anime it was a really nice atmosphere through the whole thing and really enjoyed it except for some of the parts where the drama was harder to watch, but still good.

Next was Dr. Stone. I ended up liking it a lot more than I did when I started by the second half. I didn't like the first episode but it really grew on me over time and it was fun to see them recreate things in the stone world. The one thing I didn't like was the main villain even though he was away for most of the season I just think he is too extreme/his goal is really annoying but that's shounen anime so I guess it's to be expected. I ended up liking the village characters more than the initial characters so after I got used to the setting change it was a fun watch. Also, people who leave thoughtful comments on the streaming sites are a blessing.

Danmachi: I was so glad they continued with it because I really wanted to see another season. And even still I would be glad if they kept going since I don't read the novels. I really enjoy the mixed mythology theme, and dungeoneering but not isekai. And also that the gods themselves don't fight but are mostly status updaters. Though there was a lot in this season I didn't really care for like each part involved kidnapping people and Bell gets too much abuse but I guess that is how this series is and there were still a lot of good parts too... High animation quality. Mostly I ship Hestia and Bell so it was a good ending for me, though I think more people are still in favor of Ais. I like Ais too but more as just them being really good friends. I think Ais didn't get enough screen time even in the side anime where she is a main character since she's a quiet personality the other characters in their familia kind of took over. Haruhime was cute but made me sad. I think the first season is still the best and probably the movie 2nd best.

Currently I'm watching Arifureta. Was interested in seeing it and actually I really liked the first half. It has a lot of negative reviews so I'm not sure how I will like the end. The one thing is I think the plot bubble I read for it doesn't really represent what it is like accurately so maybe that turned some people off at first that it was different than they were expecting. Asread is the same studio that did Big Order but I think this is a bit better than that. Big Order is kind of a crazy story and I think it could have been better with more stylistic weirdness but Arifureta is more straight fantasy isekai so I think the style is ok in this and also White Fox did some of it too. (edit: Ok now I know why it got a low score lol.)

I didn't really care for Cautious Hero by the end. It is kind of like a mix of Danmachi and Konosuba with a bit of Senyuu too... It sounds like it will be good but it was ok, and the main characters are kind of cute but it just isn't very funny to me like Konosuba is. I didn't like any of the people they fight with and the comedies in between just weren't funny enough to make up for it. It has a nice rocking OP sequence, however, lol and the whole "Kanpeki Junbi" thing will stick with me for a while.

Lastly I am finally watching Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). This is the other Chinese animation that everyone recommends to watch besides King's Avatar. I tried watching it a while ago but the beginning with all the zombies is pretty dark so I didn't like it and quit. However I finally got into it. Wei Wuxian is really likable so after getting past that first part and trying to figure out the flashback sequence I'm really enjoying it. Their instrument playing looks so cool. I like the genre of King's Avatar more but the story in this is really good too. I think they could probably have arranged the flashbacks to make it easier to watch for the first time. Everyone has 2 names and the animation and outfits make them look similar so it can be hard to understand who is who at the beginning. (Also such as "who is Wen Ning? Ohhh it's him," etc!) I was hyped to start watching the live action version but disappointed when I started it because the special effects in it don't compare at all to the anime, it's more like a play. (What is with that phantom of the opera mask anyway... ugh?) The King's Avatar live action is way better though I guess it's a lot easier to film something about people in an internet cafe than people sword fighting with zombies. It would have made a really good movie though, if different, I think. Continuing with season 2 after this. :)

Overall- watching plan for this season:
I want to do the same thing I did last season which is, watch a few current anime that I know I like, and then at the end of the season, have a new anime watching party day, where I try out the new things I am most interested in watching and start watching them then. Until then I want to continue with the anime I have already started that are older/from past seasons.
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January 15th, 2020
I don't really care about these that much but I voted for some of them-

Carole & Tuesday - Anime of the Year, Best Drama
Raphtalia (The Rising of the Shield Hero) - Best Girl
Dr. Stone - Best Score
Kaguya Shinomiya & Miyuki Shirogane - Best Couple
Isekai Quartet - Best Comedy
Attack on Titan Season 3 - Best Fantasy
Inferno (Fire Force) - Best Opening Sequence
Hold Me Now (Carole & Tuesday) - Best Ending Sequence

A lot of others I didn't watch but these are my recommendations for favorites of 2019. Would have voted Shield Hero best fantasy if it were nominated but AoT is still good.

See this post for every tv anime I watched from 2019: Link

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January 5th, 2020
Anime Relations: Youjo Senki Movie
(contains spoilers)
Hey everyone. I just finished watching the Youjo Senki movie. It's one of my fav current series so I wanted to write a review about it right away. I really liked the first TV season but at the same time had mixed feeling about the conclusion and was afraid that I wouldn't like the movie so I put off watching it since it came out. Sometimes movies are not as good as the series but this time it wasn't disappointing! The movie is just like a longer episode that continues where the series stopped. I am into watching some other isekai series but I think this one has one of the most interesting settings with the main character as a businessman getting reincarnated as a little girl in 20th century Europe with force magic rather than a completely new fantasy world. However it is very military also which can also be kind of sad... Watching them fly around with jetpacks and speeders is like watching some kind of weird conglomeration of Harry Potter and Star Wars at times and the animation doesn't disappoint. However Tanya's unique personality is really the highlight of the series. Her screw you sonzai X attitude is really refreshing compared to other isekai though kind of confusing at times since they are all mages here and there hasn't been much further development with it since the first season. There also isn't much of sonzai X in this. The antagonist is really good at magic so maybe that counts. I'm surprised I like it because usually I go for things with more of the genuinely good guy protagonists (like in Shield Hero, lol) but sometimes you do forget that Tanya is evil, since she's easy to route for. I feel like one of the things the series could do a lot more of is development of the other characters than Tanya (and not the boring general dudes, I mean her comrades that she's with all the time) but mostly they don't and it is just about the battles. I think they could even put in more conflicts about her being a little girl but they don't for the most part. The main conflict in this is with Mary Sue the daughter of the guy with the rifle Tanya killed in the first season who is seeking revenge on Tanya. It is actually really exciting. I wonder if she was ironically named. In fanfiction, Mary Sue is a nickname sometimes given to an overpowered fan creation character and this mary sue does live up to that classification. She is overpowered and with an annoying motivation to Tanya but you also definitely sympathize with her because Tanya has been jaded by war so much that she refuses to even acknowledge the concept of her coming after her for revenge. Tanya says there is no room for personal feelings but in the beginning they also say they end up losing in the end because of people's personal feelings. It is actually a really interesting confrontation to watch and Mary even seemingly survives, though barely, so she could come after Tanya again... but she was also shot like 10 times so maybe not. Another weird thing is listening to Tanya try to encourage her men by saying they are all fighting for freedom. They are imperials so do they even have that much freedom...? I know that their world isn't a one for one correspondence to the real history but it still makes me wonder why she never considered switching sides before with her knowledge from the world she came from or like do things trying to prevent the war rather than working so hard on her strategies. On the other hand she is a bit cowardly and cares about her status so maybe she is happy where she ended up enough to try for success there or switching would have been too difficult for her. I half think her personality is masochistic and she enjoys it sometimes, maybe it just seems that way. I feel like there is so much they could do with the series in this setting if they deterred from history even further but it seems like they will not do that so far. They also mention the other side is locking up their mages and focusing on developing technology instead so that is new for this movie and I feel like, by following Tanya in just a short period as the series does so far, it is only on the surface of what it could be. At the begging of the movie, they have the future clip which says they will eventually lose the war and it's a bit of a surprise to see them tell you that will happen for sure and makes you wonder what will happen to her next. I hope they will continue making the anime of this series for another season or even two more. Also Tanya and Vittoiya are played by two of my favorite voice actresses, they are great, so looking forward to the next part, hopefully. Even if it will be a while before it comes out at least we're seeing Tanya in Isekai Quartet which is the cute version.

Also to update about my list, I am watching some animes off-list right now and will add them in at the end because it is motivating me to watch them more that way, for some strange reason.
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December 27th, 2019
Hey everyone. Well, I finished watching the 3rd of the 3 part second season of this series. I haven't watched the original so I'm not familiar with it but honestly after watching this part I do feel more like checking out the original than I did after the first part. I wasn't too into the first season but continued watching it because it has the nice cinematic vibe of being set in space, and became more attached to the characters as I watched more episodes. However I feel like compared to other scifi things it is a little lacking because all of the planets look the same geographically as Earth. The characters are very interesting people though maybe a bit too serious compared to other things I watch.
The open and closing soundtracks are also very nice and one of the things that made me stick with the series even when it gets annoying at times. I did read someone's comment comparing it to Aldnoah Zero and someone else say A/Z is trash compared to this great franchise but I disagree with that. I also compared it because of some of the same people doing the soundtracks. It seems like what they do in A/Z has to be very much inspired by LogH but I think A/Z does a good job of showing the closed community of nobles and the negative effect on an outsider character in the same way LogH does but since it is just between Mars and Earth in A/Z the space travel side of it is more exciting in my opinion and the battles are more dynamic. However it also has the weird technology that can only be controlled by the princess so that part of it is worse. But anyway, the LogH battles seem like they just get as many ships as possible and charge at each other in various directions so that is kind of boring though in second season they do have some different things happening which is a little better. So overall, I think the new LogH is good but it could have been even better if they had made a series which experimented with the setting even more but I think it is interesting to watch as a first time viewer. Thanks for reading my blog. I decided to continue on this list and blog because it is too much work to switch to a new one after all so I am just going to keep adding to it. Leave a comment what you think if you want and if I should try to watch the original. I don't know if I will like it as much without my fav VA. :)
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December 2nd, 2019
Anime Watching Challenge 2019
with 20 items (novice)

Actually I completed it last month but didn't sort the list until now.
Here is the link to my post in the challenge thread since after I post the turn in I will need this for reference -


banners from the last 4 years :)

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October 20th, 2019
First - Happy 11th anniversary on my anime list. :)

So I have decided to make a new list for next year where I will list all the new seasonal anime I watch starting next year because it will be easier to navigate if I don't have a really long list like this list has become, and I won't feel embarassed about it being too long because it has been too many years! I am not getting rid of this list and will still use it to go on the forums and clubs, reference, and sometimes add things I never got around to watching that I wanted to add to this list.- I am not going to stop at exactly 500, lol. I will still update manga on this list rather than the new one, since I don't read manga that much. I will still write blogs on this list but am mostly stopping writing blogs right now but might go back to it again later. Also I am watching MHA4 on the new list and En En no Shouboutai on this list, but after that switching for all new seasonal anime, hopefully, and already moved some of my on hold list too to help with trying to finish those. I am probably not going to do the watching challenge next year because it was burdensome this year and still have not finished it to this date but I guess it's still possible to finish it so we'll see what happens. Thanks!

About what I watched recently: I liked Dream Festival 2 a lot. Music anime are so fun I read they are making another Tsukiuta and looking forward to that too, lol. I liked Shield Hero, I thought it was pretty fun somehow even though very annoying, lol. I liked the final arc anyway and definitely looking forward to the next season whenever it comes out. I didn't like Hamatora too much because it was too violent and depressing but I'm glad I finished it to see the end which did resolve questions of what happened. I watched it based on a recommendation so was glad to finish it even a year later. I will still watch that genre but I need a break from it until the next thing I watch.

[updated Nov 10, 2019]
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