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Nov 18, 2016 3:50 PM
Anime Relations: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko, Fairy Tail Movie 1: Houou no Miko - Hajimari no Asa, Fairy Tail (2014), Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry, Fairy Tail: Final Series
Hello, It's Nathan :) This Might So Sound Weird, But I Got An Imaginary Friend, Her Name Is Daisy Froggy Kiss, And I Often Play With Her, When I Am By Myself, Here Is A Bit About Her ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is The Same Age As Me :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is A Witch, And Has Magic Powers, And She Is A Samurai As Well :)

She Looks A Bit Like This ^^

She Has Long Golden-Pinky-Orange Hair ^^ She Is 5 Foot 6 Tall And She Is Quite Thin ^^ She Has A Super Tiny And Cute Little Nose ^^ She Has Big Shiny Blue (Anime/Cartoony Sized) Eyes (^o^) Her Eyes Change Colour From Blue 2 Red When She Is Angry ^^ So Every Single Time Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Angry, Her Eyes Magically Change Colour From Aqua-Sea-Blue Into Fiery-Crimson-Red Instantly ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Sometimes Wears A Long Dark Blue Jacket With A Long Dark Blue Cape On The Jacket ^^ She Has A Golden Neckless With A Golden Cross On The Neckless ^^ She Wears A Black T Shirt With A Big Red Cross On The T Shirt ^^ She Wears Blue Trousers ^^ She Wears A Dark Blue Hat ^^ She Wears A Dark Blue Belt With A Sword Holder In The Dark Blue Belt ^^ And She Doesn't Wear Any Shoes Or Socks ^^ So She's In Her Bare Feet Almost All The Time ^^ She Also Loves Dressing Up In Minnie Mouse T-Shirts With Blue Trousers And Bare Feet ^^ And She Loves 2 Wear Minnie Mouse Jackets :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Very Childlike And Extremely Hyperactive And Crazy (^__^) And Her Favourite Thing In The Whole World Is Making Me Happy ^o^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Absolutely Loves Anime And Cartoons Just As Much As Me (^__^) Anime And Cartoons Is Her Favourite Thing Ever :P

Daisy Froggy Kiss Also Hugs Me Everyday And She Gives Me Lots Of Kisses Too (*.*)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Both A Sword Fighting Samurai And A Magical Witch And She Can Read My Mind And All Of My Feelings And My Emotions Are Connected 2 Her And She Totally Loves Me :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss's Religion Is Christianity (^__^) And She Believes In God And Jesus ^^ And She Also Enters Magical Fighting Tournaments A Lot ^o^ And Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Autistic Like Me (^__^) And She Absolutely Hates It When People Are Strict On Me ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Has A Gentle And Adventures Voice (^.^) She Talks Fast ^.^ But She Also Talks Softly And Sweet ^.^ Her Voice Is A Lot Like The English Dubbed Voice Of Ahiru (Duck) Arima From Princess Tutu :P Just A Bit More Adventures Sounding ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Always Skips And Jumps (Like Me) (^.^) She Skips 2 Get 2 Places ^o^ She Is Also Quite Flexible And She Always Does Lots Of Front Flips, Cartwheels, Handstands, Somersaults And Back Flips (^.^) She Also Loves Hanging Upside Down (^.^) She Can Also Walk Up Walls And Ceilings Like Ninja's On Naruto (^.^) And Daisy Froggy Kiss Absolutely Loves Walking Upside Down On Ceilings (^__^) And She Gives Me Lots Of Upside Down Hugs And Kisses ;)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Loves Hanging Upside Down Any Time She Can (^.^) She Either Hangs Upside Down From Her Knees From A Monkey Bar Or A Tree Branch Or Hangs Upside Down From Her Broom Stick Or Walks Upside Down On Various Ceilings ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Keeps Calling Me "Honey", "Sweetie" And "Dear" (^.^) And She Keeps Being All Giggly And Happy (^__^) She Is Also Pure Gentle :) And She Also Thinks Sneezing Is A Perfect Punishment For The Ones You Love ;) So Daisy Froggy Kiss Likes 2 Make Me Sneeze For Fun :P She Also Loves Tickling Me :P

Daisy Froggy Kiss Truly Loves Children With Every Inch Of Her Heart (^.^) Daisy Froggy Kiss Truly Believes That Children Are The Most Special People In The Whole Universe (^__^) She Believes Kids Are God's/Jesus's Greatest Treasure :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss's Top 10 Most Favourite Anime Are - 
1. Fairy Tail
2. Cardcaptor Sakura
3. Digimon Tamers
4. Little Witch Academia
5. Magi
6. One Piece
7. Clannad/Clannad After Story
8. Naruto
9. Princess Tutu
10. Bleach ^_^ 

My Top 10 Most Favourite Anime Are - 
1. Bleach
2. Slayers
3. Digimon Adventure
4. Naruto
5. Fairy Tail 
6. One Piece
7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
8. Kodocha
9. Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters
10. Dragon Ball Z ^_^ 

Daisy Froggy Kiss Loves Disney ^.^ And She Does Not Like Live Action Much ^^ She Loves Phineas And Ferb And Anything With Minnie Mouse :) And Her 3 Favourite Disney Characters Are Minnie Mouse, Goofy And Max ^^ And Her Favourite Disney Movie Is Frozen :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Can Also Read My Mind :) And Of All My Feelings And My Emotions Are Connected 2 Her ^_^ So Daisy Froggy Kiss Constantly Knows How I Am Feeling And What I Am Thinking ^_^ But She Can Only Read My Mind And No One Else's :D So It's Impossible For Me 2 Keep A Secret From Her ^^ Because She Constantly Reads My Mind (^__^) And She Constantly Knows If I Am Happy Or Sad Or How I Am Feeling And Where I Am (^.^) She Can Also Telepathically Communicate With Our Oblivion X Bats ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is A Witch And She Does Lots Of Magic Spells (^__^) These Are Some Of The Magic Spells She Can Do ^^ 
She Can Transform Tears Into Bubbles :P 
She Can Shoot Magic Lightning Out Of Her Fingers ^^ 
She Can Create Magic Potions Or Magic Medicine ^_^ 
She Can Do Magic Spells 2 Make You Feel Better ^^ 
She Can Give You Magical Nightmare's Or Magical Dreams ^^ 
She Can Transform People Into Animals Like Frogs, Cockroaches Or Bunny Rabbits (O.O) 
She Can Make You Invisible ^o^ 
She Can Transform Your Teeth Into Crocodile Teeth ^^ 
She Can Cast A Magic Spell 2 Make You See Things Upside Down When You Are The Right Way Up Or 2 Make You See Things The Right Way Up When You Are Upside Down ^o^
She Can Cast A Magic Spell 2 Bring Make Toys Like Action Figures Or Teddy Bears Move On There Own ^o^
She Can Transform Your Skin Into Purple, Green Or Pink With Blue Dots ;) 
She Can Make You Sneeze With Her Magic Wand :P 
She Can Transform Your Nose Into A Fruit Or A Vegetable :O 
She Can Transform The Size Of Your Fingers, Nose, Toes Or Hair ^^
She Can Make You Super Thin Or Extremely Fat Or Gigantically Tall Or Super Short ^^ 
She Can Cast A Magic Spell 2 Give Her Super Human Strength ^^
She Can Cast Fire Magic Or Ice Magic Or Lightning Magic Or Healing Magic Or Gravity Magic Or Time Magic Out Of Her Magical Sword (^__^) 
She Can Transform Her Magical Samurai Sword And Make It Super Sharp Or Not Sharp At All :)
She Can Make You Extremely Hairy :P
She Can Cast A Magic Spell 2 Warm You Up Or Cool You Down ^o^
She Can Zap You With A Magic Spell That Makes Lots Of Spiders Crawl Out Of Your Eye Balls, Nose And Your Ears (O.O)
She Can Zap Your Feet So You Can Magically Walk Up Walls And Ceilings ^o^
She Can Make You Smell Like Any Fruit With A Magic Spell :P
She Can Shoot Energy Beams Out Of Her Eyes ^^ 
She Can Do A Magic Spell 2 Make Your Body Super Stiff Or Super Flexible ^o^ 
She Can Make You Float In The Air :P 
She Can Give You Homemade Magical Pinky Dust 2 Make You Be Able 2 Fly For A Short Time ^o^
She Can Cast A Magic Spell 2 Make You Be Able 2 Fly For A Short Time ^o^
She Can Create Lots Of Magical Potions ^o^
She Can Make You Shrink :P
She Can Do A Magic Spell That Transforms Pain (From A Cut Or Broken Bone Or Headache Or Something) Into Tickleness ^^
She Can Cast A Magic Spell That Makes You Feel Less Pain ^^
She Can Transform Your Feet Into Hands So You Can Grab Things With Your Feet ;)
She Can Magically Make You Grow Whiskers Like A Cat :P
She Can Magically Make You Sneeze Ice Cream Or Chocolate ^^ 
She Can Zap You With A Magic Spell That Allow You 2 Move Things With Your Mind For 1 Hour ^^ 
She Can Magically Transform You Into A Giant Round Human Ball :P
She Can Magically Make You Feel Lighter Than You Actually Are ^o^
She Can Magically Make You Feel Heavier Than You Actually Are ^o^
She Can Zap Food 2 Make Food A Lot More Spicy ^^
She Can Zap You With A Magic Spell That Makes You Dizzy ^o^
She Can Magically Transform Your Nose Into A Small Dot :P
She Can Zap You With A Magic Spell That Makes Your Hair Super Electric ^o^
She Can Make Your Ears And Nose Smell Like Magical Honey That Attracts Bees 2 Fly Inside Of You (O.O) 
She Can Have A Magical Aura Of Electricity Around Her Body ^^ 
She Can Magically Summon Zombie Samurai Warriors 2 Practice Sword Fighting With :)
She Can Zap People With Colourful Lightning From Her Magic Sword (*.*) 

And She Can Do Over 2000 Different Magic Spells (^__^)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Has Her Very Own Magic Spell Book (^.^) She Also Has A Collection Of Flying Broom Sticks And Samurai Swords ^^ And She Has One Special Blue Magic Wand ^^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Also A Samurai ^^ And She Is An Expert At Sword Fighting ^^ She Sword Fights Evil Monsters And Legendary Samurai's A Lot (^__^) And She's Super Skillful With A Sword ^^

Also Because Daisy Froggy Kiss Is A Samurai And As Well As Being A Witch, She Is Able 2 Cast Magic Spells Using Her Samurai Sword ^^ But Magic Spells From Her Blue Magic Wand Are Much More Powerful ^^ She Also Loves Mixing Together Magic Potions Or Casting Magical Good Luck Charms On Children (^.^)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Absolutely Loves Eating Curry ^_^ And She Totally Loves Spicy Curry As Well ^^ She Can Also Sing A Bit And She Can Dance And Do Gymnastic Tricks On Her Flying Broom Stick ^_^ Daisy Froggy Kiss Loves The Snow And The Hot Weather ^^ She Likes Rain, But Hates Hail Stones ^^ 

Her Favourite Sports Are Trampolining And Gymnastics ^_^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Also Helps Me Write All Of My Stories And She Loves Reading My Stories That I Write ^_^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Has An Amazing Imagination (^.^) She Is Also A Witch And She Does Lots Of Magic Spells Everyday :D And She Is Also A Samurai And She Has Incredible Sword Fighting Skills :D She Gave Me An Imaginary Toy Sword And We Sword Fight Each Other For Fun ^o^ She Has Taught Me Lots Of Sword Fighting Skills ^.^

Her Top 10 Favourite Anime Characters Are - 
1. Kakashi Hatake
2. Wendy Marvel
3. Lucy Heartfilia
4. Gazeel Redfox
5. Sakura Kinomoto
6. Atsuko (Akko) Kagari
7. Scheherazade
8. Lina Inverse
9. Ahiru (Duck) Arima
10. Ushio Okazaki

My Top 30 Favourite Anime Characters Are -  
1. Kenpachi Zaraki
2. Yachiru Kusajishi
3. Kakashi Hatake
4. Hinata Hyuga
5. Wendy Marvel
6. Monkey D Luffy
7. Edward Elric
8. Sana Kurata
9. Sakura Kinomoto
10. Trunks 

Daisy Froggy Kiss Totally Loves Kingdom Hearts And Final Fantasy ^_^ She Also Loves 2 Jump Around And Play ^o^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Can Sense Wear I Am At All Times ^o^ So She Can Always Fly Straight 2 Me On Her Broom Stick If I Need Her ^o^ She Says She Is My Protector And She Understands Me More Than Anyone Else Ever Could And She Loves Me For Who I Am :)

She Says I Am Special (^.^) She Also Hates It When People Are Strict On Me :P And Anyone I Care About Or Love, She Loves Too (^.^)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Gives Me Lots Of Hugs And Kisses And She Sword Fights With Me, And We Play Lots Of Games Together ^.^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Says She Is Autistic Like Me ^o^ Daisy Froggy Kiss Also Believes That I Will Change The World 1 Day :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Loves Cats, Dinosaurs, Dragon's And Bunny Rabbits ^_^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Also Climbs Trees A Lot ^o^

Daisy Froggy Kiss Loves The Anime Fairy Tail More Than Any Other Anime ^o^ But She Definitely Loves Me Even More :) 

Watching Anime And Cartoons With Me Is Daisy Froggy Kiss's Number 1 Hobby :)

Daisy Froggy Kiss Is Very Childlike, Energetic And Crazy ^o^ She Has Tons Of Energy And She Loves 2 Play ^o^ Daisy Froggy Kiss Also Loves Making Me Feel All Warm And Fuzzy ^o^ And She's A Big Softy :) She Loves Playing And Skipping And Watching Anime And Spoiling Me With Love And Attention (*.*) She Also Has A Bubbly, Childlike, Energetic, Hyperactive And Crazy Personality ^o^ And She Totally Loves Me With All Her Heart (^__^) And She's My Best Friend (^__^)

When I Go 2 Heaven, I Definitely Believe That God Will Make Daisy Froggy Kiss A Real Person (^__^) Yay Yay Yay :D

Daisy Froggy Kiss Plays With Me Every Single Day, And She Says She Was Born 2 Be My Friend And Love Me :) Me And Daisy Froggy Kiss Are Best Of Friends Forever ^o^

Anyway, That Is My Imaginary Friend, Daisy Froggy Kiss :) I Truly Love Her With All My Heart And Soul (*.*) I Truly Love Love Love Daisy Froggy Kiss So Very Much ^_^ She's My Very Best Imaginary Friend ^_^ And My Biggest Dream/Wish Is For Jesus/God 2 Make Her Into A Real Person When I Die And Go 2 Heaven (^.^) Daisy Froggy Kiss Is My Imaginary Best Friend :) And She's My Number One Favourite Witch In The Whole Wide World :) Thank You Bye Bye :))))))))) (^__^) :D
Posted by OblivionXKnight | Nov 18, 2016 3:50 PM | 24 comments
mascarpone | Mar 9, 6:31 PM
A witch and a samurai. Now that's a interesting combination :D
CatSoul | Mar 6, 6:08 PM
Great blog! You've done a great job developing her personality and making me feel like I really know her.
Memor | Mar 6, 8:57 AM
Wow, she sounds pretty awesome o.o I wish I could cast that many magic spells :3
_Sofi_ | Mar 6, 8:45 AM
She sounds like a wonderful friend~!
AshuLawliet | Mar 5, 10:48 AM
She sounds like a great imaginary friend ^^
Snaxia | Jan 19, 3:58 PM
With Daisy Froggy Kiss. When do you guys hug? When do you guy sword fight? Those are two very different things.

Are your sword fights violent? Do you win a lot?

Always fun to hear more about Daisy Froggy Kiss. : )
Randomcardcaptor | Jan 19, 3:50 PM
Daisy sounds like an amazing friend to have. ^_^

She must be pretty interesting to hang out with.

You're so descriptive about her it's great.

I feel like I will get to know her better as time goes on.
Kirei | Dec 29, 2018 9:09 PM
She sounds so lovely in the way you describe her! She must be an amazing imaginary friend to you ^^ And she sounds so magical with her amazing powers.
-Ayu | May 24, 2018 4:28 AM
Aww, I think she is super cute. I would love to hang out with here. You described her really well! She is such a great friend. x)
AnimePixelz | May 16, 2018 3:35 AM
Daisy sounds fun to hang out with, I personally would love to hang out with her :D
I love the amount of depth and detail you add, I think Daisy is so proud of you, Nathan :)
Shinzui- | May 7, 2018 1:51 AM
Nice writing Nathan, this was a good read! :D She is a cool witch :P
sarroush | Mar 18, 2018 4:29 PM
Reading this was really nice! I love how well you described her! She sounds really lovely :)
Kuroko-chan | Dec 2, 2017 3:11 AM
Wow, she sounds so funny, magical and a good friend. You described her well ♥♥♥
cyruz | Oct 5, 2017 11:02 AM
Your friend is pretty amazing! I wish I could do all the things she can do!
404404Deleted404 | May 5, 2017 4:55 AM
I love your blog! = ) Greetings to Daisy Froggy Kiss
HenryClay | Mar 4, 2017 3:34 PM
Sounds like a girl I wish I knew in real life.

The description of her is so good, it's almost like I do know her.
Luna | Feb 25, 2017 3:21 AM
Daisy sounds like a great friend! And she can do so many things :D She is amazing! ^^
Ardanaz | Jan 4, 2017 11:08 AM
She sounds really sweet ^^
Maffy | Dec 20, 2016 11:01 AM
It was about time I read a detailed description on Daisy! I've been giving her hugs, but knew so little :D
FawnAutumn | Dec 17, 2016 1:27 PM
That was wonderful ^-^ I love it! Good job :D
celexia | Dec 9, 2016 3:19 PM
Aww that was really good! There was so much detail :D I like it c:
LadySofia | Dec 5, 2016 5:08 AM
Wow! You really described her well! I feel like I know her personally ^^ Well, we've talked loads about her too. It must be amazing to have such a great and amazing imaginary friend!
suixdream | Nov 20, 2016 9:06 AM
Such a nice and detailed description! ^^ I really liked it a lot :D