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July 25th, 2019
Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

Upside Down Girl And Her Socks Full Of Money

One Day Upside Down Girl From Third Street School Was Hanging Upside Down From A Monkey Bar In The School Playground While Reading Her Physics Book For Science Class

A Boy Came And Asked Her "Hey..., A Penny Is About 2 Fall Out Of Your Sock"

Upside Down Girl Said (In An Angry Voice) "Shut Up Kid..., Can't You See I'm Hanging?"

The Boy Said "But You'll Lose Your Change"

Upside Down Girl; Said "I Won't Lose My Change..., I'll Catch It"

The Boy Said "Alright Then"

Upside Down Girl Kept All Her Money Inside Of Her Socks....., Because She Loved Hanging Upside Down So Much And She Spent Hours And Hours Everyday Hanging Upside Down, She Got Use 2 Keeping Her Loose Change Tucked Safely Inside Of Her Socks

Her Ponytail Hair Also Stood Up In The Air When She Was Right Side Up..., This Was Maybe Because Of How Much Time She Spend Hanging Upside Down Which Caused Her Hair 2 Adapt

Suddenly A Coin Fell Out Of Her Sock..., She Tried 2 Catch The Coin..., But The Coin Fell 2 The Floor

Upside Down Girl Stretched Her Arms Towards The Ground.., But She Still Couldn't Reach Her Coin..., So She Said "Hey Kid"

The Boy Happily Run Over 2 Her And He Happily Said "Yes What's Wrong"

Upside Down Girl Folded Her Arms And She Pulled A Grumpy Face And She Said "I'm Sorry For Being Mean 2 You..., And Could You Grab My Coin?"

The Boy Said "Alright" And The Boy Picked The Coin Up Off The Ground And He Gave The Coin Back 2 Upside Down Girl

Upside Down Girl Said "Thanks Kid" And She Grabbed The Monkey Bar And She Carefully Tucked The Coin Back Into Her Socks And Then She Let Her Hands Go Off The Monkey Bar And She Hung Upside Down Again

The Boy Happily Said "So Why Do You Keep Your Money Inside Of Your Socks..., Is It Uncomfortable 2 Walk Like That"

Upside Down Girl Said "I'm Use 2 It..., If I Keep My Money In My Pockets They May Fall Out When I Hang Upside Down..., So I Keep My Spare Money Inside My Socks..., So What's Your Name?"

The Boy Happily Said "I'm Kiba..., See You Later" And Kiba Ran Over 2 Play With Some Other Kids

Later After School Upside Down Girl Found Kiba As She Was Walking Home From School

Upside Down Girl Ran Up 2 Kiba And She Said "Hey Kiba..., You Wanna Come 2 My House Today..., I Wanna Reward You For Helping Me Today"

Kiba Happily Said "Alright..., But First I'll Have 2 Ask My Mam"

After Kiba Asked His Mother Was It Okay..., He Went Over 2 Upside Down Girl's House...,

Upside Down Girl Took Kiba 2 Her Bedroom And Then She Grabbed A Huge Money Jar Filled With Money And She Said "Lets Play A Game..., Whoever Can Fit The Most Money Inside Their Socks Gets 2 Keep This Entire Money Jar"

Kiba Said "Alright..., But I Don't Want Your Money..., It's Yours"

Upside Down Girl Said "I Said The Money Jar..., I Keep The Money"

Kiba Said "Akay" And They Both Put Tons Of Money Inside Of Both Their Socks While Wearing Them..., After They Ridiculously Filled Their Socks With Money Kiba Said "What Now" And He Stood Up And Fell..., "I'm 2 Heavy" He Said While Emptying His Socks

Upside Down Girl Happily Said "Looks Like You Won..., You Can Keep The Money Jar..., Now I'm Going Into My Garden 2 Hang Upside Down..., See You Later"

Kiba And Upside Down Girl Went 2 Her Garden And Upside Down Girl Hung Upside Down From Her Monkey Bar And She Happily Said "Thanks For Today..., It's Been Fun"

Kiba Happily Said "Ain't Your Feet Super Heavy With So Much Money In Your Socks?"

Upside Down Girl Said "No..., First People Complain 2 Much Blood Will Go 2 My Head And Now You Complain About My Feet Being Heavy..., People Are Annoying"

Kiba Said "So How Do You Feel When You Hang Upside Down?"

Upside Down Girl Said "Listen Kid..., When I Hang Upside Down My Head Feels Cosy And Warm..., My Tummy Tickles..., I Get Butterflies In My Stomach Like A Roller Coaster..., I See Everything Upside Down And I Feel Rich In My Feet..., What More Could I Want?"

Kiba Happily Said "Can I Hang Upside Down With You?"

Upside Down Girl Happily Said "Of Course" And They Both Hung Upside Down Together

Kiba Sadly Didn't Like Hanging Upside Down As Much As Upside Down Girl..., But He Was Still Happy 2 Have Made A New Friend

Later Kiba Took His New Money Jar Home And He Was Proud 2 Tell His Parents About His New Friend

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

The End :D
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June 25th, 2019
Written By @LadySofia (^__^)

A Witch's New Best Friend

Foreword: You do NOT have to read this book sitting on a chair! Of course it is not forbidden to do that, because this book wants you to read it in any way you want. So you can sit on a chair, or jump up and down, or swing on a swing in the playground, or hang upside down from a bar while reading this book. Whichever way you want, is the right way to read this book.
If you don‘t know just what you want to do, maybe Mia or Margrit, the main characters of this book will give you some fun ideas on how to read books!
So then, that's enough talk ABOUT this book, now lets get to reading it! Have fun!

Luna‘s school of Sparkling Spells was not like most schools. Truly, it was a school like none other on the whole world, probably in the whole universe. Sure, kids still went there to learn thing, like any other school, and teachers still taught there. And the children played with each other of course, and made friends, just like in any other school.
But still…. The school was different from any other. Here, the children still learned English, mathematics and such, but also wizardry, flying on broomsticks and sorcery and potion making. They learned changing their form and the weather, and how to speak with animals.
Luna, the schools director, had even started a class for laughing, where one part of the class would tickle the other until they laughed hysterically.
That was one of Mia‘s favourite classes, together with Spell Casting, and PE. But the other children usually didn't like teaming up with her in laughing class, because she tended to sneak up behind her partners and start tickling them all of sudden, which scared them a bit. And in Spell Casting Class and PE, Mia still had fun, but she didn't get good grades there, because she didn't always like doing as her teachers told her, and tried finding her own way of doing things.
The class she disliked most was English, in which she wasn't very good. Mostly, because she didn't like reading the books they were told to read. The English teacher, Miss Truepurple usually made them read books in class, sitting at their desks, and then talk about the books. But Mia wasn't very fond of reading books that way, and after a few sentences, her thoughts would wander away, and she couldn't concentrate on the book anymore. So she got bad grades in that class. But it wasn't that she didn't like reading, she actually enjoyed it a lot. It was just that she read in her own way: hanging upside down on her broomstick several feet up above the ground. She loved the feeling of the blood going to her head, and the sense of gravity pulling at her belly. Like this she could fully concentrate on the book, sometimes flying some miles away from the school ground without thinking much about it because she was in the middle of a good book. She‘d also tried standing on one foot on her broom, while reading. She‘d found that to be extremely funny.
Mia would have loved to share her love of reading this way with a friend, but her problem was, that she didn't have any friends. The other children at Luna‘s school of Sparkling Spells didn't like Mia's way of friendship. Mia loved sneaking up on the others, and giving them a scare. Then she‘d giggle happily and ask if the others wanted to play with her, or showed them a new spell she learned. Usually the others just walked away, looking confused, and tried to ignore her.

What do you think Dear Reader? Should Mia have changed her way of approaching others, so that they didn't think her weird, and maybe would talk to her? Or is it better to just be yourself, and with that giving the others a chance to see who you really are? What way of making friends is your way?

Mia‘s way was definitely to scare others, to sneak around, giggling softly and to think of new ways to stay hidden. And by not changing herself for others, by staying her own happy and active self, she found her new best friend. Her first friend.
She was not the only girl at Luna‘s School of Sparkling Magic who didn't have any friends. There was one other girl, names Margrit Snappyspark. Margrit usually spent her time making potions, or reading books about potions, or thinking about potions. She had mastered the art of reading, while she was stirring her magical pot, or while she was walking from class to class. Margrit was a silent girl, with her own sense of humour. That being, to put her potions in other peoples food, and see what happened. Mostly harmless potions, so that the one consuming them floated around in the air for a few hours, or spoke in a high pitched voice, or that their hair colour changed. The other school children found that weird, and didn't know what to think of this silent girl so they left her to her potions, and no one ever really tried talking to her much.
Well, only if they maybe had a question about potions, because Margrit knew EVERYTHING about potions. Actually it was the only class Margrit did well, in all the others she failed, and her grades were maybe the worst of the whole class. Except maybe Mia‘s grades, which might have been even worse.
Margrit's problem with making friends was, that she never approached other children, to talk to them. This way, the others could never really get to know her, and only thought of her as the girl who put potions in other peoples food and drink.
The day those two witches first met, was when they were both called to Miss Truepurple, the English teacher because of their bad grades.

Dear Reader, I hope you've liked this story so far, and that you are reading this in whatever way you love. Also, don‘t worry if you want to take a pause of reading it for a while, and do something different. If you don‘t want to read this in one sitting, you don‘t have to. Just keep that in mind. But back to our two witches, who are about to become friends very very soon.

Even though Miss Truepurple was an English teacher, and English was not a very magical class, her room did look very witch like. Tiny bright orbs of colourful dust twirled around in the whole room, lighting it up with a faint glow. The fire in the fireplace had the form of a sleeping lion, which yawned sometimes, showing giant fiery teeth. And Miss Truepurple, true to her name wore a bright purple dress, and a deep purple floppy hat, in which a small mouse had made her nest. The mouses name was Lindsey, and she was Miss Truepurple's pet.
The teachers eyes (which were also purple, thanks to a spell she had cast) fixed on the two little witches, and she said: „ You two are worrying me, your grades in English class seem to be getting worse and worse. And I have also noticed, that you two don‘t read the books I tell you to read in class. Would you care to tell me, why you don‘t try to do better? Both of you?“
Mia was the first one to chirp up: „Please Miss Truepurple, I would like to read the books you tell me to read in class, but I just can‘t concentrate when I have to sit before a desk! If I could hang upside down on my broom in class, I would surely read the books better, because I can concentrate on books very well, when I hang upside down! Can I please please do that in class? You could try it too! It is really awesome and fun!“
Miss Truepurple wasn't a mean teacher, but she did look doubtful: „Mia, if everyone was on their broomstick in class, it would end in utter chaos, we can‘t do such a thing, you shall have to try harder to read like everybody else does. I‘m sorry dear. What about you, Margrit?“
Margrits focus was not on the teacher though, because she had just seen a book in a shelf, on which in bright green letters the word „Potions“ was written.
„Margrit? Can you concentrate on this talk right now? This is really important my love.“ Miss Truepurple said sternly, but also kind.
Margrit looked at her, and sighed: „I know…. Its just that I don‘t really like the books we read in class. They are not about potion making at all! And I can‘t really concentrate on reading those books, when they don‘t interest me, and there are too many words I don‘t know...“
„But Margrit dear, if you don‘t know a word, just ask me, and I will tell you what it means! I am there to help you all out in such cases.“ The teacher said kindly. Margrit nodded, and went back to looking dreamily towards the Potions book: „Can I borrow that book please?“ She asked. Sighing, Miss Truepurple nodded: „Of course, but take good care of it, it is a precious book to me.“
In the meantime Mia had started shifting on her seat, stretching her arm, and bouncing a bit. She was getting restless, and her bare feet tapped rhythmically on the ground.
„You can both go now, but I ask you to try better in class, and if you have any problems, come to me, and I will try to help you out. Now have a nice day both of you.“
Margrit took the Potions book from the shelf, and Mia jumped from her chair, bouncing up and down happily. They both left together.
As soon as they were out of the door, Margrit opened the book and started reading while she walked. She never lifted her head to see where she was going, because she still had enough awareness to not walk straight into a wall. The walls were beautiful too, all in bright colours, and not even at all. Sometimes there was a gap in the wall, in one of which a bright green and tiny dragonlady had made her nest.
Suddenly, Mia tapped Margrits shoulder out of nowhere, and shouted: „Gotcha!“.
Margrit jumped in surprise, and nearly let her book fall.
„Is that book good? How come you don‘t walk into a wall? Have you ever tried reading while upside down? Its fun, believe me! And do you also think Lindsey is a cute mouse?“ Mia spoke so fast that Margrit nearly couldn't follow her, and Mia was also still jumping upside down. Her blueish-green eyes were wide, and sparkling with curiosity.
Margrit said softly: „There is a potion in this book that I want to try making, and when I read I can still see the world around me, so I don‘t fall down the stairs or such. And no, I haven‘t tried reading upside down, and yes, Lindsey is a cute mouse. I could probably make a potion that would turn her purple...“ her eyes started shining bright with happiness when she thought about making a new potion.
„Ooooooh, that would be awesome! I think Miss Truepurple would like that too! Can I come with you, and see how you make a potion? I‘m not very good at making potions myself though, even though I think its fun!“ Margrit nodded, and all the way to the Potion making room, Mia chatted on. She was very happy to finally have found someone who listened to her. And Margrit was also happy, to have found someone who was interested in seeing her potions.

„And then, I cast a spell that turned the walls of my room into pink goo! It was so funny, and I could throw glitter dust on it, and everything was so colourful and glittery! I wish I could show you, but the teachers made me clean it all up and turn it back into how it was before…. What are you adding there?“ Mia curiously stared at the glass full of blue dust which Margrit was adding to her potion.
„Dust from a fairies wings, I got it from my parents for Christmas. It makes this potion stronger than it would normally be. But I shouldn't add too much! Here, this little pinch is enough.“ And Margrit showed her new friend how to add the fairy dust, without making the whole room explode. She was really good at it, and thanks to her, Mia finally understood some things about potion making, that she hadn't been able to grasp before.
When the potion was done and put into a small flask and that flask into Margrits pocket, they both left for the lunch hall, both smiling happily, and still talking.

The next day, in English Class, Miss Truepurple didn't make the children read the book in class, but told them to have finished it by next Friday, which was three days from now. It wasn't a very long book, but Margrit still sighed. Mia grinned at her: „Hey, that's great! At least we won‘t have to read it sitting down now!“ But Margrit said: „Yes, but its not about potions, and I KNOW I won‘t be concentrated while reading it! I will have forgotten everything about it by the time we talk about it in class… I‘d rather finish the potion we have to do for Potion Making Class! Have you made yours yet?“
Mia stared at her: „We have to do a potion? I didn't hear about that!! What do I do now? I‘m really no good at making potions Margrit! Can you help me? Pretty please?“
Her friend smiled softly at her: „Sure Mia. You can look at how I do my potion, and do the same.“
„Awwww, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best friend ever!“ Mia spun happily in circles around Margrit, and then hugged her tightly.
But it turned out that Mia really couldn't make that potion well, she always got the order wrong in which she was supposed to add the ingredients, and sometimes added too much or too little. In the end Margrit told her she would do the potion for her, because there wasn't enough time for Mia to do it correctly herself.
Mia felt bad about making Margrit do her work. Until she got an idea. A great idea actually.
„Hey! Margrit! How about you make my potion, and I read the book we are supposed to read for English! I could read it out loud for you, while you do the potions! Could we try that out please? I‘m sure it will be awesome and fun!“
Margrit grinned: „That's a great idea! Lets try it out!“
So Mia got her broomstick, jumped onto it, and hung upside down swinging forward and backwards, while she held the book. Then she started reading out loud for her friend, and when Margrit didn't understand something (a word, or the meaning behind some part of the book), Mia stopped reading and explained it to her friend. They stopped often, to talk about the book, or to talk about the potion Margrit was making, and so she could explain to her friend all about the ingredients. In the end, it took them both less than two days to finish their tasks. Those two days were full of laughing, and talking, and hanging upside down and playing fun games together. They both had never finished a school task with this much fun, and in this short a time. Once, Mia sneaked up on Margrit while she was making a potion, and said „Booo“ loudly so that Margrit accidentally put in a whole bottle of molten silver into the cauldron. The potion inside started bubbling and growling, and then cooled back down again, now being brightly green and somewhat slimy. In the end, it turned out to be even better with all that silver inside, and they both hugged each other out of happiness and gave each other an upside down high five.
Mia also tried lots of Margrits potions, one that made her float in the air, without eve needing her broomstick, and so she just read the book upside down like that, until the potion wore down again.
The two also played out some of the scenes from the book, each one imitating a character, and acting out some scenes.

The day they had to show their potions in class finally came, and when the teacher sniffed at their potions she smiled: „Those smell like good potions you two! Lets try them out!“ And she took a sip from the first one (they were both different potions, because Margrit had made a different one for Mia, so the teachers wouldn't notice that she had helped her). The potion teachers skin turned first blue, then red, then green, and it kept on changing: „Oh, this is an interesting potion Margrit! Wonderful for going on parties! You did well on this one dear!“ And she cast a spell, and her skin changed back to normal again. Then she took a sip of the potion Margrit had made for Mia.
The teacher started floating slightly, her feet lifting off the ground. She leaned into one direction, and floated there: „How wonderful! A masterfully made little potion, I can see the use in floating freely for many things. Well done Mia! You truly surprised me with this!“
Mia smiled, and looked at her friend, they both shared a secret clink of the eye.

After that, English Class started. When the teacher asked who had read the book, everyone, Mia and Margrit included lifted their hands. Miss Truepurple nodded proudly. Then she started asking questions about the book, and when it was Mia‘s and Margrits turns, they both answered correctly and Margrit even added a theory to the book, which she had talked about before with Mia. The teacher seemed to be truly impressed by that, and gave Margrit a a bright glowing shooting star pin, which she could put onto her cloak. Margrit beamed with happiness, she had never been this good in English class before!
Then Miss Truepurple asked some children to read aloud, one of which was also Mia. Mia looked scared at the thought of having to read to the class aloud, but then she had an idea: „Margrit, do you still have a bit of that floating potion?“ She asked her friend, who nodded, and gave her the small bottle. Mia drank it, and started floating, then she turned upside down: „I‘m sorry Miss Truepurple, but I can read waaaay better this way! „ And Miss Truepurple nodded, and told her to start reading.
Mia did, and she read fluently and well.
After class, Miss Truepurple told them both to stay in the room with her for a moment. She smiled happily at them and said: „You both truly surprised me today! I thought giving you the task to read the book outside of class would help you improve your interest in it, but I didn't expect you to do this well! Also, I am very glad that you both seem to have become friends! It makes me really happy that you have each other! And after seeing Mia floating upside down and reading so happily, I think I shall allow the use of that potion in class. Maybe it helps some other witches and wizards concentrate too! Might you brew more of that special potion, Margrit?“
Margrit nodded enthusiastically: „Of course Miss Truepurple, I would love to, if I am given the ingredients!“ And she did get all of the ingredients.
While she brewed the potions, Mia spent her company, and tried out different versions of the potion for her, making them both laugh at the fun things the potion made her do.
And afterwards they went into the woods, and played hide and seek - spells and potions allowed. It turned into a game of catch after a while, and when the day ended, they both had laughed so much that their bellies ached, and they both jumped onto their broomsticks, to fly to their room which was high up in a tower. They had asked a teacher if they could share a room together, and it had been allowed. They both cuddled up in their beds, tired and happy.
Mia said: „I love being your friend! This day was the best day ever! Can we play more tomorrow, I want to show you some broomstick tricks I thought of!“
Margrit said back: „Of course! I‘d love to see those broomstick tricks! And I am having an idea for a potion, which will make you breathe underwater! Lets try that one out tomorrow!“
„Sure! Lets do that! It will be fun! Good Night Margrit.“
„Goodnight Mia.“
And they both fell asleep, smiling.

In the days and years that followed, they learned everything together, did everything together too. They both helped each other through the hardest times, making the process of learning incredibly more easy. And also more fun too, because the things you do together are always the things you enjoy more, and remember better. Thanks to that, they became two of the strongest witches to have ever graduated at Luna‘s school of Sparkling Spells. And they stayed friends forever, never truly leaving each others sides, and never growing tired of each other. It was truly a magical friendship.
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May 11th, 2019
Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

The Helpful Book

Once Upon A Time There Was A Young 10 Year Old School Girl Named Alice Holly Who Was Sitting In Class On A Sunny Friday Morning

Her Teacher Happily Said "Right Children..., For Homework You Must All Choose A Book..., Any Book You Like.., It's Up 2 You..., Then In One Week Today On Next Friday You Must All Stand In Front Of The Class One At A Time And Tell Us About This Book..., Don't Pick Anything 2 Hard And If You Get Stuck On A Spelling Ask A Parent 2 Help You...., As A Reward For Doing A Presentation On Your Chosen Book I'll Organise A Special School Holiday Trip 2 Disneyland Paris That The School Will Pay For.., But Only If You Complete This Assignment"

One School Boy Put His Hand Up And The Teacher Kindly Said "Yes Dear".........., And The School Boy Said "Can I Please Do My Star Wars Book?"

The School Teacher Happily Said "Of Course"

Another School Boy Put His Hand Up And And The Teacher Kindly Said "Yes Dear".........,And The School Boy Said "But What If We Can't Read The Book Within A Week?"

The School Teacher Kindly Said "That's Why I Advice Picking A Small Easy 2 Read Book..., It Doesn't Have 2 Be Anything 2 Hard Or Complex..., Just Pick A Book That You Think You'll Like..., Even A Book With Lots Of Pictures Is Fine Too"

A School Girl Put Her Hand Up And The Teacher Kindly Said "Yes Dear"........, And The School Girl Happily Said "Can I Please Do My Disney Princess Book?"

The School Teacher Happily Said "Of Course You Can"

Another School Girl Put Her Hand Up And The Teacher Happily Said "Yes Dear" And The School Girl Happily Said "When Are We Going 2 Disneyland Paris?"

The School Teacher Happily Said "In Two Months Time..., We'll Go On The Train And Will Stay At Disneyland Paris From Friday Night Into Monday Morning...., And Your Parents Won't Have 2 Pay A Single Penny If And Only If You Complete This Homework Assignment By One Week..., Understood Everyone?"

The School Class Children All Said (At The Same Time) "Yes Miss"

So Alice Holly Had A School Project That She Had 2 Complete In Exactly One Week

It Was Now A Few Hours Later On Friday Night And Alice Holly Knew She'd Fail

The Problem Was That Alice Holly Didn't Like Reading Books..., Because No Book Seemed 2 Interest Her..., Not Only That But Standing In Front Of The Whole Class And Talking About A Book Seemed 2 Scare Her Because She Got Stage Fright

About A Year Ago She Had 2 Quit Drama Class Because Of Stage Fright....., Needless 2 Say She Was Terrified Of Standing In Front Of Whole Class And She Knew She Would Fail..........., Or Would She?

After A Visit 2 The Library And Trying 2 Read Books..., She Realised She Loses Interest In Books After Only A Few Minutes..........., Alice Holly Looked Really Sad....., She Walked Home From The Library Upset..., And She Walked Into Her House And Went Upstairs 2 Her Bedroom

She Had Lots Of Harry Potter Toys.., Because She Was A Massive Harry Potter Fan.........., She Was Also In Gymnastics Club Every Wednesday Evening After School...., And She Also Loved Little Witch Academia, Mary And The Witch's Flower And Kiki's Delivery Service

As Alice Holly Sat On Her Bed She Saw The First Harry Potter Book That Her Mother Got For Her For Christmas.........., It Was On Her DVD Shelf...., Alice Holly Had Only Watched The Harry Potter Movies..., But She Thought She'll Try Reading Harry Potter And The Philosopher Stone For A While

She Opened The Book Harry Potter And The Philosopher Stone And Tried 2 Read It...., Unfortunately She Lost Focus After Just 3 Pages...., What Didn't Help Was Her Fear Of Standing In Front Of The Whole Class 2 Talk About Her Chosen Book

*Knock* *Knock* "It's Me Sweetie" Said Alice Holly's Mother

Alice Holly Sadly Said "Come In Mam"

Her Mother Opened Her Daughter's Bedroom Door And She Saw That 10 Year Old Alice Holly Looked Sad....., So Her Mother Gently Said "What's Wrong Honey"

Alice Holly Sadly Said "Mammy Do You Know About The Trip 2 Disneyland Paris"

Her Mother Happily Said "Yes"

Alice Holly Sadly Said "I Can't Go"

Her Mother Gently Said "Why"

Alice Holly Said "In Order For Me 2 Go I Have 2 Read A Book And Then Talk About That Book In Front Of My Whole Class...., But I'm Scared Because I Get Stage Fright...., Not Only That..., I Can't Focus On Reading..., I'm Sorry Mammy"

Alice Holly Gave Her Mother A Hug And Her Mother Saw Harry Potter And The Philosopher Stone On Her Bed And Her Mother Gently Said "You Even Tried Harry Potter Didn't You?"

Alice Holly Sadly Said "I've Tried But I Can't Focus..., It's Not Like My Reading Skills Are Bad..., But I Don't Wanna Read If I Can't Focus Because Then It's No Fun...., I Have The Attention Span Of A Baby"

Her Mother Gently Said "Sweetheart..., No You Don't....,All Kids Are Different..., Say You Love Witches And Magic Don't You?"

Alice Holly Sadly Said "Yes"

Her Mother Gently Said "And You Love Gymnastics?"

Alice Holly Sadly Said "Yes I Do"

Her Mother Happily Said "Then There Is A Brand New Book Out That Is Perfect For Children Like You"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Really"

Her Mother Happily Said "Yes Dear...., The Book Is Called *A Witch's New Best Friend* And It's About A Witch Who Makes A New Friend....., This Witch Is A Bit Weird...., She Does Things Differently..., But She Makes A Perfect New Friend In Her Magic School For Wizards And Witches"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Like Hogwarts?"

Her Mother Happily Said "A Bit..., Hey Why Don't We Go 2 The Store And Buy It"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Thanks Mammy"

Her Mother Happily Said "But You Have 2 Promise 2 Try Your Hardest 2 Read It...., Deal"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Deal" And They Both Shook Hands And Went 2 The Store And Her Mother Bought *A Witch's New Best Friend* For Her Daughter Alice Holly

On The Way Home In The Car Alice Holly Couldn't Believe The Things It Said On The Back Of The Book..., On The Back Of The Book It Said.....,

*This Is A Book Of Sensational Magic For Children Who Find Reading The Normal Way Boring....., Prefer Reading In Odd Positions?...., Do You Read Hanging Upside Down?....., Or Do You Read On A Broomstick?....., Are You A Fan Of Wizards And Witches?...., Have You Ever Wished You Could Put The Pages Of A Book Into A Magic Potion And Drink The Knowledge?..., Do You Like Hanging Upside Down...., Are You A Gymnast?...., Do You Ever Wish You Could Jump On A Broomstick And Escape From School And Have Fun While Learning?....., If So Then This Book Might Be Just For You ;) This Book Turns Reading Upside Down In Ways You Can't Imagine....., The Perfect Book For Fans Of Magic, Sorcery And Those Who Can Never Seem To Keep Still And Just Love To Hang Upside Down And Play In A World Of Their Imagination Instead Of Studying A Book Sitting Down The Boring Way....., This Book Will Bring The Very Best Imagination Out Of Your Children And Will Inspire Them With Friendship And Fun :)*

Alice Holly Happily Said "Hey Mammy..,., This Book Seems Crazy..., Put The Pages Into A Magic Potion And Drink Up The Knowledge...., If Only Things Were That Easy..., The Back Is Saying I Don't Have 2 Sit Down 2 Read This Book..., And I Can Read This Book Upside Down..., Can I Do That?"

Her Mother Happily Said "Yes..., You Hang Upside Down On Your Gymnastics Bar Sometimes Don't You?"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Yeah...., I Love Doing That...., But It Also Says *Do You Read On A Broomstick?..., But My Broomstick Can't Fly"

Her Mother Happily Said "Silly..., You Have An Imagination Don't You?"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Hehe..., Yes Of Course I Do"

Her Mother Happily Said "Then Do What This Book Says"

Alice Holly Happily Said "What Do You Mean?"

Her Mother Happily Said "Instead Of Reading This Book Sat Down On A Chair Or Lying On A Bed You Can Instead Play Around The House Carrying This Book..., You Can Read While Skipping 2 Music....., Or Read When Your Out Of Breath...., Read While Hanging Upside Down..., Read While Playing With Your Toy Broomstick..., Act Out Scenes From The Book Maybe..., I Don't Know..., Maybe Do A Cartwheel Between Every Page...., Read On Your Trampoline...., Read While During Adverts When Watching Disney Channel........, Or You Can Always Read While Spinning In Circles Too"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Yeah..., Thanks Mammy"

Later In The House Alice Holly Picked Up Her Harry Potter Toy Broomstick And She Held The Book *A Witch's New Best Friend* In Her Right Hand And She Held Her Toy Broomstick In Her Left Hand And She Turned Her Radio On And She Played Music....., And She Happily Spun Around And Around And She Pretended 2 Fly On Her Broomstick Like A Witch...., And Alice Holly Was Running Around Bubbling With Energy...., But Best Of All She Was Reading *A Witch's New Best Friend*......, And She Was Loving Each And Every Moment

Alice Holly Held The Book *A Witch's New Best Friend* Tightly While Running Around The House And Garden Holding Her Broomstick In Her Other Hand With Music Playing In The Background...., The Book Was Making Her So Happy And She Was Smiling And Laughing And Playing Happily

Later Her Mammy Asked "So You Like The Book?"

Alice Holly Happily Said (While Skipping And Jumping Around The House) "Yes Mammy..., I Love It..., It's Even Better Than Harry Potter"

Her Mammy Happily Asked "Really..., Wow.., So What's This Book About"

Alice Holly Happily Said (In A Super Fast Excited Voice Bubbling With Childlike Energy) "It's About A 13 Year Old Witch Who Loves Flying On Her Broomstick And She Loves Reading Books While Hanging Upside Down..., But She Hates Reading Books Right Side Up...., And She Loves Sneaking Up On People And Scaring Them..., At First Nobody Seemed 2 Like Her Because She Would Surprise The Other Children Out Of Nowhere With A Sneak Surprise...., But She Has A Heart Of Gold..., And She's Always Barefoot"

Her Mammy Happily Asked "And What About The Friend She Makes"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Oh.., She's Obsessed With Magic Potions...., She's The First Friend She Ever Has....., She's A Magic Potion Star Pupil..., A Bit Like Me In Gym Class"

Her Mammy Happily Said "Oh..., I'll Leave This Book 2 You Then Darling...., Keep Having Fun" And Her Mother Gave Alice Holly A Gentle Kiss On Her Cheek

And After Another 30 Minutes Of Running Around Like Crazy Reading *A Witch's New Best Friend* With Music In The Background.., She Decided 2 Hang Upside Down From Her Knees On Her Gymnastics Bar For A While..., So She Hung Upside Down So She Can Experience Reading Just Like The Main Character Of Her Book Reads

Alice Holly Loved How Everything Looked While She Hung Upside Down...., Because When You Hang Upside Down You Get 2 See Everything Upside Down..., Not Only That But Hanging Upside Down Makes Her Tummy Feel Weightless As If There Was Zero Gravity Inside Her Tummy..., Basically Hanging Upside Down Was Extremely Fun..., And Now She Continued Reading *A Witch's New Best Friend*

And In Just Another 20 Minutes She Completely Finished Reading *A Witch's New Best Friend* While Hanging Upside Down...., And She Was So Happy..., So She Flipped Back 2 Her Feet And Ran 2 Tell Her Mother That She Finished The Whole Book

Over The Weekend She Read *A Witch's New Best Friend* Another 3 Times..., Twice On Saturday And Once On Sunday..., She Either Read While Hanging Upside Down Or She Read While Playing And Running Around The House With Music In The Background......, Who Knows?..., Maybe It's Not The Reading That Put Kids Off Reading..., Maybe It's That Kids Don't Like Sitting Down 2 Long..., This Book Was Something Special

On Sunday Night Alice Holly Happily Said (In A Super Excited Voice) "Mammy This Book Is My Favourite Book In The World...., I Adore The Characters And The Fun They Share..., But I Don't Know How 2 Show My Love For This Magical Book In Front Of My Class..., That's Kinda Scary..., But I Really Don't Care...., Because I Love This Book"

Her Mother Happily Said "Why Not Show The Class How You've Been Reading It?"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Yeah..., I Could Run Around The Classroom While Jumping And Skipping And Pretending 2 Be Inside The Story..., And I Could Play Music 2 Keep Me In The Mood.., So Mammy Can I Please Take My Toy Broomstick 2 School On Friday"

Her Mother Happily Said "Of Course You Can"

Alice Holly Happily Said "And Can I Please Take My Radio To?"

Her Mother Happily Said "Of Course You Can"

Alice Holly Happily Said "But How Can I Hang Upside Down In Class?"

Her Mother Happily Said "Ask Your Teacher If You Can Show Your Book In The School Playground..., I Certainly Think She'll Let You..., Trust Me"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Okay Thanks Mammy" And They Both Gave Each Other A Big Hug

The Next Day On Monday In School Alice Holly Happily Said 2 Her Teacher "Miss I've Chosen A Book"

Her Teacher Happily Said "Great Sweetie.., Is It Good?"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Yes..., It's The Best Book Ever..., But I'm Bringing My Toy Broomstick And My Portable Radio 2 School On Friday..., And Please Please Please Can I Do My Presentation In The School Playground..., You See This Book Is A Little Different And I Wanna Show That In Front Of My Class"

Her Teacher Happily Said "Okay Then Dear..., We'll Take A Little Trip 2 The Playground For You 2 Show Your Book 2 The Class"

Alice Holly Happily Said "Thanks Miss"

During The Next 4 Days She Re-Read *A Witch's New Best Friend Another 6 Times After School While Playing Happily..., And Then It Was Friday

In Class Alice Holly Was Slightly Scared Of Going In Front Of Her Whole Class 2 Present Her Book..., But She Knew She Had 2 Try..., Because This Was Such A Super Special Book...., She Was Totally In Love With The Characters Of This Book

After Several Kids Done Their Presentation Of Their Chosen Book Her Teacher Happily Said "Right Children..., Alice Holly Asked Me If We Can Do Her Presentation In The School Playground..., So Follow Me"..., And Everyone In The Class Walked 2 The School Playground

Her Teacher Happily Said "Off You Go Alice Dear"

Alice Holly Stood In Front Of Her Class In The Playground...., It Was A Hot Sunny Day..., And Alice Holly Happily Said "Hello..., Um.., Have You Ever Thought That Sitting On A Desk 2 Read 2 Your Teacher Or Lying In Bed 2 Read 2 Your Parent Was A Waist Of Energy..., Didn't You Wanna Play Instead Of Read?..., Well Now You Can Play And Read At The Exact Same Time..., This Book Showed Me That"

"What Does She Mean" Whispered A School Girl

"This Must Be Cool" Whispered A School Boy

Alice Holly Happily Said "On The Back Of Thus Book It Says..., *This Is A Book Of Sensational Magic For Children Who Find Reading The Normal Way Boring*....., I Think Being Made 2 Sit At A Chair And Read Is That Boring Way..., Then It Goes On 2 Say If You Read Upside Down Or Read On A Broomstick..., And I Did Just That"

Then Alice Holly Turned Her Portable Radio On And Played Some Music..., Then She Done A Cartwheel..., And She Picked Up Her Toy Broomstick In One Hand And She Picked Up The Book *A Witch's New Best Friend* In Her Other Hand..., And She Happily Started Running Around The Playground Talking About The Book...., She Happily Said (While Skipping And Dancing And Happily Pretending 2 Fly) "This Book Tells The Story Of A Teenage Witch Going 2 A Magic School For Wizards And Witches...., She Sadly Has No Friends..., Why?...,Because She Loves 2 Sneak Up On People And Scare Them Surprisingly From Behind...., But The Sad Thing Is She Hurts No One..., She's Only Having Fun..., She Also Hates Reading Books In School..., She Doesn't Like Reading Or Studying In School..., Because The Whole Setup Annoys Her..., Yet At Home She's Read Hundreds Of Books..., How You Wonder?"

Alice Holly Then Hung Upside Down On The School Monkey Bars..., And Alice Holly Held The Book *A Witch's New Best Friend* Tightly..., And She Happily Said (While Hanging Upside Down) "The Main Character Of My Story Loves Reading Books Upside Down...., But She Hates Sitting At A Desk Reading Book Right Side Up...., Why Can't We Read Books In Gym Class?..., Why Can't We Exercise In English Class?..., This Book Has Showed Me That Being A Kid Means 2 Learn While Having Fun..., Isn't It Better 2 Learn That Way?..., The Main Character Is Also A Super Fast Broomstick Flyer And She Is Always Barefoot..., Why?.., Because Being In Bare Feet Helps Her Climb When Sneaking Up On People..., She Doesn't Drink Anything But Milk And Nothing Else...., But Will She Ever Have A Friend.., The Answer Is Yes"

Then Alice Holly Flipped Back 2 Her Feet And She Energetically Picked Up Her Toy Broomstick And She Started Skipping Around The Playground Again While Happily Saying "She Eventually Makes Friend With Another Girl Who Sadly Doesn't Have That Many Friends Either..., She's A Magic Potion Genius..., But She's Failing In Other School Projects..., But Her Magic Potion Mixing Skills Are Awesome..., Together These Two Characters Became Best Of Friends...., And Best Of Witches..., I Highly Recommend *A Witch's New Best Friend*"

Alice Holly Then Turned Her Radio Off And Everyone In Her Class Clapped Proudly...., Her Teacher Proudly Said "Well Done Alice..., I'm So Proud..., You've Definitely Earned Your Trip 2 Disneyland Paris..., Well Done"

And *A Witch's New Best Friend Remained Alice Holly's Favourite Book For Her Whole Life....., And They All Lived Happily Ever After

The End :D
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March 8th, 2019
Written By Nathan (Oblivion X Knight) (^__^)

The Evil Tree Witch

Once Upon A Time Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Both Inside Their Oblivion X Spaceship Traveling The Far Reaches Of Outer Space Millions Of Miles From Planet Earth

They Was Both Going Into Another Solar System Called The Number-Woods-Number Solar System Which Had 8 Planets Full Of Magical Forests And Dark Woods 2 Explore Filled With Wizards And Witches And Elves And Magic

Nathan Was In His Oblivion X Spaceship Jumping On A Trampoline In The Living Room

Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Spinning In Circles With Her Magic Wand While Making Shiny Rainbow Circles As She Spun......., She Kept Spinning While Making Magical Rainbow Circles Like A Ballerina From Hogwarts........., And She Looked Very Graceful

Then The Toaster Went "Beep" And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Ooh..., Our Toast Is Coming

Nathan Happily Said (While Doing A Front Flip On His Trampoline) "YAY..., Thank You Our Delightful Oblivion X Mayhem Loving Bats Of Darkness"

An Oblivion X Bat Buttered And Put Marmalade On The 2 Pieces Of Toast And Then The Oblivion X Bat Flew The Toast Over 2 Daisy Froggy Kiss And She Took One Piece And Said "Thanks" And Then The Oblivion X Bat Flew The Other Piece Of Toast Over 2 Nathan On His Trampoline And Nathan Took The Other Piece Of Toast And He Said "Thank You"

They Both Ate The 2 Pieces Of Toast And Then Another One Of The Oblivion X Bats Done The Dishes For Them

Nathan Jumped Off The Trampoline And He Played With Daisy Froggy Kiss Around The Living Room Inside His Oblivion X Spaceship

Daisy Froggy Kiss Looked Out Of The Window In Excitement And She Saw A Planet In The Distance

Nathan Happily Said "So What Planet Are We Going Too?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said (While Grabbing Nathan's Hands In A Burst Of Happiness) "Planet 7-Woods-7...., It's Much Better Than Planet 6-Woods-6 And There Are Even More Elves Here Than On Planet 3-Woods-3..., Trust Me My Darling..., We're In For A Magical Adventure"

Nathan Happily Said "How Many Planets Are In Solar System Number-Woods-Number Again?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said..., (While Skipping In Circles) "There Are 8 Planets In Solar System Number-Woods-Number...., There's Planet 1-Woods-1 And Planet 2-Woods-2 And Planet 3-Woods-3...., THE THIRD BEST...., And Planet 4-Woods-4 And Planet 5-Woods-5 And Planet 6-Woods-6...., THE WORST...., And Planet 7-Woods-7..., THE SECOND BEST And Planet 8-Woods-8.., THE BEST"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done 2 Cartwheels......., And Nathan Happily Asked "Why Are We Going 2 The Second Best Planet In This Solar System And Not Planet 8-Woods-8?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Face Shivered In Magical Fear And She Said (In A Burst Of Terrified Childlike Energy) "Listen Sweetie...., We Can't Go 2 Planet 8-Woods-8 Because Miss Vanilla Violet Lives There"

Nathan Said (In A Confused Voice) "Miss Vanilla Violet?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (While Shivering In Slight Fear) "She's A Very Powerful Witch Who Will Turn Us Both Into Her Jelly Frog Soup If We Go Near Her"

Nathan Happily Said "But Your A Witch Too..., Couldn't You Defeat Her?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In Absolute Fear) "You Don't Know Miss Vanilla Violet..., Trees Abey Her At Will....., If We Go Into Her Purple Castle Surrounded By Hundreds Of Tree Thorns Every Tree Will Knock Us Out And Hit Us 2 Death"

Nathan Happily Said "So What Kind Of Magic Does She Use?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Tree Magic Honey........., Just Like We Have Control Of Our Oblivion X Bats..., She Has Control Of Every Tree In Existence..., Every Tree I Tell You..., EVERY TREE"

Nathan Happily Said "What If There Was No Trees?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Proudly Said "Well, If There Was No Trees I Could Defeat Her With My Eyes Closed"

Nathan Said "Oh...,And She Lives On A Planet Full Of Trees...,So We'd Be In Some Trouble...,....., Okay Then...., So Why Don't We Just Go 2 Planet 8-Woods-8 And Try 2 Make Friends With Miss Vanilla Violet?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "She Doesn't Make Friends Honey...., Anyone Who Has Crossed Her Path She Has Eaten...., First She Has All The Trees In The Area Bash The Creature Into A Squashed Potato And Then She Cooks You For Dinner"

Nathan Shouted In Fear "I DON'T WANT 2 BE HER DINNER"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Hugged Nathan And She Happily Said "I Won't Let That Happen Darling..., I Promise" And She Gave Nathan A Gentle Kiss On His Cheek

Nathan Happily Said "Hey..., Let Me Protect You Too This Time..., I'm The Superhero Remember"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yes Yes Yes..., You're My Favourite Vertical Loving Superhero"

Nathan Happily Said "Thank You"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Hey, Did You Know That Miss Vanilla Violet Has An Upside Down Nose..., Imagine That.., If We Had An Upside Down Nose Then We Would Be Able 2 See Into Our Nostrils...., Gross, Right?"

Nathan Happily Said "That Is Gross..., She Must Look Funny"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Handstand And She Happily Said "Not As Funny As Donald Duck..., Now He's An Angry Duck"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., Your Right"

Then The Oblivion X Spaceship Landed On Planet 7-Woods-7........, And Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Skipped Out Of Their Oblivion X Spaceship

Nathan Was Amazed By The Green Scenery And Greenish Landscape And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Howdy Honey..., Welcome 2 A Planet Away From Earth"

Nathan Happily Asked "So What's In Those Dark Woods Over There..., It's Day Time Over Here............, But There Those Dark Woods Seems 2 Turn Dark Without Any Natural Daytime Cycle...., I Mean It's As If There's A Hole In The Sun"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "That's Because There Is"

Nathan Happily Asked "Um..., What Do You Mean"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "The Sun That Is In This Solar System Has Holes In It..., And Somehow My Darling Those Holes Point Directly 2 The Magical Dark Woods On Each Of The 8 Planets Here"

Nathan Said (In Shock) "But The Planets Are Moving Around The Sun"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Who Says The Magical Dark Woods Aren't Moving Too"

Nathan Said (While Turning His Head) "I Don't See Them Movi....WHAT" Nathan Saw That The Magical Dark Woods Was Gone

Daisy Froggy Kiss Done A Cartwheel And She Happily Said "Lets Find The Magical Dark Woods On This Planet...., They Say Treasure And Magic Is Everywhere In The Abyss Of Darkness"...., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Somersaulted In The Air Over Nathan's Head And She Happily Skipped Along The Forests

Nathan Happily Asked "So Where Are The Elves?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Sadly Said "Oh..., There Hiding In Tree Houses..., Incase Miss Vanilla Violet Comes After Them"

Nathan Sadly Said "AWWW..., I Hope Their Okay......, Also I Wanna Meet The Elves"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Then Taped Her Finger With Her Magic Wand And She Touched The Ground With That Same Finger And A Wooden Staircase Magically Grew Out Of The Ground And Went High Into The Tree Tops Towards A Treehouse And Nathan Said (In Amazement) "WOW" And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Race You 2 The Top.., See Ya"......., And They Both Raced 2 The Top Of The Wooden Staircase

Nathan Won The Race And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "YAY...., You Won" And She Gave Nathan A Happy High 5

Nathan Then Knocked The Door On The Treehouse And A Little Elf About 3 Foot Tall Opened The Door...., The Little Elf Was A Boy Elf Dressed In Red With Green Boots And A Green Hat........, He Also Wore A Green Tie And His Red T-Shirt Had Green Pockets And He Had A Very Childlike Face..........., And The Boy Elf Happily Said "Oh.., Hello...., Please Come In"

Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Went Inside And Inside The Treehouse Was A Little Swing And A Arcade Machine With Pac-Man On The Arcade Machine And The Little Elf Had A Collection Of Swords Made Out Of Wood And Lots Of Bread On The Tables And Most Things Were Made Out Of Wood

The Boy Elf Said "Miss Witch........., Have You Come 2 Save Us From The Cruel Miss Vanilla Violet?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Sadly Said "No..., Not Really..., But I Could Try...., Why?..., What's She Done?"

The Boy Elf Said "My Name Is George The Elf...., My Elf Parents Were Both Killed By Miss Vanilla Violet...., They Both Got Whacked 2 Death By Tree Branches And Then They Was Both Cooked In Her Frog Soup..., After That Me And My Sister Lived Here...., But Unfortunally Miss Vanillia Violet Kidnapped My Little Sister 2 Days Ago...., It Was Horrible"...., And George The Elf Started 2 Cry

Nathan Tenderly Said "Hey, Don't Cry"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Gently Said "Hey Sweetheart..., I'll Try And Save Your Little Sister..., So What's Her Name?"

George The Elf Sadly Said "Her Name Is Emma The Elf....., Please Save Her..., I Only Hope She's Still Alive..., It's Rumoured Miss Vanilla Violet Keeps The Elves Kidnapped In Her Dungeon For 7 Days Before She Eats Them..., That Gives You 5 More Days 2 Save Her...., How Strong Of A Witch Are You?"

Nathan Happily Said "She's The Strongest Witch Ever"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Miss Vanilla Violet Isn't From This Solar System Is She?"

George The Elf Said "No..., She's From This Other Solar System In The East Galaxy........, She Came 2 Planet 8-Woods-8 About 20 Years Ago..........., She Visits One Of The 7 Other Planets In Our Solar System Once A Week And She Kidnaps One Elf A Week And Then Brutally Attacks The Poor Elf With Tree Branches And Then She Cooks And Eats Us......, We Elves Fear For Our Lives..., Before She Came 2 Our Solar System Our Lives Were Much Different"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "That's Right......, Nathan Dear..., You Should've Seen These 8 Planets Before Miss Vanilla Violet Came Here....., This Solar System Had 8 Planets Filled With Magical Forests And Little Elves That Played And Skipped And Used Magic And Eaten Candy And Flew Spaceships And Did Gymnastics In The Tree-Tops And Had Snowball Fights And Laughed And Made Toys With Wood Mixed With Magic And You Had Wizard Elves And Witch Elves And Everything Was So Childlike And Happy"

Nathan Happily Said "Like Us"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Exactly Like Us Honey...., Hey..., None Of The Wizard Elves Or Witch Elves Could Defeat Her With Their Magic..., But I'm Sure My Magic Will Stop Her.........., Nobody Hurts And Eats Such Precious Elves That Are Supposed 2 Be As Childlike As We Are......., It Breaks My Heart"

Nathan Happily Said "It Breaks My Heart Too......, So Lets Go And Defeat Her"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "We'll Be Back With Emma The Elf Very Soon"

Nathan Happily Said "Bye"

And They Both Left The Tree House And They Both Skipped Down The Wooden Staircase (That Daisy Froggy Kiss Made Earlier) And Then They Both Run Back 2 Their Oblivion X Spaceship

The Oblivion X Bats Was Controlling The Oblivion X Spaceship And Daisy Froggy Kiss Was Hanging Upside Down By Standing On The Ceiling Above A Small Table And She Was Mixing Different Magical Liquids Together 2 Create A Brand New Magic Potion

Nathan Happily Said "And Now We're Going 2 Planet 8-Woods-8......., Sounds Scary"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Playfully Said "AWWW....., I'll Protect You Honey"

Nathan Happily Said "And I'll Protect You Too"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yeah......, We'll Protect Each Other Just Like Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse. Protect Each Other........, Greatest Mouses Ever Aren't They Honey?"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., They Are"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Took Out Her Blue Magic Wand Out Of Her Pocket And She Happily Said "Hold Your Arms Up In The Air Honey...., Point Your Fingers 2 The Ceiling"

Nathan Done Exactly That And Daisy Froggy Kiss Used A Levicorpus Spell Which Means She Waved Her Magic Wand And A Magical Blue Rope Came Out Of Her Magic Wand And The Magical Blue Rope Wrapped Around Nathan's Ankles And Pulled Him High Into The Air Hanging Him Upside Down By His Ankles......, And Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Now Your Upside Down Too..., Just Like Me"

Nathan Giggled Happily And He Happily Swung Around Which Tickled His Tummy Just Like A Roller Coaster....., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Gently Said "Just Tell Me When You Wanna Go Down Honey"

An Oblivion X Bat That Was On Planet Earth Started Communicating With Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Telepathically........, And Nathan Happily Said "Our Oblivion X Bats Have Just Cooked Dinner For The Elderly In A Party..., And Now Someone Wants 2 Open A Restaurant Where Our Oblivion X Bats Do All Of The Cooking"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I Know..., Isn't It Wonderful?"

Nathan Happily Asked "Hey.., I'm Ready 2 Go Down Now"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Used Her Magic Wand 2 Create A Pillow Of Magical Butterfly's Under Nathan And She Zapped Nathan Ankles And Nathan Dropped 2 The Ground On Top Of The Pillow Of Magical Butterfly's..., And As Nathan Was Falling He Screamed "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"........, And Nathan Happily Said After Hitting The Pillow Of Magical Butterfly's "That Was So Fun"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Was That Fun......., I Hope So"

Nathan Skipped Over 2 The Trampoline And He Started Jumping Up And Down Happily While Saying "Yeah.., That Was Really Fun..., Hey, What Magic Potion Are You Making?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "A Potion For Later...., It's A Surprise" And Daisy Froggy Kiss Triple Back Flipped Back 2 The Ground And She Happily Said (While Pouring Her Newly Made Magic Potion Into A Bottle) "All Done....., Your Gonna Love This Honey"

Nathan Happily Jumped In The Air While Saying "I'm So Excited"

Then An Oblivion X Bat Said Telepathically That They Arrived On Planet 8-Woods-8 Outside Miss Vanilla Violet's Big Huge Castle..........., And Nathan Happily Said "Race You Outside" And They Both Run Outside

They Both Saw A Gigantic Purple Castle With Wooden Thorns And Tree Branches Everywhere..., And There Was Hundreds Of Little Frogs On The Ground......, And They Both Skipped Over 2 The Purple Castle And Nathan Happily Said "I Guess We Should Knock" And Nathan Knocked The Door And Miss Vanilla Violet Opened The Door

She Had Long Purple Hair And She Was Dressed In A Purple Dress And She Had Pale Green Skin And Her Face Had An Upside Down Nose

Nathan Couldn't Stop Looking At Her Upside Down Nose, Because It Looked So Weird.., And Miss Vanilla Violet Said (In An Angry Voice) "What Do You Both Want?..., Wanna Join Me For Dinner...,I'll Make You Both The Main Course"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Quickly Pushed Nathan While Shouting "LOOK OUT" And A Big Huge Tree Branch Almost Bashed Nathan And Nathan Said (In Slight Fear) "You Saved Me"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Took Out Her Blue Samurai Katana Sword And She Said "Are You Ready For A Challenge..., I'm A Witch Too"

Miss Vanilla Violet Said (In An Excited Voice Of Evil) "Oh.., I'm Going 2 Enjoy Hurting You.., Who Are You Child"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I'm Daisy Froggy Kiss......., Also Known As Daisy Elizabeth Miracle..., And I'm A Witch That Aims 2 Be A Child At Heart Forever..., And I'm With My True Connection Nathan..., He's A Superhero"

Miss Vanilla Violet Said (In A Pure Evil Voice) "I've Heard Of You Two..., The Superhero In Orange And The Witch In Blue..., The Oblivion X Children From Earth..., Everything's A Game 2 The Two Of You...,Well, Today I'm Going 2 Play A Game Eating The Two Of You"

4 Trees Started Moving Towards Daisy Froggy Kiss In A 4-Way Direction And Daisy Froggy Kiss Quickly Threw The Bottle Of Magic Potion (That Daisy Froggy Kiss Made Earlier) Towards Nathan And She Quickly Said "Drink This Honey"......, And Daisy Froggy Kiss Back Flipped In The Air Away From The 4 Trees Trying 2 Whack Her From All 4 Directions

Nathan Drunk The Magic Potion And Then He Got Whacked In The Face With A Big Huge Tree Branch And Nathan Happily Said (In Absolute Shock) "Hey.., That Didn't Hurt..., How Didn't It Hurt?..., Am I Dead"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Giggled And She Happily Said "Hehehe..., No..., Your Still Alive Honey..., I Made You An Invincibility Potion.., Now It'll Take A Lot Of Power 2 Even Scratch You"

Nathan Took Out His Orange Katana Sword And He Happily Said "Now You Don't Stand A Chance"

Miss Vanilla Violet Said (In A Furious Voice) "YOU FOOLISH CHILD..., Evil Witches Defeat Magic With Magic..., If I Hit You And It Doesn't Hurt Then I'll Just Have 2 Hit You Harder"......., And Then Hundreds Of Tree Branches Started Trying 2 Whack And Attack Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss..., And They Both Cut The Tree Branches With Their Katana Swords While Dodging The Tree Branches From All Directions

All Was Going Well Until A Tree Branch Whacked Daisy Froggy Kiss Hard And She Fell 2 The Ground..., And Nathan Shouted "HEY..., HOW DARE YOU"

Nathan Run Up Towards Miss Vanilla Violet And He Dodged A Tree Branch By Rolling On The Floor And He Then Managed 2 Strike Miss Vanilla Violet With His Orange Katana Sword And She Then Whacked Nathan With Another Tree Branch Pushing Him Across The Other Side Of Her Castle

Daisy Froggy Kisses Eyes Turned Crimson Red And She Said (In A Voice Of Cosmic Energy) "I'VE HAD ENOUGH".., And Daisy Froggy Kiss Had An Aura Of Magical Electricity And She Summoned A Huge Bolt Of Lightning Which Struck Miss Vanilla Violet Completely Knocking Her Out

Nathan Said "Is She Alive?"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yes Honey..., She's Alive..., But She Won't Be Hurting The Elves In This Solar System Anymore"

And Daisy Froggy Kiss Opened A Magic Portal 2 Another Dimension With Her Magic Wand And She Threw Miss Vanilla Violet Into The Magic Portal And Then She Closed The Magic Portal And She Happily Said "Now The Elves Never Have 2 Worry About Her Again"

Nathan Happily Said "The Lightning Bolt Looked Like It Had A High Power Level"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "I'm Just Glad That Your Safe Honey"

Nathan Happily Said "I'm Glad That Your Safe Too" And Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Gave Each Other A Gentle Hug

Then They Both Skipped 2 The Dungeons Under The Purple Castle And They Both Found The Cage With Emma The Elf Inside And Emma The Elf Happily Said "Oh..., Have You Come 2 Rescue Me.., I Heard A Fight Of Magic Going On Up There"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah.., We Come 2 Save You"

Emma The Elf Happily Said "Thanks..., You're Awesome"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Miss Vanilla Violet Is Now Stuck In Another Dimension..., She Won't Hurt Any Of You Anymore..., Promise..., So Lets Take You Home"

And Daisy Froggy Kiss Used 2 Magic Wand 2 Open The Cage And Then The 3 Of Them Skipped Back 2 The Oblivion X Spaceship And The Oblivion X Bats Flew Them Back 2 Planet 7-Woods-7 And The 3 Of Them Went Back 2 The Tree House Where George The Elf And Emma The Elf Both Live...., They Knocked The Door And George The Elf Answered The Door And He Hugged His Little Sister Emma The Elf Tightly And Affectionately

Emma The Elf Happily Asked "Will You Guys Come Back Here Someday?"

Nathan Happily Said "Of Course We Will"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Yeah..., Elves Are Awesome...,Aren't They Honey"

Nathan Happily Said "Yeah..., They Are Definitely Amazing"

And The 4 Of Them All Shared Some Hugs And Said Goodbye

Afterwards On Their Way Back 2 Their Oblivion X Spaceship They Both Saw The Magical Dark Woods Again

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Race You 2 The Magical Dark Woods" And Nathan And Daisy Froggy Kiss Both Run Towards The Magical Dark Woods

Inside The Magical Dark Woods They Both Saw All Kinds Of Magical Things

Nathan Shouted In Absolute Excitement "Hey, Look A Unicorn"

Nathan Slowly Walked Towards The Unicorn And He Gently Said "It's Okay Sweetie..., I've Always Wanted 2 Be Friends With A Unicorn" And Nathan Gently Stroked Her Head Tenderly And Gently

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "Unicorns Are A Symbol Of Love And Gentleness In The World Of Magic..., Ain't She So Adorable"

Then Daisy Froggy Kiss Started Stroking The Unicorn Too..., And Then The Unicorn Run Away Very Very Happy

Nathan Sadly Said "AWWW..., She's Gone"

Daisy Froggy Kiss Happily Said "We'll See A Unicorn Again Honey..., I Promise"

Then As They Continued 2 Explore The Magical Dark Woods They Both Saw A 6 Foot Tall Magic Mirror And Daisy Froggy Kiss Said (In A Burst Of Excitement) "HEY LOOK...., A Magic Mirror..., I'm Taking This Home"

And The 2 Of Them Took The Magic Mirror Back 2 Their Oblivion X Spaceship And Then They Both Flew Back 2 Planet Earth

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

The End :D
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