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Sep 27, 2010 9:08 PM

Um, that about sums up my reaction to the GLORIOUS news.

Never in my life did I expect to wake up to this on a Monday morning. There have always been rumors. Oh, yes, always. For the many years I've been following Berserk, there were dozens of them every year:

1. "There's going to be a new Berserk anime when Miura has enough material to work with!"

2. "I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows an animator."

3. Media Blasters, I believe, even once said there was something in the works, and that they were going to be involved.

4. etc, etc, etc. You get my point.

But, to have proof. To have definitive proof, like the news today, it's almost surreal. I honestly don't even think it's hit me yet.

Anyway, I want to backtrack a bit. Around two years ago, there was a post on the neogaf forums. BEST GAMING FORUM on the internet, btw. The post had to do with a trailer made for a new Berserk project. Along with that, the guy posted four pictures from the trailer, seen here:

Allegedly, they're real, studio 4C was going to be in charge, and they were captured on a Pioneer brand television(lolwut). Whatever the case, the Berserk fandom was lit on fire. People argued back and forth on whether they were real or fake. Nothing ever came of it, though. The original poster disappeared, and everyone was left wondering. But, damn, they certainly look real, and if they were elaborate fakes, props to the maker.

A few months later, Miura makes a comment at the end of one of the Berserk chapters. It was something along the lines of: "It's nothing new to say this, but anime series with a fighting man as the hero are not popular anymore these days, though I think there are still some people who want this kind of anime."

That pretty much destroyed all our hopes, as people thought a second season would never happen...

...until today. =)
Now, as to whether or not those pictures are connected with this new anime project, we may never know. But, still, I thought it was a strange coincidence. It is, after all, somewhat recent.

You know, I could end this blog by writing about my misgivings, my worries about the new anime project; and, I could speculate on animation studios, directors, if this is going to be an OVA or a full-length anime series, but right now, I just want to revel in the outstanding news. More Berserk. This is an exciting time.

One last thing. For all that is good in this world, please, please, PLEASE, get this brilliant guy back.

It just simply wouldn't be Berserk without his amazing, haunting music.

Okay, I'm done.
Posted by Mormegil | Sep 27, 2010 9:08 PM | 3 comments
Mormegil | Oct 4, 2010 7:15 PM
That does make sense. What's more, it's possible that they originally had this planned for Berserk's 20th Anniversary(which was last year around the same time), but weren't able to get it done in time.
Martinman | Oct 3, 2010 2:38 PM
I wonder if some of the work was done a couple years ago, and then they ran into budget problems or something.
Mormegil | Sep 30, 2010 6:54 PM
Huh, so those pictures were definitely real.