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Anime Relations: Oshiete! Galko-chan
I translated Oshiete! Galko-chan Opening theme song's lyrics into English.
The Japanese lyrics are what I transcribed myself.
I carefully did it but they can include some mistakes.
I would appreciate it if you would let me know my mistakes like grammatical mistakes.
I'm glad if it helps you enjoy the anime more.


Japanese Lyrics (Romanized Japanese)
Lyrics translated in English

やばい ぱない もれー あげー 女子女子 (Yabai Panai More Age Joshi Joshi)
Damn, Amazing, Make up, Warm up, Girl Girl

はい、YPMA 女子女子 (Hai YPMA JoshiJoshi)
Here, YPMA Girl Girl

朝からセンセ、話長くない? (Asaka kara sense hanashi nagaku nai)
The teacher is talking too long even though it's in the beginning of school, don't you think so?

でも遅刻せず間に合ったの偉い (Demo chikoku sezu maniatta no erai)
But it's good that you got to school on time

だいたい昨日夜更かってだるいし (Daitai kinou yofukatte darui shi)
In the first place, I stayed up late last night so I feel lazy

つか髪盛るから遅れるんでしょうよ (Tsuka kami moru kara okurerunn deshou yo)
In other words, you are always late for school because you set your hair, right?

見た目で判断しない (Mitame de handan shinai)
Don't judge people by their appearance

人は見かけによらないものね (Hito wa mikake ni yoranai mono ne)
Appearances can be deceptive

今しかできなくなくない (Ima shika dekinaku naku nai)
It's not that we can't it only now

まあ黒歴史にならなきゃいいけど (Maa kurorekishi ni naranakya ii kedo)
Well I hope it won't be an embarrassing point in your life

日がな一日円木警枕 (Higana ichinichi enboku keichin)
Study hard all day

ネイル、割れた、化粧が乗らない (Nail wareta keshou ga noranai)
My manicure split, I can't put on makeup well

いちいちリアクションでかすぎだし (Ichiichi reaction dekasugi dashi)
Each your reaction is exaggerated

つーか マジ なんかやばい 足らない (Tsuuka maji nannka yabai taranai)
Really, damn somehow, not enough

あたしらには時間がないんだ(Atashira niwa jikan ga nainda)
We have no time

教えてあげるガールになって(Oshiete ageru girl ni natte)
We become girls who teach something

楽しむ権利ぐらいあるって(Tanoshimu kenri gurai arutte)
We have rights to enjoy ourselves

大人にも子供はいるって(Otona nimo kodomo wa irunndashi)
Because there are childish people among adults

失敗じゃないよ 青春だよ(Shippai janai yo seishun dayo)
It's not a failure, but a youth

ドキドキしてたいだけなの(Doki doki shitetai dakenano)
We just want to feel excited

もっと遊ぼう じっとできない(Motto asobou jitto dekinai)
Let's play more, we can't wait

ずっと 笑ってたい(Zutto warattetai Yeah)
We want to laugh forever

YPMA 女子女子 (YPMA Joshi Joshi)
YPMA Girl Girl

Translation Note:
The lyrics have a lot of slung expressions.
やばい, ぱない, もれー,あげー, 夜更かる,つか,つーか,マジ are slung.
I think YPMA is short for "Yabai Panai More Age".

円木警枕(Enboku Keichin)
円木 means "log", 警枕is an wooden pillow and used to not sleep deeply.
This is the pillow.

Using a log, which rolls easily makes you awake when you enter a deep sleep, not to waste time to study because of sleeping.
Thus 円木警枕 means "study hard".
The phrase derived from a historical story which Kou Shiba was in ancient china, so, and used a log as a pillow to study hard.

Thank you for reading my translation and visiting my blog!

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Big thanks for the translation!
Really appreciate the effort :)
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