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Jan 8, 2012 5:22 AM

GOOD DAY FALC MEMBERS! This may be too late already but let us greet you a BELATED HAPPPY NEW YEAR, at least. We’re having our very first newsletter to start the New Year. Hoooray~ This will be extra long so we’re hoping you’ll read this until the very end. And now, first things first:

FALC, as the name says, is a MAL club for Filipino anime lovers – pure or half – and for everyone who’s interested to know more about the Filipino culture. Visit once in a while and leave a comment here. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to meet someone in your area who’s pretty much the same as you – one who loves anime. We would really be glad to see the club alive with your comments. Don’t forget to be friendly, ok? Also, in here, you could find different threads that may catch some of your attention. Some of these threads are:

Get To Know (Introductions)
New to the club? Here's the place for you. No need to be formal, just say anything that you think describes you best. Introductions usually go here but the best thing about this thread is that you get to know more about the other members. If you haven't made any introductions yet, better check this out now!

Member Arts Encore
Love to draw? Then share and post your drawings and any artworks in this thread. Don't be shy. Everyone here would love to see your work of art. There are also discussions and exchanges of ideas and opinions here. We expect to see your drawings soon.

Other social networking Sites
Besides MAL, don't you think it's nice to keep in touch with other members in other social networking sites and better, to know more about them? Post your Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN or any account where you want people to add you here. Don't worry, this is totally not compulsory. Feel free to post ONLY the sites you want.

FALC Profile Picture
All discussions about graphics go here - talks about changing the profile picture, organizing a signature contest, making a lay-out, etc. Currently, the topic is about the next profile picture for the club. If anyone's interested in making graphics, we invite you to go here and help us. After the profile picture is done, we're planning to organize a contest on signatures too. Interested to join? Just post.

Get your FALC Badge Here!
This is a new club idea. Click the link and find more about this in the thread.

If you want to show yourself, you could always post your picture here. Plus there's also discussions about conventions and expos, current anime news, fansub of your choice, games, anime diary and many many more. Well, we'll see you at the club. Have a good day FALC Members :D

PS. The underlined titles are linked to the thread. Kindly click them to visit the thread. Thank You~
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