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A short, comical anime adaptation of the psychological-horror manga, Litchi☆Hikari Club. The story is about nine boys who are members of the Hikari Club and their self-made AI robot, Litchi. They are led by their leader Zera and keep a kidnapped girl named Kanon.

TV - Oct 2, 2012
8,853 5.30
The "unorthodox hard surreal gag" comedy centers around the narcissistic (narushi na) Hagito and the masochistic (domazo na) Kei. Together they are "Nar Doma." Hagito is a handsome yet pitiful man with a loli complex. Anytime, anywhere, a mirror is his constant companion. Surrounding him are a host of highly idiosyncratic characters: the diehard masochist Kei, the unnaturally strong yet girlish Totono, the exceedingly stylish working stiff Saitou, and the extraordinarily negative Roku. Even the one normal guy has his own issues. (Source: ANN)

TV - May 17, 2015, 04:50 (JST)
2,269 5.51
The story is about the daily life of a piece of bread named Mimi, and some of her friends and family. Based on Shimamori Natsuko's Shokupan Mimi (White Bread Mimi) 4-panel manga.

TV - Oct 4, 2010, 19:00 (JST)
1,101 5.64
The series of "warm and soothing" anime shorts will follow a cat who is suddenly resurrected from the grave and begins to wander around town. Despite being a zombie, the cat is able to get all the townsfolk to fall in love with it. (Source: ANN)

TV - Oct 2, 2015, 02:05 (JST)
1,009 N/A
The anime is based off an old Japanese story, which in turn was inspired by the classic Chinese novel Suikoden (Water Margin). In the original story, a large band of outlaws are given amnesty by the government to fight foreign forces and rebels. The Tenpou Suidoken version relocates the story to the Chiba Prefecture town of Tonosho, and it revolves around the chivalrous battles of Sasagawa no Shigezou and Iioka Sukegorou. (Source: ANN)

TV - Feb 28, 2013
722 4.95
This is the story of the main character living together with a mysterious mini middle-aged man.

TV - Oct 1, 2012
556 5.88
Anime has as a fairy brown dispenser of some 'of his good fortune to those less fortunate. Unko-san lived on Lucky Island together with her friends, all of them with a different personality and culture.

TV - Mar 18, 2009
480 4.74
Based on the characters created by Study.

TV - Jun 8, 2016, 00:00 (JST)
479 N/A
The series stars a cat with a lack of energy who speaks while lying down, yet has a thorough personality. He thinks various things and has fun watching humans.

TV - May 6, 2017, 06:30 (JST)
474 N/A
CoCO and her sister NiCO are under training to become graceful and elegant cat princesses. They are watched over and trained by the strict but caring Lady Oppenheimer. CoCO and NiCO keeps Lady Oppenheimer quite busy as they try their best to learn the ways of a princess, and have fun with a little mischief along the way. (Source: Japan International Broadcasting)

TV - Apr 8, 2016
437 N/A
Stars Ehime Prefecture's mascot Barysan.

TV - Jul 7, 2015, 02:42 (JST)
414 N/A
The story centers on Matthew, a daydreaming worrywart of a rabbit. Matthew also has two friends: Keron, a pessimistic frog who is fond of good-luck charms; and Ham, a hamster of few words and who moves through life at his own pace. The story follows the three animals' everyday lives within a mysterious forest. (Source: ANN)

TV - Apr 5, 2018, 21:54 (JST)
393 N/A
Dayan the cat came to Wachi Field from the Earth through Snow magic. Wachi Field was originally part of the Earth, but separated by Snow God because of the War between Gods and Titans, which destroyed the land. After the war, the Earth's time flow faster than Wachi Field, which the life is slow with animals and fairies and full of mischief.

TV - Apr 26, 2014, 07:00 (JST)
392 N/A
Shorts based on the Thai mascot, following the life of an assassin rabbit and her younger sister.

TV - Jul 18, 2012
376 6.01
A comedic family of Americans experience life in Japan.

TV - Apr 3, 2015, 02:05 (JST)
357 N/A
Follows twin cats who wish to make others happy and their strange friends.

TV - Jul 25, 2014
351 N/A
The story centers around a cat who answers people's wishes and delivers happiness. ("Tane" and "neko" are the Japanese words for "seed" and "cat," respectively.) (Source: ANN)

TV - Mar 26, 2011
313 N/A
Two girls, based on the real-life models Mim and Mam, received a strange creature that is 70% rabbit and 30% bear.

TV - Dec 24, 2015, 21:55 (JST)
308 N/A
Episodes 13 through 16 of Shokupan Mimi included in the DVD release.

Special - Oct 7, 2011
292 5.46
(No synopsis yet.)

TV - Jul 24, 2017
242 N/A
The autobiographical manga utilizes both drawings and photos of cats to chronicle the life of a woman who lives by herself in order to live with her cats. She is described as a "himono-onna," a Japanese slang word that means "a woman who is proper in public but lazy at home." (Source: ANN)

TV - Aug 2, 2015, 01:55 (JST)
222 N/A
Second season of Dayan the Cat. The titular character and his friends energetically explore Japan. (Source: LiveChart)

TV - Oct 17, 2015, 07:00 (JST)
215 N/A
Animation accompanying a song for Kawaii Cook-san, a mascot created by Homme Temoin. On April 14, 2012, it began broadcast on television.

ONA - Mar 2, 2011
206 4.82
Damen is a coined word combining "Dame (failed)" and "Men". It's a collection of short stories about women's experiences with "Damen (failed men like swindler, liar etc.)".

ONA - Mar 1, 2010
202 N/A
A short anime featuring the zodiac animals with a panda named Taputapu as the main character. Each episode is focuses on having a proverb, moral, or uplifting value.

TV - Apr 2, 2012
196 N/A
A new series following the cat named Tama and his many friends.

TV - Oct 1, 2016, 07:00 (JST)
193 N/A
musicる TV signed up Norasco for their channel. Some of the ONA's episodes were shown and then the episodes became mostly musicる TV exclusive.

TV - May 19, 2014
185 N/A
Third season of Dayan the Cat. The shorts will be "theatrical-style," with a curtain opening on the everyday adventures of Dayan and his friends.

TV - Oct 1, 2016, 07:00 (JST)
183 N/A
The new Nukko. anime is an adolescent school story revolving around Nukko and Nukko's slightly(?) oddball friends. (Source: ANN)

TV - Apr 2, 2012
177 N/A
In an odd dimensional bubble inside the kettle of an Oden food cart exists Oden village. The residents of Oden village spend their idyllic days waiting for customers to come and eat them. In the meantime, Oden-kun helps other troubled dwellers to realize their dreams. One day, he hears that a customer's mother suffers from cancer so he leaves the kettle and after being eaten, faces the cancer cell Gannosuke. Oden-kun's dream is to meet his own mother. Looking forward to this day, Oden-kun spends his days doing one good deed a day. (Source: ANN)

TV - Jan 12, 2013
172 N/A
Follows the life of a girl sea cucumber who lives in an aquarium.

TV - Jan 3, 2015, 08:00 (JST)
165 N/A
On a legendary island shaped like an unusually regular turd, a population of turd-people and insanely aggressive animals go about their hilarity-packed day to day lives. Central character Yoshiko Un is known as Unko-san, but you're unlikely to meet her--the island appears only to the fortunate few, to whom they give good luck. (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)

TV - Jan 10, 2010
161 N/A
Follows an easygoing Scottish Fold's mundane everyday life.

ONA - Oct 11, 2013
157 N/A
Based on a picture book series launched in 2006 about creatures that are neither insects nor plants. (Source: ANN)

TV - Jul 7, 2016, 20:55 (JST)
150 N/A
No synopsis has been added for this series yet. Click here to update this information.

TV - Jul 2, 2011
148 N/A
Focuses on the odd inmates at a bear prison.

ONA - Nov 21, 2011
148 N/A
An unaired episode bundled with the Nar Doma TV series' first DVD.

Special - Nov 13, 2015
139 N/A
The story of a white rabbit and her friends.

ONA - Dec 6, 2012
134 N/A
A short manner movie that aired at 109 Cinemas from November 1 to November 30, 2015 before films.

Movie - Nov 1, 2015
133 N/A
A short video illustrating different stretching postures and movements for skeletal-muscular screening purposes.

Special - Dec 20, 2015
123 N/A
Shorts that focus on a female bear's life.

ONA - Nov 30, 2011
121 N/A
Norasco episodes made for and screened at 109 Cinemas during previews. The films were fully included intermittently on the 4-disc DVD release of Norasco. The first and sixth episode were also posted on the official youtube page at later dates.

Movie - Apr 25, 2014
113 N/A
Five anthropomorphic animal friends bond over their ukulele training.

TV - Dec 7, 2013
103 N/A
A series of collaboration episodes between Chobitto Zukan and JAS.

ONA - Feb 28, 2017
96 N/A
Anthropomorphic peanuts teach dance. Premiered on the Music Launcher's television anime block.

TV - Apr 1, 2012
94 N/A
Norasco movies screen for the 9th Down Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival. 6 episodes of Norasco were scheduled to show with 2 of them being new creations never previously shown before. The first episode is the boys playing old maid and the second episode Kotarou's sister Michelle makes an unannounced visit.

Movie - Sep 17, 2016
93 N/A
Ehime Prefecture's mascot Bary-san travels to different Japanese prefectures. The short skits are meant to feature something local.

TV - Feb 3, 2016
87 N/A
A film encompassing five short stories, presented in an animated 3D method.

Movie - Oct 23, 2010
85 N/A
Norasco episodes released only on 3 of the 4 Norasco DVDs. DVD 1: Tanjoubi-hen. A special included meant to promote the 7th Down Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival. This was the 16th and final episode in the disc. DVD 3: Naiken. Where Kotarou helps get his friend get an apartment. This was the 3rd episode on the DVD. Taxi. Kotarou hangs out with a taxi driver when an old woman gets in. This was the 12th episode on the DVD. DVD 4: Nushi. The boys go fishing. This was the 3rd episode on the DVD. Hiyashi Chuuka. Kotarou visits a noodle shop. This was the 10th episode on the DVD. Kendama. The boys play with a kendama. This was the 13th episode on the DVD.

Special - Dec 10, 2014
77 N/A