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G-angle (5)
A daily eating life happening at a street that seems like Hakata but not Hakata!? Fairy of Mentaiko "Pirikarako-chan" goes around the street to solve (?)!

TV - Jul 7, 2019, 06:15 (JST)
1,550 4.96
An animated commercial for Kao Biore Sarasara Powder Sheets focuses less on a personal hygiene routine, instead opting to tug at viewers' heartstrings. The ad stars three high school friends, one a flutist named Mina and the other a burgeoning photographer named Akane. Mina finds herself getting wistful as the school year is drawing to a close but through the encouragement of her friends (and some well-timed product placement) she's reinvigorated to make the year the best it can be. (Source: ANN)

ONA - May 17, 2019
311 6.04
A short film for Mentholatum, a mentholated balm company founded in 1894 now owned by the Japanese Rohto Pharmaceutical company. The film focuses on spreading warmth and kindness from hand to hand and was specifically released for Labor Thanksgiving Day, a Japanese national holiday that commemorates labor and production and giving one another thanks.

ONA - Nov 23, 2017
139 6.13
An animated commercial for Kyoei Forging Works in Niigata prefecture is turning heads for its stunning visuals. The commercial casts the metal forging workshop and its employees as the makers of an advanced, transforming jet plane. The plane takes off into the vast blue sky to defeat an impending alien invasion. Kyoei Forging Works produces car and motorcycle parts, agricultural machinery parts, construction machinery parts, and other tools for the likes of John Deere, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, and more. The commercial received televised broadcasts two months later. (Source: ANN)

ONA - Aug 3, 2018
91 N/A
Promotional anime for the studio G-angle.

ONA - Apr 19, 2017
43 N/A