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Agent 21 (9)
Leona Ozaki joins Newport City's infamous Tank Police division. With aid of Al and her newly built mini-tank, Bonaparte, she wages war on Buaku and his cohorts, the Puma Sisters. (Source: ANN)

OVA - May 27, 1988
13,036 6.94
When Yuusuke awakens from a nightmare in which a demon warns him that women will be his downfall, he discovers that real life isn’t any better! Having a gynaecologist as a father, the poor boy is under pressure to overcome his irrational fear of women, and feisty twin sisters Yuka and Rika are on hand to give a helping hand. Using any method they can think of to seduce the red-faced boy, the racy competition soon heats up as busty Barako bounces onto the scene with an equal determination to seduce Yuusuke. Which of the horny heroines will win his heart, and more importantly, will he survive a non-stop onslaught of naked breasts, panties and bondage? (Source: anime-planet)

OVA - Feb 23, 1990
7,082 4.96
The Cleopatra Corns Group, aka Cleopatra DC, is a powerful financial conglomerate controlling most of the United States economy, almost as powerful as the US government itself. At the top of the organization is the beautiful, smart and brave Ms. Cleo, the Group's young, talented Chairman. This is good--it means she can handle the repair bill when that airplane crashes into her bedroom. With stolen artifacts, corporate kidnappings, and top-secret cyborg projects gone awry, her luck only gets worse from there. (Source: ANN)

OVA - Apr 28, 1989
2,313 5.88
Muscat Tyler is the 108th prince of the Galaxy Empire and is known as an eccentric person. He travels around the universe accompanying a Walking Arsenal, K.K, and Lu of the Light Wing Race, the strongest creature in the universe. Wherever they go, there is trouble. (Source: ANN)

OVA - Jan 14, 1987
1,431 5.60
The story follows Ling Fei-long, a Chinese transfer student living in Japan. Ling is the son of the leader of the White Dragon clan, one of four clans who live in the mountains of China and are descended from mythical beasts. After killing an ordinary human, Ling is banished to Japan so that he might learn about humanity and how to control his powers around them.

OVA - Mar 20, 1991
1,035 4.63
Based on a manga by Tanimura Hitoshi, serialized in Comic Burger. Teenager Kanemori Kousuke is a secret agent for the international VN spy network. Using his computer hacking skills, he tracks international criminals. Later he goes after Neo-Nazis to the Arctic were they try to raise a U-boat with a sinister secret. (Source: The Anime Encyclopedia)

OVA - Jul 1, 1987
803 5.55
Based on the manga with the same name by Morizono Milk.

OVA - Apr 27, 1990
476 N/A
Based on the manga by Amamiya Jun.

OVA - Aug 14, 1987
419 N/A
Based off a manga by Murakami Takashi that was serialized in Weekly Young Jump. (Source: AniDB)

OVA - Sep 23, 1988
178 N/A