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The shorts tell the story of two twin princesses, Berry and Flora, whose mother died giving birth to them. The two grow up until their father chooses Berry to don the title of "Onaka Hime," or Stomach Princess, who is endowed with the power to heal the kingdom's citizens of illness and make its women beautiful through using BifiX 1000. Flora is disheartened at not being chosen, yet continues her studies. When it seems Berry is yet unable to use the powers of BifiX 1000 to heal a woman who is ill, Flora steals the product to try to do it herself. When Berry finds out what Flora is up to, she takes the product back before Flora has a chance to try to use it. (Source: ANN)

ONA - May 15, 2015
308 5.42


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Fly Fly
A fantasy-like short where 3 humanoids meet a mystical cube in a chamber and develop different ways of flight.

ONA - Feb 22, 2012
186 5.02
A father works hard for the family. Due to being overweight and not fitting on the couch with his wife and daughter he sets out to lose weight.

ONA - Feb 22, 2012
152 N/A
Three men build their dream home from scraps for fun only to have it taken away.

ONA - Feb 17, 2009
148 N/A
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The place is Kyoto, Japan. The bride has a mishap just before the wedding ceremony. Her father and mother get into a panic, her younger sister runs around, and her pet just sits still. This is a story of a family. (Source: Official Youtube channel)

ONA - Oct 10, 2014
147 5.47
A little boy moves away and his friends give him a map. He returns to his childhood town now as an adult reminiscing of fond memories as he digs up a time capsule they left for him.

Music - Feb 8, 2017
116 N/A
Johnsen Kubbe's picture book adaptation. Each story is split into two videos titled "prequel" and "sequel" for a total of 24 episodes.

ONA - Apr 24, 2013
116 N/A
An extended PV promoting the upcoming ONA series of Kubbe Kort Animasjon. Almost no footage in this PV was used in the 24 episode ONA series and remains unique to this PV.

ONA - May 15, 2012
94 N/A