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I was a Ballerina (8)
BD/DVD specials.

Special - Oct 24, 2012
66,307 6.35
Extra episode of Sword Art Offline included in the Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Blu-ray and DVD.

Special - Apr 23, 2014
41,615 6.77
Short specials featuring chibi versions of OreImo characters, included on the first limited editions of the OreImo Season 2 BD/DVD volumes.

Special - Jun 19, 2013
8,265 6.82
Super deformed flash anime shorts. Half were streamed on Bandai’s official youtube page and half were bundled with the DVD/Blu-ray release of the main show.

Special - Jan 29, 2016
4,104 6.12
A parody of the Macross Frontier series where the cast of characters are taken and set in present day Tokyo. Ranka starts her new job as a O.L. (Office Lady) at a game development company (Frontier Software) where and her friend Nanase is working. On the first day she has an eventful run in with the president of the company, Sheryl, and Sheryl's personal assistant Grace. Watch as Ranka learns the ways of a pro O.L. the hard way.

ONA - May 27, 2008
2,593 5.68
A spinoff chibi flash animation style commercials of Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam made specifically to promote the DVD/BD release of the main series.

Special - Dec 17, 2011
1,000 5.92