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"Calpis" Hakkou Monogatari add
A Calpis (Calpico in the US) commissioned short about the history of the company and how their product is made today. A few scenes use live-action footage. The short is animated by Takaharu Shimizu more.
ONA 1 5.21 04-20-18 04-20-18 363 G
"R100" x Mameshiba Original Manners add
A movie theater manners collaboration between Mameshiba and the feature film R100, which was released nationwide in Japan on October 5, 2013. The film is about a salaryman who joins a BDSM club that more.
ONA 1 5.39 09-11-13 09-11-13 297 PG-13
001 add
Short animation by Masaki Okuda.
ONA 1 3.26 02-07-13 02-07-13 7,954 G
009 Re:Cyborg x Zip add
A series of animated shorts done in collaboration with Zip.
ONA 10 5.10 10-15-12 10-26-12 976 G
1/100 Rice Planting add
A 1/100 scale of rice planting in a field done with paper stop-motion.
ONA 1 4.89 06-26-16 06-26-16 554 G
1/100 Shibuya Crossing add
A 1/100 scale of the famous Shibuya scramble crossing done with paper stop-motion.
ONA 1 5.22 06-28-15 06-28-15 535 G
1/100 Train Station add
A 1/100 scale of a train station done with paper stop-motion.
ONA 1 5.27 07-24-17 07-24-17 545 G
100% Pascal-sensei add
ONA 6 5.58 10-15-16 03-15-17 450 G
112 Sabsections of Skyline add
Short film by Takashi Ohashi, depicting birds resting on electrical wires to play out a musical score.
ONA 1 5.43 10-20-07 10-20-07 269 G
15-sai, Kyou kara Dousei Hajimemasu. add
ONA 30 N/A 06-08-18 06-29-18 980 PG-13
3-bu de Wakaru Koizumi Yakumo no Kaidan add
Stories from Patrick Lafcadio Hearn's book Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. The Greek-American author was known as Koizumi Yakumo in Japan and is renowned for collecting and more.
ONA 7 N/A 05-09-14 07-08-15 241 G
3-pun de Wakaru! Kore made no Love Live! add
3-minute special recap of Love Live! School Idol Project.
ONA 1 5.81 04-27-15 04-27-15 1,749 PG-13
3-pun de Wakaru! Kore made no Love Live! Sunshine!! add
3-minute special recap to promote the movie Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow.
ONA 1 6.02 11-18-18 11-18-18 1,420 PG-13
30-pun de Wakaru! Kore made no Love Live! add
Web-exclusive recaps of Love Live! School Idol Project originally released on Lantis' official YouTube channel. Each episode recaps each season respectively.
ONA 2 7.20 04-24-15 05-22-15 8,004 PG-13
30-pun de Wakaru! Kore made no Love Live! Sunshine!! add
Web-exclusive recaps of Love Live! Sunshine!!, originally released on Love Live! Series Official YouTube channel to promote Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow. Each more.
ONA 2 6.15 11-18-18 11-25-18 1,392 PG-13
40 Shuunen Da yo!! CoroCoro All-Star Shougakkou add
Created In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of Coro Coro Comics. The anime brings together many famous Coro Coro Comics characters. It takes place in an elementary school the more.
ONA 2 N/A 07-15-17 11-15-17 473 G
48x61 add
48x61 is a short movie made by the famous director Rintaro (Astro Boy, Metropolis, ...) for the Japanese manga artist and director Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Mushishi, ...). It was produced by Studio more.
ONA 1 5.30 ??-??-02 ??-??-02 1,607 PG-13
6 Angels add
Deep in the deserts of southwestern United States lies "Neo Purgatory." Formerly a nuclear waste disposal site, the facility has been turned into a prison for hardened criminals; that is, until the more.
ONA 6 4.47 11-20-01 07-06-02 2,789 R+
7 Seeds add
Imagine this: you are living a normal day in your life. Maybe you are out with friends, eating your family's home-cooked meal or spending time with your girlfriend. When you next wake up, you are more.
ONA 12 6.52 06-28-19 06-28-19 56,375 R+
7 Seeds 2nd Season add
Second season of 7 Seeds.
ONA 12 7.20 03-26-20 03-26-20 21,620 R+
A Day Before Us add
A Day Before Us is an animated Korean drama of a special and sweet love story of the following four main characters; Yeo Reum, Ha Eun, Kim Wook, and Yeon Woo. (Source: AniDB)
ONA 19 N/A 05-10-18 08-02-19 341 PG-13
A Log Day of Timbre add
A special follow up version of Mizue Mirai's Timbre A-Z.
ONA 1 5.01 02-25-11 02-25-11 449 G
A New Journey add
League of Legends commercial animated by P.A. Works, published on League of Legends YouTube channel.
ONA 1 6.32 01-18-19 01-18-19 1,466 PG-13
A.I.C.O.: Incarnation add
In 2035, an incident known as “The Burst” occurs at a Japanese research facility, giving birth to the rapidly expanding, consuming, and self-replicating "Matter." Snaking its way through the remains more.
ONA 12 6.67 03-09-18 03-09-18 69,331 R
Acerola-chan add
Nichirei Foods' mascot Acerola-chan gets her own web anime.
ONA 3 N/A 07-03-09 08-31-09 233 G
Africa no Salaryman add
The comedy manga follows a lion, toucan, and lizard as they live the lives of office workers in a capitalist society in Japan, while also dealing with their unique situations as animals living more.
ONA 10 5.86 06-05-17 06-30-17 1,358 PG-13
Afureko! AR add
ONA 3 N/A 01-31-12 01-31-12 221 G
Against add
Short animation by Yukie Nakauchi
ONA 1 5.45 04-14-13 04-14-13 327 G
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) add
Some offices have stereotypical dynamics: the chauvinistic pig of a boss who never does any real work; the employees whose goal is to suck up to the boss; the ones whose lives seem perfect; and the more.
ONA 10 7.71 04-20-18 04-20-18 96,871 PG-13
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 2nd Season add
Red panda Retsuko continues to work at her cyclic office job, with the occasional stress-venting via death metal karaoke on the side. With the company of her newfound friends Gori and Washimi, life more.
ONA 10 7.80 06-14-19 06-14-19 52,255 PG-13
Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) 3rd Season add
Third Season of Aggressive Retsuko.
ONA 10 7.97 08-27-20 08-27-20 23,002 PG-13
Aggressive Retsuko: We Wish You a Metal Christmas add
Red panda Retsuko, worked to the bone, unleashes her frustration in the form of death metal. Lately, though, she's found another joy—getting the most likes possible on her Instagram posts. In fact, more.
ONA 1 7.29 12-20-18 12-20-18 29,043 PG-13
Agukaru add
Set in the eastern Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki, Agukaru centers around Sanae Baraki, a farmer’s daughter who can see spirits. Every day she works on her field together with such spirits to more.
ONA 5 5.28 09-17-10 04-01-14 1,336 PG
Agukaru: Play with Ibaraki-hen add
Sanae has now left the countryside to view the tourist wonders of the Ibaraki prefecture. Villains are still after her so her agriculture magic powers still come in hand.
ONA 20 N/A 06-06-14 03-21-15 403 G
Agukaru: Play with Ibaraki-hen Episode 0 add
The first half of the episode recaps the first episode of the first season and the second half is all new animation setting up for the second season as the characters go to cities rather than being more.
ONA 1 N/A 03-28-15 03-28-15 316 G
Ai (ONA) add
Short animation by Rapparu.
ONA 1 2.64 08-10-12 08-10-12 2,616 G
Ai Sky Tree 21 add
Short anime by Rapparu mixing animation with still real life pictures.
ONA 1 4.57 08-30-12 08-30-12 533 G
Ai wa KAT-TUN add
The mobile content developer MTI released a series of mobile phone anime shorts inspired by the all-male musical group KAT-TUN. Animated versions of the singers Kamenashi Kazuya, Taguchi Junnosuke, more.
ONA 5 5.19 01-13-12 01-13-12 2,252 G
Ai Zai Xi Yuan Qian add
Some aliens come to the Earth and one of them, become Babilonia's King, building the Babel Tower in order to come back to his world. But, due to technical failures his spaceship explodes, killing more.
ONA 12 N/A 07-13-19 08-31-19 475 PG-13
Aihime Megohime add
ONA 2 N/A 03-29-19 02-29-20 274 PG-13
Aikatsu on Parade! (ONA) add
"Dream School Grand Prix" to decide the No.1 idol school among five schools representing the Aikatsu world will be held! In this competition where top idols representing each school compete on stage, more.
ONA 6 6.44 03-28-20 07-11-20 705 PG
Aishen Qiaokeli-ing... add
Jiang Hao Yi, a normal, high school student who is extremely scared of getting into trouble suddenly becomes the Harem King of his school and gets confessed to by a bunch of beautiful girls! The more.
ONA 15 7.03 12-02-15 03-16-16 49,932 PG-13
Aishen Qiaokeli-ing...II add
Jiang Hao Yi, a normal, high school student who is extremely scared of getting into trouble, suddenly becomes the Harem King of his school when a bunch of beautiful girls confess to him! more.
ONA 15 7.28 12-21-17 04-05-18 18,773 PG-13
Aishen Qiaokeli-ing: Wanjie Jinian add
Recap episode of the first season of Aishen Qiaokeli-ing posted on the official Tenecent biibili channel.
ONA 1 6.44 03-23-16 03-23-16 1,877 PG-13
Ajimu: Kaigan Monogatari add
Seventeen year old Nakaido Hirosuke is just your average high school student. One morning as he arrives at the train station on his way to school, he catches sight of a beautiful girl, Ajimu Yasuna, more.
ONA 4 6.38 06-15-01 02-24-02 12,435 PG-13
Akame ga Kill!: AkaKill! Gekijou add
Short specials that aired on the official website.
ONA 24 6.58 07-08-14 12-14-14 45,086 PG-13
Akashic Re:cords add
The animated opening for Square Enix and Kadokawa Game’s Akashic Re:cords RPG mobile game which launched for Android and iOS on November 10, 2016. The game had a short lived run and was terminated more.
ONA 1 6.42 10-18-16 10-18-16 1,784 G
Akichi Asobi: Playground add
A boy is always alone, at school, or at home. One day, he finds a sandlot on the way home and thinks of making a ‘town’ of his own. Another boy was watching his play and starts to imitate him.
ONA 1 6.18 12-13-13 12-13-13 792 G
Akita Kenritsu Iburi Gakkou Chuutou-bu: Web-ban Omake add
A tourism promotional anime for the Akita prefecture. Highlighting Akita cuisine, actors, landmarks, etc. through the banter of two high school friends who are a red oni and an akita (dog breed). more.
ONA 27 N/A 03-13-17 12-30-17 168 G
Akuma no Memumemu-chan add
The gag manga depicts the everyday life of the demon Memumemu-chan, who appears before the high school student Hyouta one day. She's come to seduce men and steal their souls, however, has neither more.
ONA 1 5.69 01-23-18 01-23-18 2,564 PG-13