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I start lot's of series and don't finish them...even I drop series it doesn't mean I wouldn't watch them later---like in months/years...They only need better time in somewhere else than now.

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Anakin1981 | 07-30-13, 10:08 AM
Age is just a number so it doesn't matter! What matters is how you feel and having a great life! ;)

Anakin1981 | 07-30-13, 4:21 AM
Happy birthday and I wish you all the best!

Anakin1981 | 10-11-12, 3:04 AM
Thank you my friend! A wish is never too late! :)

Loxaris | 07-30-12, 9:11 PM
Happy birthday! =D

Anakin1981 | 07-30-12, 11:31 AM
Happy birthday!

Loxaris | 01-14-12, 2:07 PM
You drew a picture for me? <3
I understand about being busy, I have been so much these past weeks (and still am).
Did I tell you I'm going to study in a university in Tokyo in March? So I'm busy with all the procedures related to it.

Loxaris | 12-31-11, 5:07 PM

Loxaris | 12-25-11, 2:21 PM

Anakin1981 | 09-24-11, 11:12 AM
City Hunter is a great show! I love Ryo and the good mix in action, police story and comedy that they do in the series. Very nice music and excellent graphics in that classic anime! I wonder how could I leave it for so much time in my hard drive... I enjoy it as much as I liked watching Cobra which is another favourite of mine!

Loxaris | 09-18-11, 2:58 PM
Gah sorry for not writing you back in all this time! ><
So Tiger & Bunny's ended... what are your feelings?
I'm so looking forward to the second series now.

And gimme your Twitter so I can send you my flailing T&B comments more easily!!

P.S.: did you make fried rice? =D

Loxaris | 08-02-11, 5:49 AM
You're most welcome! And the episode they aired on your birthday was good too, so all the better!

When they were saying Kaede had the Hundred Power I was like "Wat?! That can't be! Please don't do stupid things and disappoint me like this" but then it turned out she has the power to copy other NEXT's powers, great! Hundred Power remains my favourite NEXT power though - I LOVE it (even if the super-healing thing was borderline, and the super-hearing one was quite off and just too convenient).

Kriem's an interesting character indeed. =3 In the end, everyone's theory was right: Jake didn't kill Barnaby's parents, Maverick did. No really, I don't know, it could be him but also somebody else, so we'll just have to wait and see. Anyway I really enjoyed seeing that in the anime they go by the same evidence as the fans to prove that Jake isn't the murderer: no tattoo on his hand - in the fandom everyone was saying that since the first arc lol.
And since Jake isn't the murderer it was obvious that Bunny is having memory issues - I think this is the right hypothesis, someone fooling him back then just seems too complicated and foward-planned (and it's true that the person in the best position to do something about that would be Maverick, hmmm). Now the problem is why, and how he will deal with it - he seems to be a bit immature, and not really able to deal with the whole thing very well (he even said he's thinking of quitting as a hero, oh my).

" "I'm quitting!" "NO WAY! I'M HERE TO QUIT SO YOU CAN BE HERE!" can't wait if they have this kind of discussion in next episode *giggle* "
LOL! Yeah, that'd be crackish. XD But I actually don't wish for either of them to quit, sigh.

Drop in animation? Could be, but I was too distracted by this one scene, so I didn't pay much attention to anything else. |D;

Also, the one where Barnaby seems about to cry awww. <3 I'm a sucker for this kind of things.
But in any case, I'm buying the Blu-rays (for the woe of my bleeding wallet) so everything's ok for me - I'll surely get good animation in those at least!

You met someone who took part in the making of T&B?! OMG I'm so envious! ;__; It's such a pity you couldn't hear more about it from him. =( Or get a sketch -that'd be real happiness!- ...but you got to ask him a question at least, and get a signature which is great! ^^ (he doesn't have a MAL page though)

Haha, I currently don't have any real figures. But I admit some of them look really nice.
Yeah, 'course I know about it, and I also think the anthology I couldn't get is actually that one - uhm, I see it's available again, I think I'll try to add it to my order...

I'm pretty looking forward to next episode, the series's getting very good again for me at this point! We've already seen Kotetsu, now I'm anticipating to see Barnaby struggle a little again, hihi (poor thing, I shouldn't enjoy seeing him suffer like this, I feel a bit bad).

Loxaris | 07-30-11, 3:51 PM
First and most important thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Isn't it awesome that you get a new Tiger & Bunny episode as a present for your 23rd year? <3 (even though the subs won't come out before tomorrow, but it still airs on your birthday)

Argh, such a long time for me as well. D= I totally didn't realize, I've been so busy! Gomen gomen.

Lol yeah, many people are saying that Maverick's actually the big bad of the series, and that could totally be. But I'm not the kind to take position on these things, so I'll just say that we'll see.

Oh yes, I felt SO bad after episode 16. They completely crushed Kotetsu; his dreams, his hopes, his hero, everything torn to pieces. It makes sense and is very interesting, but on the other hand I've been loving Kotetsu very much, and watching him struggling through all of this was unforgivable. He's the kindest guy ever, he didn't deserve any of that. I mean, he already lives far away from a daughter that he obviously loves very much, his wife's dead, and until a short time ago he even didn't have any recognition for all the hard work he had done as a hero, with everyone else always making a fool out of him even though it's no piece of cake to do that kind of job, and he actually takes pretty high risks to do what he does. Why also hitting him so hard psychologically by making his powers disappear and Legend, well, like that?
Anyway, whining aside, the show's good, so can't really complain all that much (but still...)

In episode 17 he seemed to come to deal with the loss of his power pretty well and he decided to quit being a hero on his own, so I can't really say anything about it. If it was someone else to decide for him then I'd probably be enraged and extremely frustrated, but since it's his own decision... They won't allow him to though, or so I think. I bet in tonight's episode something will happen that will require him to continue being a hero at least for some time - like the return of Ouroboros or something. Which is fine, in addition to comedy this anime is good at dark plot twists too, and besides, I love my Wild Tiger+Barnaby conbi dearly. <3

Wow those figures sure look nice! I'm not a figures collector, on the contrary I've been trying to not get involved in this side of the fandom 'cause I know that would be bankruptcy for me if I do, but this time it was really hard to let those two awesome-looking hero figures pass. I'm getting the Limited Edition Blu-rays and the two Official Books though (and even this silly book cover that I couldn't resist buying XD) - damn, I also want the anthology and that limited edition book with original drawings that I couldn't get! ><

The raw for today's episode's already out, now we just need to countdown for the subs...

Loxaris | 07-10-11, 6:23 AM

Loxaris | 07-09-11, 4:11 AM
Me, what I like the most about Kotetsu is his attitude. That's what drives me toward characters most of the time. That's why I'm really hoping I won't get disappointed in this new arc - I grew pretty fond of him in the first 13 episodes. I'm also quite fond of the fact that he's older than your average main character (as I wrote in one of the thread here on MAL, I really hope he turns out to really be in his late 30s instead of early 30s).
I've got a sort of similar cloth to what Barnaby has (but mine's green instead of red) so I was a bit 'woh-oh' the first time I saw that. XD

The previews in this anime are the best. It's so much fun to hear them every time, they reveal such cute/contrasting things about themselves~ >3♥ Five pairs of glasses (wtf LOL)... Drinking milk before going to sleep... Putting mayonnaise everywhere... Kotetsu's problems with English while Barnaby is all like '(mellow voice) yeah baby, see ya next time *wink*'... X'D

Same here same here! When Jake appeared I was all the time like OMG WHAT HAPPENS NEXT I WANT TO KNOW NOOWWWWW, which means I got pretty hooked by the anime, which is very good. And those other episodes that you say...<3 I loved the scene at Barnaby's apartment in the episode with the three kidnapper girls, and more Pao-Lin sceentime was nice. And the one on Barnaby's birthday oh my~ Lol.
Tiger offering the criminal (with the diamond still dangling from his neck) to Barnaby and him mistaking the action as if Tiger had taken him seriously when he said he wanted the diamond as a present, when Kotetsu was actually giving him the criminal to arrest so that he would get more points XD (and Bunny was even so tsundere-happy about it kyaa~). Such good fanservice we had back then, I want more of this! [I don't know I think I watched too many times the Peacock video, but I just had this scene popping into my head - Kotetsu and Barnaby going out for some reason and buying ice-cream, but Barnaby would spend his time complaining too much instead of eating so his ice-cream would melt and dirt him, so Kotetsu would help him clean himself like the good old fatherly man he is, and then of course Bunny would go tsun over him saying he's not a child and he can perfectly do things like this on his own, blushing a little from the embarrassment. *drolls* So fanservicy... (I'm horrible XD)]

I understand what you say about your work, it's the same for me. That's why I'm happy that the T&B Community isn't as active as the Hetalia one, I couldn't keep up with it at the time and I wouldn't be able now either. But growing of maximum 10 posts a day like the T&B Comm does is ok. Pixiv, I only search by tags or look at the galleries of people I know. It grows too fast. |D; Zerochan's also very good for this - most of, if not all, the pictures come from Pixiv anyway.

I actually love those things about the names. Names are very important, in the Japanese culture especially, so I'm fond of that - and Bunny saying 'Kotetsu-san' was aaaawwwwww. On the other hand I'm not very fond of the reaction it produced on Pixiv - what's with all the unbealievably lovey-dovey pictures? And wedding pictures? With one of them always being in a dress? They're two men, at least make them both wear tuxedos! D=

Lol you like genderbending? ^^ I don't have many of them but I like this one (fem!Barnaby ♥ + male!Karina & male!Pao-Lin).
One of the tags I look up the most is T&Bヒーロースーツ. Yes, I'm a sucker for Kotetsu's and Barnaby's suits (and undersuits actually).

Maybe GL just isn't your thing, I don't know. Aside from it being GL or not, what kind of shows do you like? 'Cause if romance (for example) isn't your thing, then I doubt that you'll ever find any GL enjoyable.

My Twitter? What? How? I tried to look for you but couldn't find you, you don't have an account there? It's not fair that you get to be the only one stalking me, I want to stalk you too~ |D

Soon it will be the new episode~~~~~

P.S.: talking about names... Aww this is too cute~! (Bunny looping that one scene... |D)

Loxaris | 07-04-11, 3:56 PM
Lol Lunatic with the teacup! X'D And lol at Agnes scolding Kotetsu (yet again). XD why did you skip the pairing part... =( I want to know the answer! Oh my episode 3! Yes, YES, YES!! That's my favourite episode so far as well! =D Let's fangirl talk about that! *eye sparkle*
And how could we forget:
Barnaby: Ne senpai, what's that?
Kotetsu: That's...a building.
Barnaby: Then...what's that?
Kotetsu: That's also a building. Also, the thing next to it is a building, and the thing in front of it is also a building. Well, actually all the building-like structures you can see here are buildings.

ROFLOL Kotetsu, why so dorkawesome~ ♥♥♥

Then there's the bomb part. Oh how I love this episode - good action+good comedy (lame jokes are my favourites XD), yes yes yes!! This makes me so happy! (I want more episodes like this one ;-;)

And finally the moment that made all the fangirls explode in squees of joy: top or bottom? Yeah, that's the dilemma... (THIS is the right way to do things Sunrise, this. You were doing it so well back then, why now... T-T)

" 10 was perfect honeymoon vacation for those two *giggle* ("Let's arrest that guy!" "Yes darling!") "
LOL! Did you see some of the pictures on Pixiv about this? They're hilarious! XD (even though kinda creepy sometimes, with Bunny going all "darling~ / honey~ / sweetheart~" at the end *sweatdrop*)

" I hope Barnaby's attitude would change once again..He----he----he---smiles a lot, that's scary. I liked when he grinned mysteriously "
Yes! This! Definitely this! While watching this anime I was like "oh man, Sunrise surely knows how to please its female audience - most producers/editors/mangaka have been learning really well recently" but now I'm starting to think that they actually didn't understand a thing! D= This is not a shounen-ai, it shouldn't give any more than veiled hints and fanservice - and most of all, the characters should be denial-ish! That's what makes the imagination of the fangirls go wild! I wanted to give this anime a 10, or at least a 9, I hope they're not going to screw it up twisting it in some sort of romance story. =| It's supposed to be an action/comedy/super powers genre, which is what I'm liking the most in it; please don't do stupid things Sunrise. ;_;

" he isn't interesting or I haven't seen anything special about him (hyrr, cold....I can feel someone is watching my back and glaring me very very badly now when saying that) "
Hahahahaha yeah, someone would most likely have murderer feelings for you when reading this sentence. XD The fandom seems to love Sky High dearly. To me, he is ok. He's not my favourite character (that would be Kotetsu <3), but I don't dislike him either.
Actually, I like Karina as well. And her attitude in the last episode made much more sense to me than Barnaby's (if Karina is a Kotetsu fangirl, then Bunny-chan is most definitely Kotetsu's fanboy). I do like her having feelings for Kotetsu. I mean, I don't support the couple, nor I think that Kotetsu will ever reciprocate her feelings (he doesn't see her as a possible love interest in my opinion), but the whole thing is kinda cute. It's really nice to think that while every other person would probably have fallen for Barnaby, she doesn't like him that much and holds special feelings for Kotetsu (who gives off the feeling of not being very popular) instead.

Yes, I do like GL. My favourite title so far would be Kannazuki no Miko (so~ much~ angst~), and Straberry Panic wasn't bad either, but I see you already have them both in your dropped list so uhm. |D; Unfortunately, I'd need someone to recommend me some titles as well as I can't spot a lot of them, therefore I don't think I'd be able to suggest you anything.

" You know, curiosity will kill you sometime *evil grin* "
I was drinking, and I spilled my water when I read this (because of laughter). XD True story.
Hehe you know, this might be more true than you could think. But I'll try to be careful (lol).
About the 'gender on the Internet' sentence, I agree with you - it's not important, and I find it funny/interesting to see what other people would guess my gender is.

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