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06-30-14, 11:34 AM
October 25, 1981
Thessaloniki, Greece
March 21, 2010
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11-18-11, 1:57 PM
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11-18-11, 1:36 PM

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MeIsAnOreo | 09-13-14, 9:24 AM
I love your Dragon Ball Z review. I totally agree with it.

xlactyu | 09-12-14, 11:23 AM
your reviews are kind of too harsh -.- just saying

Chuunichan | 09-02-14, 1:55 AM

Vexper | 08-29-14, 2:59 PM
Your reviews are largely enjoyable to read and definitely don't deserve the flak they get. However, it seems that in a lot of them I find that you're saying the same things over and over, now this could be taken as a reflection of yourself or in industry trends. That's a matter of opinion.

To quote the first line of your Bleach review, "Rant mode on."
Do you not think this carries across most of your reviews? :D

mareczek65 | 08-28-14, 3:35 PM
how could you drop so good anime? you dont deserve to be anime watcher.

zetsu_shoren | 08-26-14, 10:23 AM
Your CASSHERN Sins review has a typo in your "recommendations" part at the last:

Seikano should be Saikano. It could serve to be very misleading for those who are already misled in their lives.

_Ledo_ | 08-23-14, 1:26 AM
How was FMAB to you? I thought it was one o the greatest.

Raptor1221 | 08-12-14, 11:20 PM
RIP RORICON FAN 1983-2014 Mal shall be still a cesspool of plebeian tastes without him

Lindle | 08-09-14, 12:55 PM
>1813 completed anime

ravengal101 | 07-29-14, 1:41 PM
Lmfao! I love your Air review.

Matas | 07-25-14, 11:50 AM
greek salami

animeiswild | 07-20-14, 1:31 AM
Sorry for the extremely delayed reply, but I looked at my review again of Fairy Tail and I must admit it doesn't sound as sophisticated or more plot focused than I would have liked it to be if I were to write it again. However, in saying so, because I did not heavily refer to the plot, I'm not too sure what you were pointing to as "factual errors" when in fact, I haven't even provided many facts at all!

LoioDG | 07-18-14, 10:59 PM
idk man people come here to complain and "blablablabla why u hate my generic bad taste and dont talk also the good of it" but then lets be frank, I dont remember seeing someone here in this website with a great critique capacity as this guy so basically all the hate he gets seems invalid for me.

(Also the people base on this website is terrible holy shit)

AnimeHonor | 07-17-14, 2:14 PM
Fucking casuals, they always buy anime with boobshots. Now they don't make good characters anymore because all you need to do is put a good rack on it and people will be happy. Give it a nice jiggle now and then and sales will appear out of nowhere

AnimeHonor | 07-16-14, 3:55 PM
Akame ga Kill is a good show because they let you see your waifus boobs

how dare u complain

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