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05-27-15, 8:12 PM
March 4, 1994
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 6, 2008
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Time (Days) 14.3
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Time (Days) 16.9
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About potatotomato
About me? Hmm, well, you'll never really know unless you meet me.
I'm obviously on here because I love manga and anime, but mainly to keep track. Normally I'm pretty calm, but when i'm with my friends, it's wayy different :]

Sooo... if any of you guys have any good manga/anime to suggest, please tell me!! (I'm pretty much bored all the time, unless I have manga or anime to keep me busy ^^)

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Blah Blah
01-11-08, 3:47 PM

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magentaanbu | 12-31-09, 1:38 PM

magentaanbu | 12-25-09, 3:26 PM

MadManBG | 09-28-08, 8:24 AM
Yup. I just joined. I finally set up my anime stuff took forever -.-;; but im up n running now. How are you?=D

MadManBG | 09-27-08, 12:02 PM
Lol nice display pic.
oh and hi ^^; i just set up my page n searched for random peoples.

suki-ai | 09-10-08, 11:32 AM
i just read rizelmine manga and it's great!
just wanted to tell it to someone, since i just finished it ^^'

magentaanbu | 07-14-08, 10:39 AM
I'm doing ok :D having loads of fun doing nothing. xD and I thought I would be watching a lot more anime this summer... last summer by this time I had already completed like 8 series. Right now I only finished the ones I was following that were 13(aprox.) episodes long cause most of them have been subbed and completed and 1 whole anime.

: / never felt guilty about not waatching anime ^^;

Lol! So what are you summer reading? is it interesting at least?

magentaanbu | 07-12-08, 2:00 PM
hi! ^_^
its been a while, how u been? :3

magentaanbu | 06-23-08, 6:40 PM
^__^ So whats new?
I'm so bored I started knitting a muffler thingy... its purpule <3

magentaanbu | 06-21-08, 8:18 PM
Uwaaa! Your new profile pic is cute!!! L-chan and Light-chan! x3

Monomi | 06-21-08, 1:18 PM
Seriously? I really liked the manga, although I never watched the anime.
Ahaha~ It's L!

magentaanbu | 06-20-08, 10:14 AM
Nawww, its not sad when its a nice pic... :3 I used to have this pic with two characters and allthe time I had comments saying WHERE ARE THEY FROM?!
(and I didn't know of course lol) but I was happy it grabed so much attention, that meant it was nice! So it was painfull for me to change it... it stayed there for 4 months or so... XD

magentaanbu | 06-20-08, 8:56 AM
lol, so your one of mine eh? You leave the same profile pic for 3-4 months? XD

magentaanbu | 06-20-08, 7:07 AM
Wow, your profile pic could be a Shugo Chara!!! o.o; I thought it was for a moment. Its cute XD

(Shugo Chara are little things in an anime by the way haha)

Monomi | 06-19-08, 6:55 PM
O_O NOOO! I can't believe you lost it!! jk lol I already have 4 songs: 小乌龟, 彩虹的微笑, 北极星的眼泪, 黄昏晓.
Although for 小乌龟, now that I know the point of the lyrics, it makes a heck of a lot more sense now. o_O Before I was like: Why a turtle??!!
And the one I really wanted was 就微笑了. Ooh that and I Do.
Yea, Lynn's going. So yeah you can get a ride with her.

Monomi | 06-19-08, 12:03 PM
Yea! I have a coupon, although you need a borders rewards card for it i think. And I might, although I don't know whether it's on the way. Why don't you ask eddie?

And nope to the book and the soundtrack?

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