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04-29-14, 8:21 PM
Jacksonville, North Carolina
June 1, 2011
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~Dani ~ 21~ Female~eating healthy, watching anime, Tumblin, going to the gym, reading manga, repeat.
First off, I am not interested in ordinary people. But if you are an alien, time-traveler or esper, please come see me. That is all.

When I rate the anime i have watched I am pretty slack with it. I tend to be pretty open minded and not look too deep into the anime. The anime has to have some sort of romance even if its some horror psychological mess to keep my interest most of the time. I never remember the names of the characters because I don't often re-watch series or think too much (obsess) over them. This is a good thing for variety but a bad thing since I have watched a ton of anime but can't really join in any discussions about them -.-'. So I will use this website mostly to read other peoples reviews on anime and to simply keep track of what I watch and plan to watch.

So basically don't take my ratings to heart. <3

However I am so open to hearing other people suggestions if you seem to have similar interests as I do, or even just have a recommendation.

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404UserNotFound | 11-03-13, 2:38 PM
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