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eternalx | 07-25-14, 1:40 PM
ok so let me continue.

well I really don't know how much you will like school here (by here I mean in europe), but it's pretty neat in my opinion, sure it does have it's ups and downs but i really met extremely professional people in college. sure I had to learn a lot, work a lot, but I don't regret it. sadly though I don't know shit about poland's educational system, but it can't be all that different.
well you are lucky that no one can tell your age xD sadly enough it's the same in my case, though in reverse, people assume that I'm in my thirties :/ even though I'm only 22. oh well, got used to it. it's just annoying at times since most people say that my girlfriend looks like she would be 18 even though she is 25. it's just that in my head a 30 years old dude with an 18 years old girl doesn't really look good -.-

sigh as for anime I've started to watch : strike the blood, doesn't seem to be anything special but meh, when I'm bored and aren't watching doctor who I'll watch it :P nothing special apparently it will grow into a harem anime, I sure as hell hope they won't overdo it with that theme -.- even though I really haven't been active with animes lately I still somehow reject the animes with overwhelming harem theme. oh well anyway, I mean to say that it looks promising and that i hope that they won't screw it up.

oh god kids and parents. i still can't stand kids, god I hate them. but lately I really grew to hate parents too. my fucking god, just yesterday for example, I went to my apartment and as I opened the entrance door I hit a stupid kid with the door (who stood behind it). that ridiculously stupid mother of hers started to yell at me like it was my fucking fault that she let her child stand behind a fucking door while she carelessly read the fucking ads from some paper. I really wanted to hit that bitch, god I really wanted to hit her. I mean seriously she makes such a fucking scene and it wasn't even my fault that she didn't watch her kid. how was I supposed to know that that kid was behind the door? I don't know maybe if I had some psychic powers or something.
fucking doors are meant to be opened that means that no person should fucking stay behind them -.- isn't that just something basic that every human should understand?

umm yea sure, the thing is that I don't have a facebook, it's just a thing of mine, I just don't join any social networks. and especially don't comment on pictures and shit, there is the phone and real life to talk to my friends. aaanyway, if you want i could give you my skype id or mail address, or whatever. the thing is that I myself am kinda busy and god will I be when I will start moving (though I don't have that many things to carry anyway) it's just that... you know, there will be the new environment, new people, new language (ok not that new language, but still) you get the idea. I will be busy but it still would be a pity to completely lose contact with you, I really think that you are a nice person.

eternalx | 07-25-14, 4:47 AM
oh well if he really made you feel bad then it's good for you that you broke it off.
moving to poland? awesome, I'm happy for you. if you really didn't want to stay there anymore and you had this chance why the fuck wouldn't you take that chance? I hope that you will fit in eventually :D
I myself and moving to england in a while, got myself a nifty little workplace over there. I already talked to my future boss, some of my future colleagues are my friends who moved there also, minimum wage but I really don't mind. in romanian money I will earn a small fortune in a month. fucking romania... with its fucking money and salaries. anyway I will continue this sometimes later, I really gotta go right now.

eternalx | 05-02-14, 11:43 AM
wowow. sorry for this humongous delay. truth is i was just extremely busy, school, work, gf, family, it all just added up so much, i didn't really find time for messaging or anime.
first of all, I hope you are all right.
now regarding about the music that you can find in romania. there really isn't much that's really good. though i can assure you that there are quite a few good bands around here. mostly though... romanian music sucks.
anyway, here is my cousin this song is a modern christmas song from romania. you can check her channel for more songs.
and now some good romanian bands. there is this band called taxi, they are just awesome, wonderful thoughtful lyrics and good music all in all. . this band is probably my favorite romanian band. they've got happier, sadder, or just funny songs.
then there is holograf, their new songs (since about 2009-2010?) just suck in my personal opinion. but their older songs are quite nice.
if you think i can give you more links to more bands later on.
anyway, there is this type of music in romania, that you won't find anywhere else in the world... just horrible in my humble opinion. the genre is called manele, simply horrible, it's some kind of mix of turkish and traditional romanian music with pop and... oh god why... i'll leave you a link but you will watch and listen to this at your own risk. I do not know the song, i just typed in youtube's search field the name of a famous "singer" of this genre. and yes you guess right. his stage name is in fact salami.... pretty much all these "singers" have such names.

so anyway. enough with the music part. how are you? how is school? your sisters son still giving you trouble? have you been watching any animes lately? how about mapple story? still playing it? oh man it's been so long, I'm really sorry for such a long absence. so much has happened it's just crazy. hope to hear about you soon.

eternalx | 07-28-13, 1:17 PM
yea... I fuckin fell in love with her songs. pity is that I can't understand most of what she says in her songs, maybe if I look for the translated lyrics. oh how I'd love to know how to speak and write in japanese. it would open a completely unknown part of the internet for me. I tried it with google translate... so much of the internet that I don't know of, and I'm sure there are so many interesting people with whom I could talk to if I only knew how to speak in that language, sigh... one day... one day for sure.
check this out sounds good to me.

you have no idea how lazy I am to delete songs from my phone. I don't even know how many songs I have, but I'm running low on memory since if I like something I just usually upload it to my phone and listen to it when I don't have anything better to do. well anyway in 4 years I managed to upload 2 gbs of music on my memory card, maybe it's time to upgrade to some memory card with more space. but meh I'm too lazy for that too, dear god to transfer everything? oh no, no way. I'm way too lazy for that, can you just imagine how much time that would take?

but can't you just transfer to some other college? ofc this would imply going to a different city over here but nonetheless it's possible to transfer over here in you second year I think.

but yea, I can feel you. I am so incredibly tired of peoples bullshit. I am so fed up with idiots, assholes, I just don't want it anymore. that's why I think that this will be last year of college, I can't take it anymore, not only that it's hard but there are so many assholes in my class it's amazing. but well what would you expect in agricultural egineering? I believe that you guys have an expression for these people, rednecks. not all of them, but more than 50%
and I can agree with you, without a credits it's hard. but not impossible. I mean here am I with my family for example, it's hard but not impossible, I can proudly say that my family never got a credit and most probably won't only if it will be extremely necessary. I'm used to do things myself and not spend money on things that I can do, like others do.
wow 1k followers? that's great to hear, I would say that's it's going pretty well. next milestone 5k followers :D
well I can imagine that being hard... I wouldn't do it xD
oh btw my cousin will be on x factor romania. way to fuck up the already fucked up romanian music x factor. thx
oh sweetheart, that's why I don't really take pictures or get my picture taken.. I just don't have fucking idea of what am I supposed to do in front of the camera, worst case scenario I start sweating like hell, it happened only once but it still happened.

eternalx | 07-16-13, 12:02 PM
oh that ended once I got back to my hometown. now I'm just working on my apartment a little, actually I'm working on getting the comunist painting down from the walls. it just won't let go, maybe they were bad but one thing is for certain: they made things fucking last. it's true that the color isn't the best but it's incredibly hard to get it down from the walls. soo after I'm done with that I... I really don't know what I'll do next, I won't paint it that's for sure. maybe I'll get some new frikkin windows, if I'll have that kind of money by then. I started doing this since well I didn't really had the money to buy all those other necessary things and it has to be done anyway. sigh but truth to be told I'm really really in no mood to look for a job, most probably because that I won't find any, or if I'll find it'll just be some very hard and low paying job. so yea point is I just don't even want to get started on it.

but yea, I really don't like the overly big cities either, so you're not alone there. and well drivers are pretty stupid anywhere, not just in new york. or at least that's what I think. that's the case here in romania, god we have such awful drivers. add to that the awful state of the roads and bam there you have a lot of accidents.

nah that's just bullshit. especially if you have to pay that much for college over there. I had such a talk recently. but mostly about high school, not college. here we don't have that many colleges, and that many people graduating which if you ask me it's just fucking normal. it's supposed to be superior learning and it was meant for the elites but sadly the trend from the usa is taking over here too. more and more colleges, more and more people that have no idea what they are doing but they have diplomas.
but anyway back to my point, over here you have to take an exam when you graduate from high school, based on the results from that exam you can further go to college (you can't without it) or you can choose to just start working. but anyway that exam even though it's important for both college and your future job doesn't mean that you are smart, especially not in the form that we have it -.- it shows but one thing. that you are willing to work hard to get something, and that's all that it means in my opinion. anyway that's how I'd understand it if I were someone who owns a company.

oh you have no idea how tired I am of that bullshit, I don't know if you knew this but people here are mostly extremely religious, stupidly religious even. they have no idea what christianity is but they are religious nuts. I hate those kind of people so very much you can't imagine, if you ask me oxigen is wasted on such people. fucking idiots blinded by their own foolishness who can't open their mind a little, who can't see things how they are, they just see god in everything.

oh well that sucks. animecrazy was a site for anime streams, right? there are lots of them. but what I use most is either anilinkz or animeseed. both of them work pretty good for me.
anyway I just found today a really awesome japanese singer. her name is yui, I found a few really great songs. here is the live concert that I've listened to today not all of them are great but there are some really great sounding songs there.
oh and also suneohair, at least slow waltz and sakasama bridge. oh and nico touches the walls, oh god so many awesome japanese bands. I have also listened to some girl bands but I can't remember their name now, maybe some other time.

eternalx | 06-03-13, 1:56 PM
sorry for the long delay, busy with exams over here, then some extra work and the girl... dear god my life suddenly became very very busy. aaanyway, sorry for the long absence.

can you do only 2 over there? what's the difference over there? over here you need to stay at least 3 years at college, and well 4 years for more complex fields like engineering. after this I'd have to take another 2 years for my masters and after that I could get my doctor's degree in another... 3 years I think. that's fucking 7 years (or perhaps 8, not sure about how much time is necessary for doctor's). but to tell the truth I'm not even sure I'll stay for my masters. it's just fucking no use, there are almost no jobs, it would require a whole shitload of money, I can be an engineer without a master's.
well that's great. everyone deserves vacation once in a while. I can feel my brain dying from all the stress that I'm put through every day. I just don't have enough time to manage everything. 24h is not enough.

meh I todl you that I really really have no idea about fashion, but not all women dress like that. well they don't dress like you either. oh god suddenly my mind went blank when I tried to remember what they wear. anyway it's more like the pictures that you've sent first. sadly they don't wear dresses. the very big majority wear pants. man I love seeing a woman in dress... I really don't know... maybe you could call it a fetish of mine. I just think that women look a lot better in dresses. sadly enough for me close to none wear dresses, except for the religious fanatics -.- those girls are always in dresses. I don't even know to what religion they belong but they always disturb me, whether I'm at college or at home they always want to talk about our "lord and saviour jesus christ". but anyway back to the subject it's not that strange except those floral pants... don't get me wrong but that's just weird. but anyway as I already said a few times, I'm really no good with fashion.
no, I believe that I already said it but I'm really not that kind of person, I prefer bars or terraces where I can be with close friends, talk, and most importantly understand the other person. because frankly in clubs you can't really do that. I'm neither a drunkard, actually the last time I got really drunk was years ago when I was in my senior year of high school. but I do enjoy some alchoolic drinks, it's just that I don't drink in excess. nothing better than ice cold beer in hot summer and nothing better than a good white wine when you're eating. though most girls like red whine better for some unknown reason to me.

wait what? she is working for her boyfriends ex girlfriend? woot? xD what the hell never hear of anything like this, you can call it at least weird.
yea well I kinda got myself a part time job. I don't even know if it qualifies since it's not that I'm working for someone, I just fix computers and put together new systems. I did this anyway but now suddenly more people are coming to me with such problems and hey it's paying so what the hell. but sadly I'm quite sure that it won't last xD anyway it's been going on for a few weeks now, and I get at least one computer to fix/tweak/or build every day so it's pretty good for the moment.
and anyway even at this rate I managed to start dragon ball kai.since I liked dragon ball when I was little. and I remember that I never really got through with it since the tv channel didn't air it after the ep when trunks arrived, but I started watching it now. and it's pretty good. maybe I'll finish it by the time the next school year will start xD oh god my senior year. gotta pass them exams first xD

eternalx | 05-18-13, 9:36 AM
yea not a problem. I figured it out that you were busy with other stuff.

well who the hell cares what you do for the money as long as it's not illegal. hell I'd love to take such a job... I can't imagine it being that hard.
but wasn't his mom staying with them? well that's what I thought. anyway having so many things were they live.. wow must be some pretty damn rich family.
meh I haven't really watched much anime either. don't really have the time sadly. meh actually it's not like I can find anything that would make me stick to the monitor to watch it either. such animes come out once a year or once every 2 years. sadly. I finished zetuen no tempest and I started shinsekai yori but can't get myself to finish it... it's not that the the main gal was very bright till ep≈10 but she went full retard in that episode and I really can't take that.
lol I don't know if I'd do something like that but don't worry we have some very shitty drivers over here too. it's not like I'm anything special but at least I drive according to the fucking signs.
things are pretty good on my end... well no, they just aren't horribad. the thing is that I might actually have to pay for my last year of college next year and I really don't know if I'll be able to afford it. it's just that the fucking teachers are so corruptible it's something amazing. fucking assholes are paying for better grades and so I've fallen with my average grade behind the idiots. I swear to fucking god I've never even heard of anything like this, idiots who barely passed with a 5 (our marking system goes from 1 to 10, you need a 5 to pass) now had on their first semester fucking 10. I've never even heard of such a grade in my class, no matter how good I was before the best that I got on only one of my classes was 9. and these fuckers got straight 10s on everything. I mean come one wtf! I just hope that I'll have a better average in the second semester.
well I'm off I'll be meeting up with her, things are going pretty smoothly at least with her.

eternalx | 04-10-13, 11:59 AM
well shouldn't that be normal? I mean whatever you don't use give it away to charity. it just doesn't make much sense to keep something that you no longer need or to throw it away. if you can sell it then sell it if you can't just give it away to someone that needs it.

it's really not only about grandkids. but pretty much everyone around here from my generation already has wedding plans. it's just completely messed up. anyway 95% at least of them will get divorced in a few years if they will ever even get married. it's just that my mom is all like omg find a girl fast, marry her, have children so when you will be old you will have someone by your side. it's just completely fucked up. I mean come on I'm 21 y.o for the love of god! but who knows maybe she'd cool off if she would know about this girl that I'm seeing. but then of course she doesn't know and if it depends on my she won't know for quite a while. dear god I can't even imagine what would she talk to her about. no ma'am not happening.
but well what can I do I'm really not that opened up to my mom either. she knows only what she has to know nothing more, nothing less. at the same time I really can't understand how can others be so opened up with their parents. I mean it usually ended up like this: I tell her something important that's supposed to be something personal, the next few hours or max next day I regret it. thank god such attempts to confide in my mom happened when I was way younger. so I don't regret it that much today.

oh trust me they can go wrong. especially if it's about teeth. the screw up just a little and it can hurt you like a son of a bitch for quite a while. god I hate dentists. actually doctors as a whole, but especially dentists.

what? I've never even heard of hurting just because someone got too hard. I mean yea if he thrusts too hard then yes, but otherwise I don't understand what he is thinking.
but anyway I understand jealousy, I really do. a little jealousy is even healthy for a couple. but he kind of over does it judging from what you said.
america always liked to stand out. actually there are barely any countries that don't use the metric system in the world. but ofc the u.s has to be one of those big countries. it never really made much sense to me and it's good only to confuse people.
but yes that's like 20-26. anyway over here it's been raining for a lot of time now... actually for almost a month. there are rivers flooding, the crops are going to hell. the weather forecast says that in the summer we will have drought this season again. it's not enough that romania is fucked up from pretty much every point of view now the food prices will go up AGAIN. it will be really really shitty.
oh and I really don't know why but my left shoulder hurts for 2-3 days now. people say that surely because of the weather. it's just a little annoying, I can't do my daily push ups now. nothing amazing, I'm just used now to do 80-100 push ups/day. you know just some general exercises. so I won't get completely out of shape.

I started watching zetsuen no tempest and I have already watched 13 episodes. I can say that I like it. it reminds me a lot of guilty crown, though instead of having a pussy main male character we have 2 umm ok main male characters. god it just annoys me that the drawing style of the main male characters is so shoujo-ish. one of the guys has some braided hair on a part of his head and earrings. now it's not that I have something against earrings but the braided hair is just a little overdoing it. while the main female is more shounen style. it's strange but anyway, another difference is that instead of the mecha theme they use the magic theme, and apparently both male characters have lost the same girl: sister to one and gf to the other, and actually both of them were in love with that girl, one of them wants to get revenge while the other... wants to save the world? "so the story wouldn't have a tragic ending". and there is also a disease going around. so far it seems to be a pretty good anime, I'll have to wait and see. but anyway it's like the producers wanted to say "hey guilty crown staff, this is how you are supposed to make a good anime" I don't know but it reminds me of that anime a lot. last 3 episodes were kind of weak though, I hope the quality of the anime will come back in the next episodes.

eternalx | 04-06-13, 12:31 PM
the most shocking thing about what you said is that HE doesn't see it as a problem. that's just not normal. I mean seriously, doesn't he think of you at all?
and that's just good. seking out professional help is the best that you can do... even if it may cost some money.

I wish I would've watched such reviews before I got that useless machine... it's just that I really hate wasting money on things that I end up not using. I really hate that. but in the end the disposable razors are the best that I can get, at least that doesn't irritate my face that much.

well to me it was kind of important. I mean it actually freaked me out, I didn't even wanted to meet them. but oh well it happened.
and talking about this my mom came back home finally. but guess what? she started nagging about how I should already find myself a girl, marry her and then have children... I swear I have no idea wtf is up with this screwed up world. well at least with this part of the world. every mother f-ing time that she goes on a vacation (I know that this doesn't really qualify as one) she comes back with these screwed up ideas and then she keeps nagging me with this kind of shit for a few months. well you can guess when I'll present her to my mom. ~1 year+ minimum from now. it's just annoying, especially since I'm really the kind of person that doesn't give two damn pennies about what others say. but then others talk to my mom and then she just keeps nagging me with it, oh and of course I can't just ignore her because then she will get mad about that and start yelling... god I hate life over here.

yea well it was her mother that baked them... I completely forgot that daughters and their mothers are usually best friends and talk about everything... apparently including me.
my little cousin came by today... 7 years old. smashed his smart phone pretty much the second he got here. guess what his mother said? "no problem we'll get a new one" and "don't worry you'll play games on your xbox instead" I mean wtf? if I were in his situation and my mom in hers then I would've gotten the shit beat out of me. and that little shit has even an xbox and his own personal fuckin laptop. I just don't understand this world anymore.

MohamedGhastly | 04-06-13, 11:29 AM
so what's up ?

eternalx | 04-03-13, 12:39 PM
well that's a little bit of a problem with her. she really has some confidence issues. I mean it's normal to have such issues. everyone during their life has such issues, but she has a little bit more than what's normal. well what I call normal, oh well to tell the truth my relationship with her is going from good to better so I have no problems. well actually I have a little bit of a problem with her parents? I mean it's not a problem, it's just that it freaked me out a little, you know I got to know her parents pretty fast... I didn't plan on it. I mean they are really cool persons, it's just that... I didn't planned this meeting to take place this fast. I met them separately thank god. and well... since she told her mother that I love sweets she baked me cookies for when I return to college... it just freaked me out a little bit. that's all.

well yes now that I think about it for you guys replacing something isn't that expensive as it's here. the thing is that the prices over here are pretty much the same as are there (otherwise how would they make profit from here?) but the thing is that the salaries over here are a lot lower than in the u.s. the big majority of the people over here work for minimum wages and that means around 200$/month. it's not that much now is it? people here can't afford to just buy carelessly things just like that. well most people anyway.
oh and what did the person who got it's pc so infected download? something like justing bieber.exe ? xD
sigh trust me we have many many such people over here too. I'm reinstalling the OS on my uncle's pc almost every month... it's not funny. not at all.

oh god lets not get started on the corruption of the cops. =) they said that EU doesn't accept romania into the schengen area because the corruption level in romania is just way too high. and trust me it is. over here it's best if you always have an updated book of driving regulations on you if you drive. because if needed they will just invent something to give you a ticket.
now just imagine when I talked about how I hated the cops and everything related to them and pretty much everyone who works in the public sector. aaaand after that she told me that her mother is a cop xD god that was a strange feeling, but I didn't took my words back. I still stand by my idea that everyone of them are asses. well not with everyone but during their work time they definitely are.

well are you sure that that epilator will do it's work well? I mean waxing does pretty much take the hair completely out. while no matter the commercials an epilator won't do it. at least I don't think it would, not the way they say they do. I know I bought myself a fucking braun electric shaver. it's just shit. if only I could've return it. since then I returned to the classic razors to shave my face... if I could I'd like to make all this beard go away, it's just so fuckin annoying the shave your face every day, well almost every day. especially since I have a sensitive face. it just burns like hell after I shave.

well I'm a person that most probably wouldn't stand up and protect my friend in front of someone else. I believe that everyone should be able to solve their own problems. actually I like that about people. it shows some strength to not always rely on the others. I mean of course I wouldn't let you know come to something worse, but I usually don't care about people talking shit about each other. if that's what you mean. oh and of course only if they do that face to face, I can't stand talking about someone else behind their back. I mean if you have a problem with someone tell it to their face.
but yes I have 1 friend like this. it's not that he forgets about me, it's just that well he is in his first relationship and well he's just a little bit too preoccupied with it.

that's not normal. have you seen a gynecologist and told him about your problem? it's just not normal to always hurt like that. seriously you should see one, there is some really nasty stuff that can make it hurt but I'm really no expert, all that I know is that when my friends had some problem they immediately went to the doctor. but then wait a second if it does hurt like that then how come you used to like it? is it something recent?

eternalx | 03-30-13, 2:13 PM
but yes I know. I originally thought that he sounds totally gay! well actually his voice is still kind of gay but I got used to it. I like his music.

well people are hypocrites, that's just something normal that you can see pretty much every day. though if he is your bf he should really understand, I mean wtf. make yourself clear to him. what happens with you is just normal. to me it seems like you are the only one trying.
well ofc it's hard to find good friends. I for one don't even think that you can find many friends in your life. I have as many people that I consider friends as many fingers I have on one of my hands. the other people are just acquaintances. I usually make this very clear pretty much every time. it's just annoying that people use such words so lightly. you know being friends with someone for me actually has a meaning, I pretty much consider them as brothers or sisters. this word is used just like the word love, it's used so freely, it just doesn't really hold much meaning to many people anymore.

oh and it's just so great to see girls that actually care about their body hair. I swear it's just... I can't even find a word for it. you know when you see a hairy girl... it's just not ok. not at all.

well what do you mean that your mom wants to get stricter? I mean come on, you are old enough to know what you can and can't do... I really don't understand why would she even want to get more stricter?
oh but that's great, less and less people in the house xD more space for you! I'm sure that someday I'll have that space that I require too. someday I might get more than I want.

yea and just imagine that those are the normal roads. not the ones that look awful. you really don't even want to imagine those... it's like you would be out in the wilds over here.

well I for one use my bluetooth to send files from my pc to my phone. don't get me wrong but buying a data cable is just fuckin retarded if you don't get one when you acquire your phone. isn't it much easier to get a bluetooth dongle for your pc and then transfer what you need to any kind of phone? while data cables have a big restriction with transfers: they don't work with just any phone. well I'm not talking only about pics, but music files, or videos. and how the hell could someone mess up the phone by using bluetooth? I mean I don't think that even my mom could do that... though it's highly possible. since I got her a phone the only thing that I could teach her is to unblock the keys and to answer the phone... and she has that phone for quite a while.

oh well I cleared everything with her. you know I'm really not the kind of guy that beats around the bush. I'm quite direct with my words, which is why not too many people like me. so it's just fine now. we are not officially in a relationship, we get to know each other better, which is quite ok with me, I've got all the time in the world. apparently she doesn't want to hurry with it. which is quite ok. we spoke our minds which made it so much better. and you know I'm actually kind of happy that she didn't just give in to me, she actually had the courage to pause me, to make me take it a little slower. it's quite hard to find a girl that can say no when she wants to. but alas she wouldn't have picqued my interest in any way if she was that submissive. the thing is that she was almost always the most quiet in my circle of people. so I never really paid much attention to her. you know it's not good to be an attention seeking whore, but neither is to be too quiet. just in between is great and now when there aren't more people around, meaning just the two of us she has no problem with speaking. it's just strange, I never really understood this, but oh well you girls will always be a mystery.

eternalx | 03-28-13, 2:43 PM
oh god I'm really sorry but I'll most likely reply to your comment in 2 days or so. I just don't want you to think that I'm ignoring you or anything, it's just that I'm extremely tired (I know that I've beenusing that a lot lately) and I feel that I'l just fall asleep here on the keyboard. so again I'm sorry but I'll reply at a later date, since I'm sure I'll have to type quite a bit :P

MohamedGhastly | 03-28-13, 4:49 AM
SoRRY FOR THE LATE REPLY I WAS IN A HOTEL with my family and now i'm visiting my grand mother
girls ' s fashion is too much wider true XDD yup it is a challenge really :3

mrjag89 | 03-25-13, 3:34 PM
Hi, I like your profile picture

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