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xDiVAnTe | 07-01-12, 6:41 PM
hello well i was wondering if there's anyone in Auckland or close to, who would like to start a anime group and hang out and watch anime and stuff? thanks
Additional Details
for people aged under 20 if there some over that age that would want to join just ask, and i meant like a group or a few of us and we watch anime or we hangout and do stuff together and try to get others interested in anime like a club or a group ^^ just give me a email at if your interested or for more info.

atty | 05-25-12, 11:55 PM

hisohiso | 03-20-12, 8:47 PM
hehe same! (*´꒳`*)

and yeah, old school manga is always full of glamour right? and this when the story isn't simply heartbreaking ;w;

cassian_eaves | 02-29-12, 12:40 AM
It's very entertaining. Also, all these feels for soccer.

cassian_eaves | 02-28-12, 11:32 AM
Yes, you are!

fragilething | 12-23-11, 4:21 AM

justaddsoysauce | 12-22-11, 2:04 AM
lol yes how could i forget the option that you can buy manga
sounds like a good plan! gente is heaven for me. oyaji harem ftw.
natsume someone i want to marry.
are you a fan of fumi yoshinaga? (URGH if i asked this already i'm sorry. my memory is so bad)
i think someone told me that her and natsume were tweeting? but then again i don't trust my memory haha

also, i think it was you who sent me the picture of est em and yamashita doing a cross over right?
i'd love to read an interview b/w them
i remember seeing a cover of one of est em's latest work, and it resembled yamashita's a bit.

yes, i agree. whenever i recommend it, i tell people, "okay whatever you thought of yuu watase, erase all those thoughts, because what you see in sakura gari, is not going to be the same".
but i love seeing mangaka try different genres, and being versatile (hence my wish to marry yamashita lol)
it makes me sad that some of my other fav bl mangka's non bl works aren't being translated T^T

my bad, i should've specified. some are pretty 'feminine', but she does pretty manly oyaji (my favorite)
my favorite characters/couple is this one:
and please dont make me choose b/w her oyaji.
oh i jut remembered why i mentioned aoi seri lol. i think what i meant to say is that even w/ her feminine boys...idk, i still consider them boys, not "chicks w/ dicks"

regarding articles, i dont have it bookmarked on this laptop, but if you're interested, i found 1 pretty in depth article on the yaoi fandom written by the man who translated some of est em's works (which i have yet to fully read because it's so long and sophisticated, that it somewhat intimidates me)
random, but that translator, taught est em for a bit. aahhh idk why i can't remember his name right now. when est em announced that one of works would be licensed in america, he said something like he would have to translate it because her works are too sophisticated to be translated by some 2nd rate translator.
or did you already know this? lol
i really loved reading that. i like the idea of translators translating works they really love you know? not just for the sake of jobs i guess

ANYWAY about that article:
i like that quote you posted- what yaoi manga are, are works of teh mangaka's ideal man. and not, actual. i mean, who are we to say how exactly a gay man is. there isn't only one type. yeah i pretty much just repeated you and chaizer lol.

that's quite cute, you as a tomboy. what a good point! the "why should there be a word to describe a gender?"
hopefully, i'm interpretting what you said, correctly, but i think i get what you;re saying. and i hope i'm not offending you, but that kind or thinking, and strict labeling, does irritate me. sighs.

justaddsoysauce | 12-13-11, 9:33 PM
how'd you read 3 chs? i only found 2 online.
i like the one about the skinny old couple :D
i recommend not simple by her =]

justaddsoysauce | 12-13-11, 9:31 PM
so you like to avoid depressing stories? you do have a lot of fluffy stuff on your list/tumblr
for me....i love depressing stuff. so much. i just thought of sakura gari and i see it's on you list
giving it an 8 is pretty high, so can i assume you really liked it???
i plan to reread since winter break is soon for me :D

hmmmm i think your personal one? AAAHH DAMN YOU TUMBLR

YES. the art is so derpy. i just....aahh i can't explain the uke's cute/ugliness

nawww it wasn't embarassing! at least for me to read
but i do get what you're saying....whenever i read my older posts i feel so ... embarassed lol. idk any other words. sometimes i run into my old posts on mal, and i edit/delete them hahaha

i agree. i like what chaizer said about gay men not acting a certain way and stuff. gender policing.

oh i said that? man, i get so heated up when the topic of feminism, and when anything involving women and women rights come up. lol.

hmmm my opinions on teh usage of the word girly? i'm not exactly sure what you mean....
but i guess i can say that
recently for me, it's getting harder for me to define "girly". before i felt like i saw things in a more rigid way, like you said ---> girly = clingy, other bad qualities. even now, i catchy myself using the whose words w/ those connotations.

hmmmm, today i'm definitely not able to word my thoughts
when i look at aoi seri's boys for an example, they're feminine, by the feature of their eyes, blah blah blah. the same time, i clearly distinguish them as boys. before, i mightve looked at them and say, "okay. he's practically a girl". HOW DO I DESCRIBE THIS?!? it's strange.
i was thinking, if the you don't like the word "girly" being used to describe those traits, what word would you use?
what are your opinions?

sorry today im just not making sense but at the same time i really feel like chatting lol.

justaddsoysauce | 11-30-11, 8:23 PM
i was going through someone's tumblr and i ran into a post she reblogged from you, in which you talked about your opinions on girly uke, and i like what you had to say.
i never thought from that perspective, and tbh, prior to seeing that post, i somewhat thought along the lines of "yaoi is b/w men, so girly uke beats beats the point of reading BL". i can see how narrow-minded that kind of thinking is.
personally, i still go for manlier men and uke, just because that's just what gets me off.
so yeah. you make me think fr different perspectives. i like that.

justaddsoysauce | 11-27-11, 5:11 PM
that's good i didn't come off as rude.

manga that tackles controversial issues is always good T^T
there needs to be more of those these days...
you have really good memory!
and now i see that the last story actually had a purpose.

reading x is sounding tempting at the moment....

also i was wondering if you ever got this message i tumblr'd to you...idk...a few weeks ago?
thanking you for the rec on kikoenai koe

justaddsoysauce | 11-23-11, 8:02 PM
after reading your reply, i'm definitely considering reading x/1999 before i make my final decision on my opinion of tokyo babylon. i hope i didn't come off as rude with my post, and yes i do agree it attacked controversial issues at the time.

teehetki | 11-17-11, 2:21 AM

I don't mind you following all my blogs it's not creepy at all. Yay, okay, nice to meet you too! (^-^)/

justaddsoysauce | 10-30-11, 12:19 PM
that's so true. so i guess i'll be an old lady T^T
sometimes i read the eng. translation and i'm just like "that's kinda awkward. is that right?" hahaha
darn language barriers

ohhh i didn't think of that
*opening new tab for mooninabox*

alfkjadkfj i love friendly ppl T^T

my livejournal is so inactive lol. i should do something about that

awwww, why not? i remember someone said that her works were tooo slice of lifey for her.

for now, i can't exactly think of a work by ima ichiko to recommend for you....

ohh i seeee, sounds like a lot of tedious work. i...i don't think i can work w/ programs like photoshop. haha

Memerulesworld | 10-29-11, 2:21 PM
I think it's staring at my soul D:

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