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11-30-10, 5:00 PM
December 15, 1986
Teesside, England
November 16, 2008
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What to say...well i'm a recent graduate, studied games programming (no job though, not yet anwyay), come from good ole england. Hobbies bascially, drawing and writting (not good at either but i enjoy it), playing games the usual stuff. Personally i would say i'm not your typcial guy but then again i guess a lot of people say that :P

As far as anime tastes go, it seems to change every once in a while, at first it was action adventure stuff, then it went onto mecha, then supernatural, then back to mecha (you get the idea) but i am open to watch more of the laid back stuff.

I'm a regular on the Anime UK News forum, but over there i go under the name BlackWolf. The Picture at the moment is of Jehuty from the Zone of the Enders game series

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Jaymii | 03-08-10, 8:24 AM
Whenever I do eventually watch it, I've always figured I'll jump in at the beginning and watch all the UC stuff... before getting to the other universes. Saying that, 00 does look pretty interesting. My only Gundam experience is off the first four/five episodes of Turn-A-Gundam and honestly, I really quite enjoyed them. No real reason for stopping.

Jaymii | 03-06-10, 9:38 AM
Wow, that sounds like one hell of a trippy show. Seems strange for something as huge as Gundam to have an entire series as bad as people make it out to be -- I will eventually have to take on that beast of a franchise -- eventually.

Jaymii | 03-05-10, 9:56 AM
I was going to ask what Gundam series' you haven't seen, but looking at your list an even better question occurred to me. You sat through 50 episodes of a "4" show. Wow, I suppose your a real completionist if there ever was one. Why is Destiny so suckish then? It's weird that is is.

Also, apparently we have a Very High compatiablity, which is weird since er... I don't watch much mecha. Yay for that anyway. ~~

Voddas | 02-09-10, 11:47 AM
I think I searched for it under Pysren. *facepalm* :P

Voddas | 02-09-10, 8:03 AM
Thanks for Psyren. :P

*adds to read*

Voddas | 01-15-10, 6:16 AM
I think I'll watch fansub first. Quite an expensive series to buy when you know nothing about it. :P

Gonna take a while to download. Took all last night to get the first episode. It's ok like, I have a few series I'm watching at the moment to keep me occupied. I still have "Diebuster" to watch at some point too.

Voddas | 01-14-10, 10:35 AM
Where did you get King of Braves GaoGaiGar from? I've been looking. :P
Did you get it on DVD or fansub?

Voddas | 01-13-10, 1:38 AM
I noticed you had been watching Gaiking Black. What do you think of it. I'd been looking at it the other day and noticed you'd updated recently. I think I need a super robo fix, and this seemed like a good shout. Unless, you have a better suggestion?

Mokona | 12-18-09, 8:38 AM
Yep it will be :)

Mokona | 12-16-09, 3:25 PM
You're welcome Black :)

Good to hear you had a great day :D

and everything is okay, I'm looking forward fto when the Christmas holidays to begin :)

Mokona | 12-15-09, 3:50 PM
Happy Birthday Black ^_^

*Gives Black a huge Birthday cake*

Voddas | 06-23-09, 6:18 AM
Good to hear Black. Sooner ratherthan later we hopes.

Voddas | 06-22-09, 5:55 AM
Ah, you'll be reet mate.
You'll be back online in no time. We need some Black order in the AUKN threads. :P

Voddas | 06-18-09, 3:50 AM
Watched some more last night. Really enjoying it so far. However it does feel very much like a Shana storyline. Obviously not the same though. Looking forward to seeing how the series progresses.

Sucks to be you Black. What's with the lack of internet? Get it sorted! ;)

Voddas | 06-17-09, 8:52 AM
Just started on Fate/Stay :p

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