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07-16-14, 9:17 PM
March 2, 1990
July 11, 2010
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Time (Days) 131.2
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About UpcomingDread
I love watching anime and I play some video games too, but mainly those that anime based.

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Archangel_ | 12-25-12, 2:38 AM
Gintama man

wot123 | 12-17-12, 11:59 PM
cool amv man

ProAssAsSin | 03-01-12, 1:50 PM
Happy birthday

E-Chanx3 | 11-16-11, 10:29 AM
You're welcome :)

E-Chanx3 | 11-13-11, 5:10 AM
No problem at all :)
I have seen your AMV's at youtube :D I really liked the AMV of One Piece with the song Dreamer *w* <3 You are really talented of making AMV's >u

Vensito | 11-05-11, 8:13 AM
I guess so :x I never knew!

Haha, I was just watching some Gintama with a friend, although I'm still not through the first part though so I'm working on it :P one of these days I'll catch up! Other than that, the usual pretty much xD.

Vensito | 11-04-11, 8:03 PM
:O Didn't think you'd know about it, but then again, I told a few guys about it and they seemed to know it was a good movie so who knows :o maybe it's a lot more popular than I think..

How's anime been treating ya?

Vensito | 11-04-11, 12:48 AM
That sounds awesome right about now xD I just got done watching O Brother Where Art Thou with a few people which I haven't seen since I was like 10 so it was quite the experience. About to sit down and watch some Kaiji followed by everything else I can manage before I head off to work.

I'm not insane! I'm just a little flushed(probably not the right word to use here) is all.

Vensito | 11-03-11, 8:33 PM
Yoooooo~!! What's up!?

SerenityB3128 | 10-06-11, 8:25 PM
So you read Gintama the manga?
Do you think the show is better or do you like them equal? (or of course do you like the manga better?)

SerenityB3128 | 10-03-11, 4:36 PM
I've started watching HunterxHunter, well I watched the first episode cuz that's all that's out right now ^_^
I'm also watching Fate/Zero XD just finished the first episode!

SerenityB3128 | 10-02-11, 7:48 PM
Hey! Really awesome AMVs!
My favorite is probably your C: Exorcist Wonderland! I love the music with it and the clips are very nicely matched!
I just started watching C not that long ago ^_^

ProAssAsSin | 09-26-11, 2:23 PM
ahh,i see...good luck with it then
watched the newest ep of Toriko and go read a bit of manga before i go sleep.

ProAssAsSin | 09-26-11, 1:57 PM
xD so how are you doing?

ProAssAsSin | 09-26-11, 11:29 AM
thx for accept,nice to meet you

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