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10-01-12, 12:12 PM
Narnia (:
February 22, 2010
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Helloooooo :)

"Well open up your mind and see like me." ♥

I have a lot of different nicknames but most people call me Georgia. I'm a friendly person so don't be afraid to add me, I love reading almost more than I love my family and friends. I love nature, long walks, rock music and strawberries.

I'm a writer studying creative writing at university, so naturally I read a lot of different things, my fave novels are The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Dear John and my fave manga has to be Dengeki Daisy. In my opinion Disney films are classics, if you don't like them shame on you! (:

I got into anime after my friend asked me to watch Spirited Away with her. I immediately fell in love with the art work and the random plot, so I started to watch more and more, and here I am!

I absolutely love romance. I'll watch action and thrillers too, but romance is something that I'm drawn to. :) I love anime because its so different from what's around in England. I like to find new stories with different plots and cultures just to make sure I don't get bored ;) ♥

So if anyone can recommend any good romance anime/manga I'd be thankful!! Especially since I'm finding it hard to commit to just one anime at the moment!! Likewise I'll be happy to point in the directions of some fantastic novels/anime/manga xD ♥

Spirited <3 :D

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Zynre | 01-02-11, 10:03 AM
Hi, Happy New Year!
The question I wanted to ask you was about Saiunkoku; Is it an interesting series or not?

Momoka123 | 09-14-10, 3:24 AM
no i didnt watch Fruits Basket but i will watch it..... yeah me to i hope they do season 2 of kaichou wa maid-sama!

Momoka123 | 09-13-10, 1:29 PM
you're welcome

Momoka123 | 09-13-10, 12:42 PM
ofcource kaichou wa maid-sama! is the best anime ever i think so.....

Momoka123 | 09-12-10, 5:53 AM
you're welcome

Chellle | 08-29-10, 10:09 AM
Very welcome! XD

lust4anime | 08-20-10, 3:13 PM
ya same with me we should watch anime together since we like the same ones lol :P

suki-desu | 06-30-10, 9:42 PM
I agree! I have the CD too i rewatch the series for about 5 times! haha ef- a tale of memories, maybe I can try that. I don't have a particular anime I am chasing now, more like waiting for updates. Like kaichou wa maid sama, reborn,fairytail etc.

Other than that I am planning to watch trinity blood and Betrayal Knows My Name which my friend recommanded. :D

suki-desu | 06-28-10, 6:40 PM
Cardcaptor sakura! How nostalgia .... It was the first anime that made me start watch anime! Haha I watch anime since young so I had a lot in my list. :X

Hahaha guess ure gonna be very busy. Tell me again when ure done watching them. I love to discuss them with you :D

Fenom | 06-27-10, 5:52 PM
No problem. I should be the one to thank you for accepting. :D
I see you're watching Suzumiya. Go on with it. It's a little confusing at the beginning, but i'm sure you'll love it. :)

Oh, and i saw you started watching anime because of spirited away. Is it kewl? I srsly need to watch it. :D


suki-desu | 06-25-10, 8:20 AM
Same! I can discuss about anime forever! haha romance manga are pretty cute. ^.^

One of my few favourite animes are Special A, Angel Beats, Soul eater. These are the few animes I find very comedy.
I am not really sure what anime genres of anime you are look for but comedy anime should be suitable for everyone. I see you are watching working! Me too! Another comedy anime that I like.^^
If you are looking for certain genre of anime/manga you can always come and ask me (:
I will try my best to answer ya.

suki-desu | 06-25-10, 7:01 AM
haha yea. I read quite a lot romance manga. :X Glad to hear my list actually benifited someone. :D
No prob. haha I like mangas with strong charcter development and good art. If you are interested in funny animes I could recommend you some too!

suki-desu | 06-24-10, 12:45 AM
True the anime actually mixed some of the manga scenes up. Haha do tell me how you feel after you finished reading both of the mangas. :D
I am currently waiting for all of my pending mangas in the reading status. Other then that I have bookamrked quite a lot of other mangas. Some are also one shots.

suki-desu | 06-23-10, 8:38 AM
Oh! haha np I started out with the manga though, I like the manga better but usui montonous tone makes the anime funny and nice too. Hm i see u're planning to read uwasa no midori kun.... haha it is a very nice manga one of my favourites. :D

suki-desu | 06-22-10, 7:48 PM
Hey hi!
If you like romance and skip beat, try kaichou wa maid sama it is not very predictable, have good charcter development, sweet cute manga. ^^

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