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08-19-14, 7:09 PM
March 16, 1989
June 17, 2008
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Time (Days) 36.1
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Plan to Watch 17
Total Entries 98

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fishmeal | 10-29-08, 8:02 PM
Only two days behind. You may have thought I'd given up, but not so.
I was only becoming sneakier.

fishmeal | 07-23-08, 3:47 AM
30 more down.
i owe you some coffee, that ought to serve as a proper distraction
from my true intentions...
you will fall.

fishmeal | 07-17-08, 4:22 AM
396, and call me sometime.
you said you'd take me to my classes, sir.

fishmeal | 07-16-08, 12:48 AM
what are you gonna do about it, pansy?
Granted, you have an advantage, i have homework.
However, without your knowledge, i have not done a speck of it, so your advantage is lost.
I will surpass you, Sonicthehedgebob.

fishmeal | 07-15-08, 9:19 PM
my goal is to surpass you in anime watching time.
That will require about 425 standard episodes, i believe.
also, you should check out my list, because i'm pretty sure i've added some things i think you've seen which may be missing from your list.

fishmeal | 07-13-08, 2:02 AM
Hello sir,
our compatibility now shows up: "very high," it says. We should be friends or something, brothers even.

VisceraEyes | 07-05-08, 4:46 PM
Silly baerb.... You need to hit up the forums here. Also, other notes:

1. I desire to borrow Gundam SEED
2. You need to give me some DVDs so's I can burn you some YYH.
3. I got 5 Centimeters Per Second (haven't watched it yet), so you probably need to see that as well.
4. Eventually, I'm probably gonna want to borrow Solty Rei as well.


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