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09-09-09, 6:57 PM
January 28, 1990
Auburn, Alabama
January 27, 2008
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About Skrinkle

Name:. Anne

Age:. 18

Living on my own
College life
Video Games

Mean people (except me :d)
Being alone
Smelly socks

.:Current Obsessions
DBSK (Especially Max!)
Industrial Design

"In the beginning there was "skrinkle,"
and it was good. "Skrinkle" begat "skroddle"
and that, too, was good... unless it was bad."
-Party Monster

"I like Cake... the band... and the cuisine... of cake.
I wanted to say food but it seemed too hard to
make the "fuh" sound."
-Christina <3


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^ Sadly, I'm not shy at all.. ^

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mcpaustin90 | 09-11-09, 12:54 PM
Hey, What's going on? How's school?

xXnagashiXx | 07-04-09, 12:25 AM
eww suzaku XD

lelouch >

mcpaustin90 | 03-15-09, 5:23 PM
Hey, Did our compatible go up?

Unsightly | 03-12-09, 5:01 AM
re-adding u cuz mal crashed -_-

IMAElectroGirl | 03-09-09, 9:10 AM
I natasha and I cant believe it snowed in alabama though... xDD

Are you coming for spring break? :D

FreedomWingz | 03-06-09, 7:52 PM
True true, we don't want to appear like TOTAL creeps to everyone out there >.>

Aww~~ Well there's still next year, and the year after that! I don't think I'll be as big of a fangirl of DBSK as I am now in say...5 years but they'll always have a special place in my heart~ XD;; I really want to learn Korean too..But it seems so hard.. Because for Japanese, if you look at the romanji you can kind of say it but for korean the pronunciation is totally different @___@;;

True~~ <33 Even if he acts like the most mature one out of all them~ x3

SamDTang | 03-02-09, 10:11 PM
Sorry about the late reply.

I think it's Anime Matsuri.

Yup, Davion and I are good friends :)

So hows college life?

Unsightly | 03-02-09, 4:59 PM
i m good i am good!

u hv been busy ne? o-o

OH MY GOSH! >:[ tht sucks D:
wow thts not nice D:

lets go kill the man XD

FreedomWingz | 02-21-09, 11:34 AM
Well we're all crazy little people inside~ :3 Some just choose to show it more than others. Besides, I'm sure they have even crazier fangirls in Korean xD
Yeah and at the end, throw in 사랑해 (sarang hae) x3

And he'll always be the littest~ And most huggable (in my opinion <3)

IMAElectroGirl | 02-20-09, 5:23 PM
Aww, poor no-life-outside-of-school-anne. xD
o: Sweet! I want a bunch of new posters... 8D Idk where i'd put them though. xDD

I've been good, I just finished 2 cosplays, and im already planning out all the rest of mine for the year! I think im not gonna do anymore boy cosplays though, im gonna stick to girls with big tits. xD that are awesome; that has to be a quality. lol
YES WE SHOULDDDD. : D You and me and natasha~ It will be fun.

Unsightly | 02-20-09, 1:26 PM
well tht is too bad...hehe =D

xD jk :P

we shud!!!!! =D
we shud totally do tht! lol changmin knws how to read english xD lmao i think OR we could just write it in korean =D
and be all like.....I LOVE U!!! >:00 xD

omg zen-chan O_o
today i got into a car accident D:

FreedomWingz | 02-18-09, 7:39 PM
XDD I suggest you go for the cool Korean friend, then at least you know them and hopefully they won't write anythings wrong... >.>
And make the envelope all pretty and decorative, they like unique letters~ x3

Aww..Well use simple words them? xP

Happy Birthday Changminnie~~ <33

IMAElectroGirl | 02-18-09, 5:53 PM
Haha, true~

Ah, I see I see... o:

So how has life been outside of school? Or is there a life outside of school? haha.

Unsightly | 02-18-09, 5:02 AM
aww! O_O
watch out zen-chan xD when u r sleeping at night i shall sneak into ur house like a ninja AND STEAL UR MOMIJI DOLLS!!! <3333
xD u can do it =P

hehe! ya the second is my fav too i forgot to put my name on it tho D:
i wonder what he did for his birthday
i get soo sad becuz i really want to wish him a happy birthday but i cnt and he doesnt evn knw i exist T_T

SamDTang | 02-17-09, 8:07 PM
T.T that is scary.

Well I just heard he's a pervert so I am like keep your hands off my girl >:0

Lol, Rachel and Mary lu lu was fan girling for Miyavi since he is coming for the Easter weekend con.
Do you know Davion Sauls? lol.

I wish they have dbsk stuff :/ DBSK > JAPAN MUHAHAHAHAHAH

Have you heard of Ft island's new single?

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