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04-10-15, 6:55 PM
June 24, 1979
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
January 9, 2009
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Time (Days) 92.0
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Completed 331
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Dropped 31
Plan to Watch 201
Total Entries 601

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Time (Days) 16.5
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Completed 18
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Yeah, so i've been watching anime for a really long time. So long in fact, that I see kids (and I mean mid-late teens!) now that are way into anime that werent even BORN yet when I was going to anime conventions! Back when the only way to get a new episode (or several episodes) of your favorite show was to know somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody that could get it from somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody (you get the idea), and the only media was a VHS of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of an already bad copy of the show-- not even subtitled, either.

Kids these days have it rough. Kidding!

I wouldnt trade this hobby for anything! It's my life!

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01-23-09, 10:09 PM

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Obstacle | 03-20-10, 3:11 AM
Very High
sugoi desu.

RazLucifer | 09-05-09, 12:38 PM
yeah I've seen more than what my list suggests but I'm not decided yet wether to have this list be collection only or everything I've seen.

RazLucifer | 08-27-09, 9:22 AM
Yeay! Woah! That is one impressive collection you've got!!

Verby | 03-13-09, 5:26 AM
thats a nice pic u posted in the ecchi battle tread
u r good

RyoHazuki224 | 03-03-09, 10:15 AM
ok, so i've slacked on adding manga that i've read/reading. sue me. haha. i'll get to it someday

RyoHazuki224 | 02-03-09, 3:05 PM
I'd thought I'd post a little more info about how I rate anime that I've seen.

If you noticed, theres rarely any titles below a 6 in rating that I have completed, only because I normally wont complete a show unless I like it. Understandable right?

I give alot of 7's and 8's. This does not mean the show is average for me, it means that it is a good show.

If I give a title a 9, then I highly reccomend it.

10's -- Well, these are the shows that I deem to be "essential anime". If you are a fan of anime, I reccomend that you watch the shows on my list rated a 10 if you have not seen them before. At the moment, I have 39 shows on my list rated a 10. That is 14% of the total titles that I have completed. Some of them, like the two hentai titles (urotsukidoji and Front Innocent) would probably not fit into a genre that you like, and thats fine. But at the very least, watch any of the titles by Miyazaki. Those are truely masterpeices!

Once again, i have been watching anime for longer than alot of current anime fans been alive. Feel free to ask my reccomendations!

RyoHazuki224 | 01-30-09, 8:34 PM

With the anime section of course. Though, with all the anime that I've listed, I'm pretty sure that I've missed a couple. But oh well. If I see something in the future that I've missed, I'll happily add it. For now, its just on to continuing watching great anime!

And... to start adding all the manga I've read! (shouldnt take too long. I dont think I've read nearly as much manga as I have anime.)

RyoHazuki224 | 01-28-09, 1:53 AM
Woot! Past the "T's" now. Checked to see where I'm at... I just barely past 4000 episodes watched! holy mother of pearl! Next milestone I'll be aiming for is to go past 100 days! (at 68 days right now!)

RyoHazuki224 | 01-26-09, 11:37 AM
Alright! Past the "S's" now! Just a little more to do! soon, manga time!

RyoHazuki224 | 01-23-09, 10:25 PM
I'm past the "M's" now. half way there! woot!

RyoHazuki224 | 01-15-09, 1:46 AM
Alright... I'm past the "G's" in adding anime to my list. then its on to Manga. Hoooo boy.

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