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01-27-09, 5:10 AM
July 2, 1978
July 26, 2008
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About OnLittleFeet
I'm old.

I am happily married and female. I enjoy pretending that I can write even though I scew up tenses, comma splice as well as do unspeakable things to grammar. I enjoy poetry, doodling digitally with a wacom tablet and pen and spend too much time chasing after the dream of being a photographer when I grow up. Or an artist. Or both.

I'm late into finding and watching anime.

I am and can be brutally honest which often times does not make me terribly popular; luckily, I am not worried about being that popular on the internets. Some of what I eventually may have to write won't be laced with kitties and sunshine, but it'll be the truth.

When it comes to the anime I like to watch, this is where my terribly picky taste begins to show.

Some believe that you should at least watch more than five episodes in (of a longer series) before judging whether or not the series is worth watching to the end.

I disagree.

As with poetry, creative writing, article writing, and really, any type of art form--it is the artists responsibility on some level to draw their reader, listener, or viewer into the story being told. Be it visually, emotionally or with some other hook-- and that hook should exist in the first line, the first episode, the first paragraph and so on.

If an anime fails to capture me with the very first episode it is highly unlikely I will consider watching it to its finale. I am here, spending my time in addition to my money to be entertained. While each of us has differing ideas as to how that happens, I am primarily only concerned with what entertains me. If it doesn't do that within the first chance it has to hook me, it's just not meant to be.

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