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03-03-15, 6:18 AM
August 5, 1987
June 13, 2008
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Sways | 01-24-10, 6:08 PM
ah thanx :)

Sways | 01-22-10, 4:05 PM
Hi lov ur prof pic! looks a bit like rokudo mukuro from hitman reborn is it him? :)

Kuro_Usagi | 08-19-09, 10:53 PM
i wouldnt say that.... its just that i like the sciences and am slightly nerdy, thats all

politics, huh? im taking an AP Gov course right now..... im sure youll do fine in this field. personally, i cant stand doing stuff like this.....

lets both try our hardest! Ganbatte!!!!

by the way, i have to do some current events thing right now..... any good event that i should write about? ^^

Kuro_Usagi | 08-18-09, 11:55 PM

probably some kind of sciencey field
like biochemistry or biomedical engineering

and you?

Kuro_Usagi | 08-15-09, 8:04 PM
busy with nothing, huh? well thats a luxury that i wish i could afford

but now its like my senior year first semester aka college application time aka death

waaaah im gonna be busy writing and researching and whatnot ewwwwwwww!

watching anime all the time? how is that boring? its sooper cool! <3

skata | 08-15-09, 10:35 AM
deal :]

mpreg... Hibari... omg x____x definitely not my choice XDD
and there's no reason for envy - i really don't like most of them =\ wasting time, nothing more.
now i'm reading only Night and unfinished parts of my favorite author's story. so the best 1869 - Night's Rain Labyrinths, i'm sure you've read it =)
as for Possession Arc - no, i've only see the lj-page )) i'm not so interested in english texts, they're unemotional for me ^^' may be it's a sing to translate it XD

Kuro_Usagi | 08-14-09, 9:21 PM
you mean the disease of airborne pigs? swines that flew?
im safe ^^

how was your summer?

skata | 08-14-09, 3:16 PM
as you wish :] anytime XD

oh... i've read so much 1869-fiction in particular and so much reborn-fiction in the whole, that now i can remember only that i've seen it %) who's the author?

Kuro_Usagi | 08-13-09, 2:53 PM
well now we can start talking again

yaaaay, i wish i could give you a bday present. ill just give you a cyber hug

*cyber hugs you*

*smooch* luv ya

i was in mexico for 2 months without internet. and now im here in california to do whatever i want before school starts

waaaaaaaaah i dont want school to start again

skata | 08-13-09, 8:58 AM
"kamikorosu" xD

though i'm absolutely sure, actually he wouldn't mind ^___^

Kuro_Usagi | 08-13-09, 1:38 AM
im glad i caught you in time for your birthday!

and im back in the states now, so i can have internet 24/7

skata | 08-12-09, 10:51 AM
the proposal works! xD
today and forever ♥

skata | 08-11-09, 1:29 PM
no idea =__=

skata | 08-11-09, 6:36 AM
that's all that i can do ^^"

skata | 08-10-09, 10:01 AM
but Mukuro is only for Kyouya xD

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