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January 16, 2010
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Zeppen | 11-11-13, 3:16 PM
I can only feel excitement and joy in regular cartoons like 6teen, South Park, Family Guy, Power Puff Girls (lol). There are times when I feel sad in Hey Arnold because a scene is sad...haha but it's not the same 'sad' as what I feel in some animes like Shingeki no Kyojin :)

Greywinter | 11-11-13, 3:05 PM
No, I do not get these emotions (or at-least not nearly as strongly) from regular cartoons. A regular cartoon has never made me cry, for example.

Generally western cartoons are made for comedy, like Futurama, Family Guy, etc. these shows are great but rarely will I get an emotional reaction on the scale of one from an anime.

Even if it's just humor. Some animes (Yuru Yuri, Yuyushiki, Clannad) have made me laugh harder than I ever have to a regular cartoon.

If you have more questions or need more detail feel free to ask!

Krasa | 11-11-13, 9:45 AM
On second thought I don't think I do. Was probably thinking of a reaction(laughter etc) instead of emotion. Western cartoons tends to have shallow plot and is just there for laughs. So I don't think I'd get any 'special' feelings than when I watch an anime.

Rance-sama | 11-08-13, 1:57 PM
You should check out this manga called Akumetsu. It's like Code Geass but much better! And trust me I really liked Code Geass.

CaseNumber13 | 06-20-10, 8:10 PM
Hello, on chats i am know as TYPEMOON.

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