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August 15, 1990
May 10, 2009
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Demosthenesaru | 07-26-13, 11:40 PM
hm dang you have brilliant taste in anime I'll check out Sketchbook it looks nice

n255017 | 10-14-12, 3:20 PM
I'm more than willing to give Sketchbook a shot. I didn't have any issues with either of the two that you mentioned so it shouldn't be that bad at least. I've already seen most of NGE with the exception of the movie, but I'll definitely check out the rest of the shows including Dennou Coil.
Oh and be sure to slip Trigun into your current schedule once you finish up a few more shows.

n255017 | 10-14-12, 9:01 AM
You've assembled quite a vibrant list so far! Feel free drop some recommendations anytime, I'll try to find some more to send your way.

andukaru | 01-21-12, 12:50 PM
I watched the first episode of Serial Experiments Lain and I loved it. It was depressing but in just the right way. Also her pedo-bear pajamas were so cute ^-^ and the nudity at the end.. a little fan servicey but I'm not complaining!

GodspeedYou | 08-21-11, 1:51 AM
Renmai fan :3

Keiko-sama | 08-14-11, 12:08 AM
Found an nice short one... 5 Minutes and 5 Episodes...
And you will love ist, it´s unbelivable beautiful:!!
It makes you feel good^^...

GodspeedYou | 08-12-11, 2:06 AM
Lain fan :3

Aethrega | 07-21-11, 1:44 AM
Really? Thanks!

Keiko-sama | 07-14-11, 9:40 PM
Why I´m not wondering to find you with AnoHana and Wandering Son watching?
Liked it so far? If so, you really should check out "Usagi Drop", it tooked me three minutes to fall for this anime ^^.

Aethrega | 07-10-11, 12:25 AM
Your avatar reminded me of Blue Sub No. 6!

oldhomehaibane | 04-24-11, 8:31 PM
Thanks, I think you like some awesome anime too. I saw that you like Haibane Renmei and other anime that I love and I just had to add you. There are some shows on your anime list that I am not familiar with but which I have decided to check out sometime. Maybe I will watch Arakawa Under the Bridge? Natsume Yuujinchou, Iblard Jikan, Ojii-san no Lamp, Pale Cocoon, and House of the Five Leaves, among others, all seem like interesting shows. I will have to watch them once this semester is over and I have more free time.

I see that you have rated Kemonozume very highly. To be honest, I was thinking about dropping the series, but maybe I'll continue watching. I'm having a hard time adjusting to the artwork, though. I understand that it is a deliberate design choice, but I don't know, I just hate looking at it. I'll try to get through it, though, and perhaps my perspective will change.

vampyrsten | 03-22-11, 2:04 AM
Hey again, long time no see ^^

My thougths of Gankutsou is pretty good, it's an enjoyment to watch it, allthough the colours took a little time to get used to, but they really grew on me. The plot were really great, untill some place in the middle. Then it kinda stagnates.

Oh and the new season looks nice! Not only is the famous Kaiji season 2 coming out, but lots of great series are airing such as Showa Monogatari and C. But also really bad series like Kämpfer - Für die Liebe, Lotte's Toy and that education for 30 year olds.

I don't know about the last two but I will at least give them a try ^^

vampyrsten | 02-15-11, 12:43 PM
Hey there miss anonymous :3

I've been looking at Haibane Renmei for some time now, and the fact that you said that it reminded you of Mushishi just made it that more interesting. The thing is that i love Mushishi, alot. But on the other hand don't I really like Kino's journey. Mostly because I had heard that it should be as good, if not even better, than Mushishi. And as I watched it a grew more and more dissapointed...


That kinda ruined it for me..
BUT I'm still looking forward to it, I might just give it a lower rating if I'm looking too much forward too it


The new season is the winter season, which is all the anime that airs weekly from January to March. there isn't really anything that I'm following though. Though I am keeping in touch with some of the series ^^

And nevermind the long responding times, I usually enjoy my comments in a day or two before I reply ^^

Keiko-sama | 02-15-11, 12:17 AM
This was exactly the point why I was asking... ´Cause, funny enough you see, I felt exactly the other way around with Mushishi... So we do have our beloved ones with a 9 and can´t tell exactly what went wrong not to be 10. Not good enough is not point, non something missing...

Keiko-sama | 02-13-11, 12:37 AM
That looks really like a nice profile to be^^...
Just one question what was it that made Mononoke miss the final 10??
And for sure you should read 20th Century boy first, it is such an thrilling story and no boredom at all!

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