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Favorite Anime
Issho ni H Shiyo
Issho ni H Shiyo add
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: Sanshimai to no DokiDoki Kyoudou Seikatsu
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: Sanshimai to no DokiDoki Kyoudou Seikatsu add
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi add
Nee Summer!
Nee Summer! add
Kyonyuu Fantasy
Kyonyuu Fantasy add

Favorite Manga
No manga favorites added

Favorite Characters
Miyazawa, Akina
Orifushi, Mafuyu
Aoi, Aki
Iihara, Nao
Shirokawa, Saori
Sakuragi, Otome
Hibiki, Nanase

Favorite People
Tanaka, Ryouko
Tanaka, Ryouko
Sakurai, Harumi
Sakurai, Harumi
Ichimura, Oma
Ichimura, Oma
Ookubo, Aiko
Ookubo, Aiko
Narumi, Erika
Narumi, Erika
Aoba, Ringo
Aoba, Ringo
Ogura, Yui
Ogura, Yui

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Completed 333
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Kaioken-Sama | 12-10-12, 10:56 PM
Hey man keeping the hentai updated I see!

zaladinos | 09-23-12, 11:09 AM
Nice selection on the VA Ladies.

Kaioken-Sama | 08-23-12, 2:45 PM
Hey thanks man I am good. Yeah been watching hentai a lot lately. And naw not yet but I loved ep 1 that milk chick was sexy as hell. How bout you?

Warskippy | 04-09-12, 2:52 PM
This fucking hentai list ?!?!? haha Oh shit just got real. Why?!?!

nightwolf71b | 03-27-12, 1:48 PM
I'm finely done working all those hrs have you been good I hope its been so long I don't know of anything good to watch can you give me some help

EroTensai | 02-27-12, 3:24 AM
It is indeed by HoTD mangaka Satou Shouj. His style of drawing is my favorite!
Here you go:
It's only 4 pages long though, but in glorious full color.

nightwolf71b | 02-16-12, 7:57 PM
Sorry for the late reply but I had to let someone go at my job so I have been working 15 hr days for the last month have you watched anything good

HKeii | 02-15-12, 8:01 AM
the serie "Issho ni" is awesome! in total xD

i'm now in Manga Mode ON! reading all Sanbun Kyouden mangas i find \o/
much Cheating and Mature heheheheh
is the NTR god \o/

my favorite hentai anime is from Sanbun Kyouden mangas ^^

nightwolf71b | 01-25-12, 9:20 AM
How are you doing today

nightwolf71b | 01-16-12, 11:09 AM
How are you doing....good I hope did you watch anything good latey

Kaioken-Sama | 01-10-12, 4:36 PM
New years been good so far just trying to smoother my face in some chicks ass cheeks and watch anime hbu bro?

Kaioken-Sama | 01-10-12, 7:49 AM
Thanks for the info and she is Taki from Soul Calibur series.

Kaioken-Sama | 01-07-12, 6:51 PM
Your profile pic = sexy who is that?

Meioh | 01-05-12, 6:12 AM
I thought Buta Hime-sama was alright, I liked the first half with the dark skinned girl, great scene with her and the monster. But then yeah it was whatever. Still worth a watch.

Sadly Sui isn't in Etsu (both the OVA and game), it sucks she wasn't around in that one for some reason. I thought Etsu was a big step down from the first two OVA's, in terms of content and art/animation quality. It's still Inyouchuu so I love it, but yeah.

nightwolf71b | 01-04-12, 9:26 AM

I have seen them and they ate really good anime

Check thus out

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