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turquoise_neko | Yesterday, 2:50 AM
yes, I change my profile pic from time to time^^
Well I found the previous one searching google for blue kimono anime.
It also has some japanese text there but I can't read it unfortunatelly>< (if you can find out what it says there it would be great!)
Here's the link (the pic would of been great if the profile pic size would have been allowed to be bigger^^ )

Conficker | Jul 5, 5:46 PM
Hello I have a question regarding the site and since you are a database admin I thought I should ask it to you.

I have noticed that it takes some time to change forum avatars/profile pictures and I was wondering why it takes so long. If this happened because of lag in the servers then why does it take more time for images of the same format to be changed? I have noticed that if the new image is of a different format from that of the old one it takes significantly lesser time to get updated in the db.
Btw I am not trying to change my profile pic/avatar. I am just curious as to how this is implemented in the website since I do a bit of back end web development myself.

If you aren't allowed to talk about the functioning of the databases I understand. Have a nice day.

KamSung | Jul 5, 3:57 PM
Hey I was wondering about this little thing, what is the anime/manga called used as your forum sig/ava?

Kind regards, KamSung.

Seyfert | Jul 5, 8:21 AM
Sorry to say I have some criticism of MAL here: (not blaming you personally for any decision... I don't know who took it, of course).

Haine | Jul 4, 10:27 AM

★ Click on the banner for the badge ★
★ Badges made by Legolasdf

GENBrian | Jul 2, 5:04 PM

Haine | Jul 1, 3:15 PM
You're welcome c":

Haine | Jul 1, 3:06 PM

★ Click on the banner for the badge ★
★ Thanks for requesting, Any problems let me know ^^ ★

Haine | Jul 1, 11:07 AM

Hi there! One Piece Summer Festival has started!c:
You can now join the club event here.
Your first station should be this thread to know who're your team mates ^^.
Teams List:

Nickbk201 | Jun 27, 2:33 AM
Oh so thats what 20+ means :-P 6 months I'll be back!

karlstein12 | Jun 26, 11:42 AM
I see! I have got the hang of it now, thanks a lot!!

And how ironic that you used my One Outs review for example, see that was the only review I posted on many facebook groups so that my friends could see it too. :D

It was just that you said something about using CSS/Javascript in that forum and I have no idea of what that actually is, but everything's clear now, thanks again!
You see, I rely on reviews a lot and after reading them, I post them on my facebook groups with the affiliated anime which I'm interested in and watch them soon in the future, but can never post the direct link for the review and have to either tell them which specific review it is by giving them the anime title's link or give the profile link of the account which made the review, and ask them to go through it and see. And when people make a lot of reviews it's a waste of time since you have to go through all of the reviews till you find the one you want.

And I do know how to get links for my own reviews which I can get by clicking on "My Page" and going to the reviews, but I never knew if I could get one written by somebody else. And sorry for a really long-ass reply! I'm just really happy I've found out the way. :)

karlstein12 | Jun 26, 9:58 AM
Hello there!
So yeah basically I'm here to ask you something about what you said in a forum ( about how to get direct links for a review. But I completely don't understand anything at all so it would be really nice if you could enlighten me more about it.

K0tA | Jun 26, 4:02 AM
i over slept T_T

K0tA | Jun 24, 7:13 AM
i'll w8 there forever, until you come back ^^

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