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Fantasee | 05-22-15, 1:36 AM
Lol, it's actually kind of ironic you should mention that, because back a little over a year ago I sort of dropped Monster at episode 39 which is well into the show. Not because I didn't love it, but because school got in the way and stuff. I was only watching like one or two Monster episodes a week or something, and that's just not a good pace to have. Felt like I wasn't giving Monster the proper attention it deserved. Monster is a show that you need to be really involved in.. Meaning watching it on a consistent basis.
So as far as Monster episodes I haven't seen, I'm only now just beginning to get into that portion of it. But yeah, zero chance of turning back now haha.

Fantasee | 05-21-15, 9:35 PM


Lemonology | 04-20-15, 6:09 PM
Listen here ya little cunt

divlyfein | 04-18-15, 10:11 AM
I'm for sure going to watch Arise now. I've seen everything else GitS related now. I think I saw along with the movies it is a series now that just started airing?

Glad you are reading it! I love it to death!

josh_ | 04-13-15, 5:11 PM
"I'll defend you against the weeaboo masses though Josh, don't worry."

Sounds good! Haha.

I'll probably give Nozaki-kun a try.

divlyfein | 04-12-15, 4:30 PM
I just finished it. Damn man. Where do you even begin? I'm going to be feeling this for awhile...

I'm just reading around the forums and everything. I didn't realize so many people hold this series in such a high regard like you and I. That's awesome.

I never realized that the film Solid State Society was after 2nd Gig and I had seen that movie nearly 5 years ago. I can now watch it and understand it way more. It was so long ago I only recall the basic premise of it.

It sucks because of time and wanting to watch more stuff, but SaC and 2nd Gig can really benefit from multiple viewings I can tell.

divlyfein | 04-11-15, 10:35 PM
I've been doing good just trudging through the anime I have and all the new music coming out lately. What I own that I have to watch: Black Lagoon, Oh! My Goddess, Ergo Proxy, Hellsing Ultimate, Twelve Kingdoms (Already seen, but now own on blu-ray).

Yeah the ending to Berserk leaves you so blown away in the saddest way... I needed to read the manga for my own mental sanity and knowing it goes on so much longer haha

You got it. That song is perfect. Another favorite of mine is track 8 Earth. I just love the ethereal build up to when the song starts to pick up. His own albums not anime related are incredible too. If you ever watch live videos he is just solo and plays all these instruments by himself while singing lol

divlyfein | 04-11-15, 7:10 PM
Hey man! I see you watched Berserk! One of my all time favorites. Watch it at least once every few years. I remember it was a complete blind buy when I was first getting into anime and was blown away. Maybe it was my age and just getting into anime, but it had a profound emotional effect on me. Also Susumu Hirasawa is such an amazing composer and musician; loved the OST. It is one of the few shows I needed to read the manga when I learned that the anime only covers the first 13 volumes or so (and considering there are 37 :O). I could never find the money to buy all the volumes, but when Borders went out of business I bought them all. Still was $300+ lol.

Also almost done with Second Gig. I'm dying, Kuze is so amazing. I didn't think he could top the Laughing Man for me, but he is right there. I know the ending is going to be crazy. Also you weren't kidding about the character development I loved the episode about Saito especially since he is one of my favorite Section 9 members.

josh_ | 04-11-15, 6:07 PM
What did you think of Nozaki-kun? That's on my PTW.

josh_ | 04-11-15, 6:05 PM
Very nice. Best of luck getting into your top choices! I trust that you intend to be a lawyer of decent moral standing. I won't forgive you if you become a depraved lawyer who victimizes vulnerable people or takes advantage of absurd loopholes, haha.

Berserk sounds alright, although I'd probably read the manga before watching the anime.

There's not much I'd recommend from the past two seasons, to be honest. Yuri Kuma Arashi was alright, but not nearly as good as Penguindrum or Utena (same director). I'm starting to think that he is kind of a one trick pony. I've heard great things about Shirobako, but I haven't gotten around to it myself.

I'm enjoying Nana. There are times when the drama is a bit much, but I'd recommend it if only because it's somewhat unique (lots of smoking, sex, awkwardly dressed "punks", and rock music with bad English).

Here's the source of my profile picture: (It's not based on any character, as far as I know.)

josh_ | 04-09-15, 8:27 PM
Yo. How's it going? What have you been up to lately? Not watching too much anime, it appears, haha.

Cubo | 03-30-15, 7:49 PM
I'll help you out man, hahaha. Just watch out for the Curry and LeBron bros they got a legit argument for each but you gotta defend your own man. Westbrook bros fuck them man, Harden carries the better team and Westbrook is the ESPN media baby.

Cubo | 03-30-15, 7:31 PM
Cuz I saw that post and I'm like damn man, another Rockets fan hahaha. Thought I'd never find one.

Nice man, I go to one game a year but yeah I watch most of them. Went to the one where Harden nearly got 50 over the Pacers.

I don't follow football much but I guess I say I like the Texans a bit hahaha. Houston Cougars all the way though.

Cubo | 03-30-15, 7:05 PM
Yo, you a Rockets fan?

JustALEX | 03-15-15, 4:18 PM
I'm hosting an ESPN Tournament Challenge thing...

If you want in:

Check out the NCAA Basketball thread for more info!

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