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Fantasee | 09-17-14, 10:31 AM
Ahhhh... I see now lol. What happened in the encounter with the black mushi was the main thing I was confused on. Thanks a bunch for clearing that up for me.

Fantasee | 09-16-14, 8:21 PM
So was the metamorphosis Kumado (I think that was his name) underwent supposed to be a secret from the rest of the world? I ask this because before the scene at the end with all three of Ginko/Tanyuu/Kumado, I seem to remember Ginko being upset with the old lady after he found out about the metamorphosis.

Which leads me to this next question - was the metamorphosis supposed to be a big reveal or something? After I finished the special, I was reading the MAL discussion page, and people there seemed to be really surprised like "Omg the poor guy got his soul taken!!"
I was confused reading those comments, because I thought they revealed that at the very beginning of the special, and the people in the discussion thread were acting like the soul extraction was a big surprise that was revealed only towards the end lol.

I am also not sure what exactly happened when they encountered the black mushi. I understand that the mushi couldn't take Kumado's soul due to it being artificial, but after the mushi figured out it couldn't take Kumado's, it started swarming Ginko, and it looked like Ginko was swallowed up by that mushi. How did he break free from that?

Also, yes, I agree Mushishi is pretty much untouchable. :P That's why I gave the special a relatively high score despite me not really understanding anything about it, haha. Hell, even if I understood it and thought it was bad, the show is probably still a 5 or 6 on art/animation alone. I still haven't seen an anime as beautiful as Mushishi is.

Fantasee | 09-16-14, 4:29 PM
Can you explain to me what exactly went down in the Mushishi Zoku Shou special? I've seen it twice now, and for some reason I feel like I don't completely understand the story of it. I have it rated as a 7, but idk, it might deserve a better rating than what I'm giving it lol.

LOAD | 09-13-14, 2:25 PM
Oh damn. I really really like Blue Hawaii. I was about to say that it reminded me of Grimes and Braids, but then I realized that they were all under the same record label. I didn't even know dream pop was a genre, even though I seem to like a bunch of bands under that genre.

I also checked out Supreme by Postiljonen. That one's pretty good! I looked up some of the ones you mentioned and I kinda like Purity Ring too.

... I'm seriously in love with Blue Hawaii though. Thanks :-)))

LOAD | 09-10-14, 11:34 PM
I remember hearing the Haim cover before. The synths during the chorus are wicked, but Lauren's voice doesn't sound that great with the song. Their Team cover is... alright.
Well, I'm also a fan of Haim and Lorde, so it's great that CHVRCHES covered them heh. Do you know of any bands that sound like them? It'd be great to get into some new bands.

Alright, I'll get around to watching Ping Pong soon :-) Sounds good.

& Damnnn. That's rough. Hope you do well!

LOAD | 09-08-14, 10:40 PM
Haha, agreeeed. It was a nice surprise too, since I'm quite the fan of the monkeys myself. I haven't heard much of CHVRCHES' other covers though. Do you know any other good ones?

Ooh yeah, I've heard so much about Ping Pong. I just finished another sports series, so it'll most likely come up on my list soon. What should I expect from it, if I should be expecting anything?
Haikyuu is, er, amazing. That's pretty much all I can say haha. & Good luck with college/school!

LOAD | 09-07-14, 4:04 PM
Yeah I agree! I loved their Do I Wanna Know cover of the Arctic Monkeys. It wasn't their song, but they made it seem like it was. It didn't seem to be such a great cover for the majority of people though haha. As good as The Bones of What You Believe is, I'm itching for a new album. A new album and a new tour, basically.
For anime, yeah, I'm just really into the sports genre. I don't typically watch sports irl.

LOAD | 09-06-14, 9:07 PM
Ooh, I didn't know that. You're so lucky, because basically every band goes to Austin every US tour. I've wanted to see them live for ages but unfortunately the chance has yet to come up. What's your favorite song/songs by them?

LOAD | 09-06-14, 2:34 PM
Me too! So I'm assuming that was a picture from their show? Damn, that's lucky. I've never seen them live before, though I would die to.

LOAD | 09-06-14, 11:09 AM
... Is that Lauren Mayberry as your forum picture?

Josh- | 08-23-14, 6:15 PM
I actually like the majority of the album. Only 2-3 songs I'm not big on.

Glad that you liked Ping Pong! It was interesting reading your thoughts on it.

I just watched the latest Mushishi special and it delivered, as expected. That series can do no wrong.

Fantasee | 08-22-14, 4:34 PM
That'd be awesome to work for a video game company.. That's about as close to a dream job as anyone can get.

I haven't played much recently though. I got about (and I'm still) halfway through Demon's Souls for the PS3 and then I just kinda stopped. The game is fun as hell, but for some reason I just haven't played it in a while. I think what has happened is anime and manga are taking up what usually would be my video game time, lol

How is No Game No Life, by the way? Depending on who I ask, it's either amazing or abhorrant. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for that show..

Fantasee | 08-21-14, 11:56 PM
An Aggie becoming a Longhorn? Oh my! What is this blasphemy!? You can't just transfer to rival schools like that, man!! :P

So you want to be a law student? That's awesome. My mom always tells me I should become a lawyer since I like to argue so much haha. And if I was a lawyer, I could argue for a living. :P
I know it's insanely hard work to even get in to law school though, and I don't really want to go through all that, to be honest. Props to anyone that does though, it's something I respect.

Fantasee | 08-20-14, 8:16 PM
Middle school is when I left baseball. Went out for that team, didn't make it, and that kind of took away all my interest in the sport lol. Do you mean Ultimate Frisbee? I've only played that once, but it was actually pretty fun.

Yeah, I'll be a college sophomore this upcoming year. I've still got a couple days though, don't start back until the 25th. As for a major.. I haven't decided that yet, to be honest. But I've it narrowed down to a couple choices.. I'm thinking either computer programming or economics at the moment.


Fantasee | 08-19-14, 6:22 PM
Yes, I still play soccer in a local rec league. It's not overly competitive or anything, but it's a fun time. I played baseball as well when I was younger, but not anymore.

Oh yeah, Ippo seems great. It seems like any show done by Madhouse studio ends up being really good.. Which is a great thing for me, considering Madhouse is adapting the Kiseijuu manga (on my favorite manga list :D) into an anime. That's probably the Fall 2014 anime I'm looking forward to the most, with the possible exception of Mushishi's last season.

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