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Cubo | Yesterday, 7:49 PM
I'll help you out man, hahaha. Just watch out for the Curry and LeBron bros they got a legit argument for each but you gotta defend your own man. Westbrook bros fuck them man, Harden carries the better team and Westbrook is the ESPN media baby.

Cubo | Yesterday, 7:31 PM
Cuz I saw that post and I'm like damn man, another Rockets fan hahaha. Thought I'd never find one.

Nice man, I go to one game a year but yeah I watch most of them. Went to the one where Harden nearly got 50 over the Pacers.

I don't follow football much but I guess I say I like the Texans a bit hahaha. Houston Cougars all the way though.

Cubo | Yesterday, 7:05 PM
Yo, you a Rockets fan?

JustALEX | 03-15-15, 4:18 PM
I'm hosting an ESPN Tournament Challenge thing...

If you want in:

Check out the NCAA Basketball thread for more info!

Tachii | 02-04-15, 2:02 PM
Uhhm, actually there's a lot, it's more like 3:1, in favour of girls lol

Also oucccch.

Tachii | 02-03-15, 8:56 PM
I got accepted into the Master's program of Occupational Therapy (which is probably the most chill grad program in existence.) Enjoying it a lot, and the job market seems decent enough.

Lots of girls in class too.

Tachii | 02-02-15, 8:14 PM
ru a doctor or a lawyer yet

AllenVonStein | 01-28-15, 1:10 PM
Haha ok I see. but anyway I will give u the link for the movie if u want to add it to your plan to watch list here: btw what are u playing? anything good? . I am playing right now dragon age inquisition its really good (battles against a myriad of enemies) u can play as human.elf..and more option

AllenVonStein | 01-25-15, 5:55 AM
LMFAO its just a game. He needs to calm down. He must have Money to waste.Or MAYBE HE couldn't concentrate because of all others players surrounding him BTW u seem to be a Mushishi fan like me did u heard of the latest movie?

AllenVonStein | 01-24-15, 1:26 PM
Hi there Legendre lol that's a funny gif . I am wondering whats happened to that black guy. why did he smash his laptop xd

josh_ | 01-18-15, 1:31 PM
I loved Windy Tales, from start to finish. Such a charming little show. Great stories, great characters, great soundtrack.

josh_ | 01-07-15, 12:35 PM

I didn't listen to very much new music this year, but Ruins was definitely one of my favourites. I'll have to check out a bunch of those other ones. My brother has been telling me to download Run The Jewels for a while now, haha.

josh_ | 12-30-14, 5:14 PM
Yup, haha. I really like it so far. It's relaxing, and the OST is great.

josh_ | 11-13-14, 9:29 PM
Do you like some post-hardcore or emo? If so, definitely consider checking out Pianos Become the Teeth's new album. It's wonderful and I can't stop listening to it.

RedRoseFring | 11-10-14, 1:59 PM
It was meant to cleverly disguise the fact that an appropriate response was not given by raising your ire and making you just a bit upset that your maternal life-bearer was brought into the conversation.

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