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Josh-i | 08-23-14, 6:15 PM
I actually like the majority of the album. Only 2-3 songs I'm not big on.

Glad that you liked Ping Pong! It was interesting reading your thoughts on it.

I just watched the latest Mushishi special and it delivered, as expected. That series can do no wrong.

Fantasee | 08-22-14, 4:34 PM
That'd be awesome to work for a video game company.. That's about as close to a dream job as anyone can get.

I haven't played much recently though. I got about (and I'm still) halfway through Demon's Souls for the PS3 and then I just kinda stopped. The game is fun as hell, but for some reason I just haven't played it in a while. I think what has happened is anime and manga are taking up what usually would be my video game time, lol

How is No Game No Life, by the way? Depending on who I ask, it's either amazing or abhorrant. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for that show..

Fantasee | 08-21-14, 11:56 PM
An Aggie becoming a Longhorn? Oh my! What is this blasphemy!? You can't just transfer to rival schools like that, man!! :P

So you want to be a law student? That's awesome. My mom always tells me I should become a lawyer since I like to argue so much haha. And if I was a lawyer, I could argue for a living. :P
I know it's insanely hard work to even get in to law school though, and I don't really want to go through all that, to be honest. Props to anyone that does though, it's something I respect.

Fantasee | 08-20-14, 8:16 PM
Middle school is when I left baseball. Went out for that team, didn't make it, and that kind of took away all my interest in the sport lol. Do you mean Ultimate Frisbee? I've only played that once, but it was actually pretty fun.

Yeah, I'll be a college sophomore this upcoming year. I've still got a couple days though, don't start back until the 25th. As for a major.. I haven't decided that yet, to be honest. But I've it narrowed down to a couple choices.. I'm thinking either computer programming or economics at the moment.


Fantasee | 08-19-14, 6:22 PM
Yes, I still play soccer in a local rec league. It's not overly competitive or anything, but it's a fun time. I played baseball as well when I was younger, but not anymore.

Oh yeah, Ippo seems great. It seems like any show done by Madhouse studio ends up being really good.. Which is a great thing for me, considering Madhouse is adapting the Kiseijuu manga (on my favorite manga list :D) into an anime. That's probably the Fall 2014 anime I'm looking forward to the most, with the possible exception of Mushishi's last season.

divlyfein | 08-19-14, 1:26 PM
I'm glad you say that. X ranks as one of my favorite games of all time. I picked up the HD version and have been working on a 100% complete run which takes a lot more than 7 in terms of maxing the sphere grid. When it came out I maxed out the grid and did everything but not in the strictest sense. I have been waiting for the HD version to finally attempt that. I love that game to death. And speak of the devil its the one that gets so much hate >>

Yup I grew up with AoE as well so it's nostalgic for me. I can see it being like a turtle compared to StarCraft! XD But I just love the community and I find all the strats and gameplay vastly interesting. I played StarCraft 1 so much as a kid and have 2 but never ventured to watch many pro games...

I still rock Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II on my Sega Genesis! I will have to check out some competitive play! :D

Tachycardic | 08-19-14, 7:13 AM
i'll watch it one day p;

Fantasee | 08-19-14, 2:55 AM
Aside from Michigan Wolverines football and basketball, I'm a pretty big fan of Arsenal FC from the English Premier League, as well as the Nashville Predators from the NHL. I am also a New Orleans Saints fan, but I follow college sports/soccer/hockey more than I do the NFL. And yes lol I adore the NHL playoffs. For me, that's the most entertaining playoffs of any sport, with March Madness being a close second. I totally agree with you on baseball.. That's a fun sport to play, but watching it is a different story. Whether you're actually at the game or just watching it on TV, baseball is almost like watching paint dry.. I like Tennis, it's a fun sport to watch and to play. I don't really follow professional tennis, but if I see it on TV I'll sit down and watch it every now and then.
I'm the same way with the NBA as you are the NHL. I don't watch regular season NBA, but the playoffs are good. Whenever I watch an NBA regular season game, it just looks like the players aren't really giving any effort whatsoever. I feel like defense is almost non-existant in the regular season NBA.

I have a couple sports anime on my PTW/PTR lists that I think look promising. Despite what I just said about baseball, One Outs seems really interesting to me. For the most part though, I'm like you, I tend to stay away from the genre.

Oh, before I forget - Even though I told you that I like Aldnoah.Zero, it doesn't hold a candle to Zankyou no Terror. I watched the first three episodes of ZnT back when they first came out, and immediately after that I moved ZnT back to my plan to watch list because I decided I wanted to marathon it instead of having to wait for each episode on a weekly basis.. I don't have any idea where the story is right now, but the first 3 episodes were splendid. I can't wait until that show completes so I can start watching it.

Josh-i | 08-18-14, 6:50 PM
Vocagaze best genre, haha.

What did you think of Ping Pong now that you finished it?

I had so much fun with Diebuster. Probably because it was directed by the same guy who did FLCL. Loved everything about it.

Fantasee | 08-18-14, 6:43 PM
Well I followed MAL's database while making that list, so if MAL is right, my list 'should' be right as well.
Yeah. Seed, Wing, and 00 all look like good series, as well as the original Mobile Suit series. I think the Gundam IGLOO movies look interesting as well.

And yeah it is hard to keep up with everything. I can manage 3 or 4 currently airing shows at a time, especially if they aren't really story driven shows like One Piece or HxH. I try to limit myself to one non-airing show at a time though, which for me right now is Prince of Tennis haha. Oh, while I'm on the topic of Prince of Tennis, that is the most ridiculous show ever... It's basically Tennis Ball Z. Each character has their own power up, an insane shot they can do that absolutely defies all logic. It has some redeeming qualities to it, I enjoy the show, but it's pretty bullshit for a sports anime.

Btw, do you follow any other sports besides football?

divlyfein | 08-18-14, 5:39 PM
Yeah I finally got around to 7 a few years ago I still have my PS1 version and loved it. I've always been on a quest to beat them all and not be biased about them. I swear every FF has a fan boy following that just bashes all the other ones. Unfortunately 7 to me is the worst in that regard. I also played Crisis Core as well which I believe to be one of the best FF games made. When 7 came out on PC I decided to do a 100%/stat max run and put so many hours into it that it scares me lol. I played 8 as well on my PS1 version a few years ago and want to give it way more attention on PC. It is good but very slow with loading and everything... luckily PC fixed that I assume. The story also has one of the most debated endings...

Is it Carcinogen by any chance?? I just watched his run on SGDQ for RE2 and was blown away. I spend way to much time on Twitch I almost want to get into speed running now but I don't know for what. I can say I really love watching Mirror's Edge, Halo, GTA, but most of all Age of Empires 2. I can watch pro streams of that for hours easily.

Good luck with the LSAT! I definitely want to get something going sometime on Steam. I just want to get a new hard drive and get my computer set up again how I had it. ^^;

Fantasee | 08-18-14, 2:45 AM
I'm relieved.. That's good to hear that what I already know isn't anything major. Spoilers have the potential to take a lot of enjoyment out of the show. I remember being pretty upset after I got spoiled that Lelouch died at the end of Geass, but then I watched it and found out R2 was bad anyways, so meh.. lol


I'm going to try and make sense out of Gundam right here, right now.. So get ready, this will be a long post :D
I don't have anything better to do at 4:30 in the morning anyways, haha.
This probably won't include every single Gundam in existence, but I'll try to get most of them.
I don't think all the Gundam shows are one big series. So it's not all one continuous story. It seems like everything stems from the first series, but they aren't all related to each other story wise. Don't quote me on this, but I think every single Gundam ever occurs in the world of "Mobile Suit Gundam", which was the very first one, and that there's just a seemingly infinite number of side stories and spin offs for that.. That's my understanding of it, anyways.

-> will indicate a sequel.
Each series and its sequels will be enclosed in bolded parenthesis ()


The very first Gundam was "Mobile Suit Gundam", and the order for that series goes:

(Mobile Suit Gundam -> Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: War in the pocket -> Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory -> Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam -> Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ -> Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack -> Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn -> Mobile Suit Gundam F91 -> Mobile Suit Victory Gundam)

Here come the spin offs..

(Mobile Suit Gundam 00 -> Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Second season -> Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer)

(Mobile Suit Gundam Wing -> Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Movie)

(Mobile Suit Gundam Seed -> Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: After-phase between the stars -> Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny -> Mobile Suit Gundam Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future)

(Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: The one year hidden war -> Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079 -> Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Gravity of the battlefront)

(Gundam Build Fighters -> Gundam Build Fighters Try)

(Turn A Gundam)

(Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

(Mobile Suit Gundam Age)

(After War Gundam X)

(Gundam: G no Reconguista)

I think that's the majority of it.. There's several OVA's out there that are their own entities, they don't have a sequel or a prequel to them. I tried to leave those off this list. I mainly just wanted list the different TV series, and the ones that actually have prequels/sequels to them.

Fantasee | 08-17-14, 8:56 PM
That's quite the list... Wow.

I still don't have any idea what NGE is even about, but I found out on accident that

I don't know if that's a huge plot point or anything though.

Fantasee | 08-17-14, 2:01 PM
Lol that's a cool big 3. I finished the Yu Yu Hakusho manga not too long ago. I really enjoyed it, actually. Probably the 2nd best shonen I've had the pleasure of reading/watching.. #1 being One Piece, of course. :P
I haven't seen any Gundam shows yet, even though I'd like to. I honestly don't even know where to start though. There's so many of them. :/

NGE does seem pretty good. Unfortunately, a while back I'm pretty sure I got spoiled on it, so hopefully I can still find it entertaining.

Fantasee | 08-16-14, 6:06 PM
Well I started out by just watching Naruto/Bleach/One Piece when I was still in middle school (which is probably about how 95% of Americans got their start in anime, lulz) but those three shows didn't really suck me into the anime world, so to speak.. That didn't really come until last year when a friend of mine told me about Rurouni Kenshin. So I started watching that, and it made me realize that there is more to anime than just the Big 3, haha. So I guess Rurouni Kenshin is responsible for actually getting me into anime. It also had to do with me getting bored of western shows, which I honestly find shit in comparison to anime now. (except for Dexter <3)
I feel like anime is just such a unique and diverse medium. Writers have the freedom to come up with any story they can imagine. Live actions shows almost -have- to be somewhat realistic, which really limits what they can do. Anime allows for much more fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi settings, which I love.

I'm liking Aldnoah.Zero so far, it's solid. If I had to rate it right now I'd probably give it a 7. I think the premise of the show is pretty interesting, and I like the fact that Aldnoah.Zero actually uses tactics and strategy to defeat the opponent rather than just brute force. Inaho, the main character, is the genius/know it all archetype but it's nothing too bad. (I've heard Kirito from SAO is an expert on literally everything and it ruins the show) Inaho isn't as bad as Kirito, at least. It’s probably going to end up as your standard “high school kid saves the world” anime, but meh, that’s how a lot of anime are so that doesn’t irk me too much.

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