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01-21-15, 7:27 PM
January 2, 1996
Shanghai, China
May 3, 2012
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About Halisan
Welcome to my profile~ I'm Harry, a 16 year old Australia now living in China. Believe it or not, my first introduction to anime is "Pokemon" when I was at the age of five, (Got into anime ever since..) then I got in contact with Pokemon:green first edition on my "brand new" GBA, (The game card has probably gone extinct by now..)finally discovering the OMNIPOTENT world of anime.

I enjoy computer games, badminton, anime, manga, and basically everything about Japanese culture.I'm a classic Otaku and a great procrastinator in general, eager to do a lot, but nothings great enough to motivate me into doing so. (other than those mentioned above.)

I'm pretty much new to MAL, first time in a community like this one, so douzo yoroshiku~~

My clubs a place for everyone to chat in, don't necessarily have to talk about your private feelings if you don't want to, anythings fine.

Here's my rating graph, enjoy!

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Dunecat | 02-02-14, 8:18 PM
Oh yeah, I made it to High Rank village elder in Monster Hunter. I couldn't finish any of the missions yet though. Those damned bulldromes are harder to kill than an azure rathalos.

Dunecat | 02-02-14, 12:13 AM
Oh hi. Yeah, MAL is pretty much the only social networking site that I go to often. You gotta be more active on MAL if you wanna discuss stuff with me, just saying. The other is Facebook and I use Hotmail and Skype for diplomatic purposes (AKA, group projects and college admissions)

You just got back from Hokkaido? I just got back from Kansai. We stayed in Osaka and went around Kyoto and Kobe. I brought back tons of action figures, and I think I spent more than I must but I don't think I can help it. After all, I must have wasted over 4,000 yen on prize games (got a Miku action figurine in the end!)

Next time I go to Japan, it will be on April. Then again, it's for my badminton tournament, so I doubt I'll be doing much of a lookaround.

How's your applications going so far? I sent in 3 of my applications already: 2 to Japan and 1 in China.

Kyo- | 01-11-13, 5:18 AM
Hope you had a nice one ^^
And don't worry about it :3

Kyo- | 01-02-13, 8:53 AM
Happy Birthday ^^

Dunecat | 10-14-12, 3:09 AM
Somehow I can't find the invitations tab. Ugh.

Invitation sent :3

Dunecat | 10-13-12, 10:36 PM
Huh. They never seem to have notifications for invitations.

Sorry about that, pal. I never mean to sever connections between the 2 of us ^^"

Dunecat | 08-27-12, 8:05 AM
I thought GTA IV was a really big improvement over San Andreas. I was kinda disappointed that it doesn't have several large cities as San Andreas did, just more features cut and introduced.

Snowing | 08-24-12, 4:17 PM
Sorry for such a late reply!!

I have 1.5months left of high school and then...UNI!! Pretty hectic too here.

Ah, I remember learning all the hiragana and katakana in yr 6. I hated that, but once you remember it all, japanese is really really simple to learn.

Dunecat | 08-20-12, 9:12 PM
I thought it looked really cool but then it's gonna lag anyway... dammit.

Dunecat | 08-19-12, 6:06 AM
I am not entirely sure of that. It's still some time left until December anyway. We're not even sure if we're coming back on December.

The food's okay... it's good in some places. The food in my school rocks, but it's tad expensive.

Ps. Damn, I could have downloaded Street Fighter x Tekken but somehow Xunlei stopped working at 40% download (Slowed down until like, 15 kb/s)
And uTorrent won't work. I wanna play GTA IV so badly.

Dunecat | 08-12-12, 12:30 AM
They understand some English. Broken phrases, just like some Chinese people.

Dunecat | 08-11-12, 5:31 AM
Intense language problem, but we get along fine.

Dunecat | 08-09-12, 7:00 AM
1. Apartment is tiny.
2. It's so hilly. When we get out of our apartment complex, the road is slanted.
3. There's scarcely any escalators.
4. Things are pricey.
5. Amazing subway system.

Snowing | 07-18-12, 2:27 PM
How is everything going? Is your japanese studies going well?

Long time no talk, Harry-san.

Kiur | 06-24-12, 10:23 AM
I finnaly took a look on friend requests as kinda back in mal, sure i add you ^^

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