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Sha8 | 07-10-09, 9:56 AM
That's awsome I didn't even know there was a job that would let anyone do that. When do you start your next job.

Sha8 | 07-07-09, 9:24 PM
Yea I'm still at ups. How was your trip to japan.

Hat-N-Clogs | 01-23-09, 12:32 PM
nah, i havent....i actually didnt know about this....thanks, i will have to check it out later

Sha8 | 12-24-08, 3:38 PM
Happy Holidays

Hat-N-Clogs | 10-31-08, 9:51 AM

IhateGriffith | 09-30-08, 8:53 PM
My name is StrengthIsAllThatMatters. Add me as a friend.

IhateGriffith | 09-16-08, 10:58 AM
I would have to say that Guts has his hands full. There are so many different monsters appearing that its inevitable that hes going to turn into a beast. The Berserker armor is pretty sweet though. By the way, I tried reading Claymore and I couldn't find the chapter that started right before Rigardo. Do you know which one it is?

demondude777 | 07-15-08, 8:59 AM
Here is the link on IMDB:

It is still in keep your fingers crossed!

demondude777 | 07-14-08, 8:37 AM
I skipped Gantz because i heard what happens in the beginning of the series with the dog and girl...that was enough to make me lose intrest.

Did you hear about the live action Battle Angel movie in the works? It should be out next year and that may spark some sort of anime series after..:)

demondude777 | 07-13-08, 9:50 PM
Do you mean Last Order? One of my anime sites was holding a 35% deal on certain I bought all the Last Orders well as the main series. I am going to work my way to them...but I am really loving the Battle Angels. I have the OVAs, and love them...even though it is only 2 episodes.

demondude777 | 07-12-08, 11:46 PM
Actually, Ergo Proxy is my favorite anime series I have watched. It isn't without it's you said, the pacing in the last few episodes can be a nightmare. This just feel rushed and cut out....but nothing has sucked me in so well before...:)

I also noticed you are reading Battle Angel Alita. I just started it today and I am 2 volumes is it for you?

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-23-08, 9:46 AM

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-19-08, 11:55 AM
ok, cool, thanks

Hat-N-Clogs | 03-18-08, 8:03 PM
hey, hows it going?

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