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04-25-15, 5:36 AM
July 27, 1983
Bowling Green, KY
January 4, 2012
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Hi, 29 yo male, currently in a relationship with my fiancee of 4 years. Started watching Anime back during the summer of the first Sci-Fi anime Week, since I've been on and off watching series, trying to keep up with the 'decent' and 'known' series while watching gems from the past.

I'm not a nostalgiafag and I love just about any genre and topic an anime will cover. Be it action, moe, science fiction, robots, comedy or even harem.

Fiancee enjoys watching romantic series as well, which seem to be very few and far as of lately.

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Wisdomfist | 04-19-12, 3:57 AM
Good gawd I've gotten behind. I've yet to finish 2/3 of what I started last season - I need like a week off of work or something. Especially for shows I know don't resolve very well (see: Black Rock Shooter) but that I'm too deep in to drop. So hard to be motivaaaated...

Wisdomfist | 01-11-12, 6:06 PM
Things that are done from 2009-2011 what may find a happy home on your list:
Summer Wars (movie)
Sword of the Stranger (movie)
Eve no Jikan (ONAs or movie, get the movie though)
Mawaru Penguindrum, if you have any tolerance for Ikuhara shows. Cars made of metaphors, all that.

Wisdomfist | 01-08-12, 12:57 AM
Grabbed anything from new season yet? Symphogear and Nisemonogatari both looking pretty swell. Also Rinne no Lagrange, but at this point all we have is the pre-air - the real, non-shitty-looking one airs tomorry.

Wisdomfist | 01-05-12, 5:50 PM
Gah. Bored at work. Need to finish watching something I put on hold, but I have no idea what. Might be easy to finish Gosick or Dantalian. I dunno.

Wisdomfist | 01-04-12, 6:28 PM
I liked season 1 well enough, despite classic JC Staff non-ending. Can't seem to work myself up to finish Railgun/start Index 2 though.

Wisdomfist | 01-04-12, 1:31 AM
How goes? Workin night shift, lurking, and watching Mazinkaiser, here.

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