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11-08-09, 3:04 PM
October 25, 2008
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Time (Days) 31.9
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I don't have a huge variety of anime...yet. I am currently trying to get into Absolute boyfriend and Yurara, but I hope to find others to read and watch soon.

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Totoro2 | 12-22-10, 9:31 AM
Hello :)

Totoro2 | 09-02-09, 2:10 PM
hey how is your summer so far. Its school already. I guess I'll see you soon then. Too bad we couldn't get together this summer.

Anyway i have a new interest in Japanese drama shows. You should check it out. Go to and look at one litre of tears and gokusen. They are both really good.

See you soon. Marga XD

Totoro2 | 06-26-09, 6:39 AM
Hi! Long time no see. No see. Anyway how is your summer break so far?

Totoro2 | 03-18-09, 5:41 AM

Totoro2 | 03-13-09, 7:04 PM
Hi xD

Totoro2 | 03-02-09, 6:19 PM
Hello xD
I was think about joining the happy club. I'm not so sure.
Should I?

Totoro2 | 01-25-09, 7:56 AM
really is it showing on tv on anime nights?

Totoro2 | 01-09-09, 1:56 PM
hey, you know the update you added about blood the last vampire, i saw it at blockbuster, i was going to rent it. How is that story?

Totoro2 | 12-23-08, 11:15 AM
Hehe i saw the "dramtatic look" on you tube so funny!
After i looked at sneezing panda and funny baby laughs. I laugh all the time :)

Totoro2 | 11-03-08, 1:11 PM
(0 0)
(u u)o HELLO!!!

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