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05-06-15, 3:41 AM
December 26, 1993
Wouldn't you like to know? ò_o
May 29, 2010
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Overall, I'm a very strange person. I can switch between talking totally childish one moment, and very old-fashion and proper the next, and will ofen do so if I'm either in a large group with my friends, or if I'm talking to someone over the internet. I and very literate is basic net-speak, but if you dare talk to me in that accursed scourge on modern language, I will beat you down with a stick faster than you can saw 'pwned'.

Anyhow, I've been compared to Haruhi Suzumiya in appearance, though my personality is a different story. Though I do share her interest in the cryptozoological and boredom of reality, I'm more like shy, eager-to-please Mikuru than Haruhi's demanding, leader-type style.

When I'm not thinking about anime/manga and the adorable men which inhabit said works(which is very rare without actually deciding to), I'm an aspiring writer, artist, and enjoy a combination of both classic and modern literature, as well as poetry and theatre, especially that dealing with real-life problems or fantasy(strange combination, right? It just depends on my mood, is all). I'm also a great problem-solver and have a lot of determination. My weaknesses? I'm EXTREMELY necrozoophobic, and I also may had oral allergy syndrom(I still have to get tested, but my mom and I agreed that it sound EXACTLY like the reaction I've been experiencing the last 10 years). However, I'm more likely to uleash my violent side on anyone who attempts to take advantage of those weaknesses, so don't try it. ^-^

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babubang | 12-17-13, 3:29 AM
Hi i'm so sorry i accidentally clicked 'not helpful' instead of 'read more' when i was reading your review of are you alice?

peanut1016 | 03-25-12, 3:01 PM
I just read True Colors. And... I was, like, speechless!!! Wow, Nette-chan!!! You're truly talented! I'm so glad I got to read it! ^^ Thank you for letting me! (^__^)

peanut1016 | 03-17-12, 4:34 PM
Nice to meet you, Nette-chan! ^^ (hope that name's ok since it came from your user...) (^__^)/

KingDeadKira | 04-23-11, 10:26 AM
I picked up Tiger & Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, Deadman Wonderland, C control, Blue Exorcist and Steins;Gate.
Tiger & Bunny is a concept we hardly ever get. For one, the main character is an adult, that has a child! and two, it involves no school whatsoever. The only complaint about it is the overuse of the CG1, but other then that, it's very refreshing.
Hanasaku Iroha reminds of those teen dramas you often see on TV. But the good thing about it is the dialogue and the slice of life. The dialogue is really well-paced. No overly dramatic moments. The slice of life is really effective. I found it to be quite pragmatic.
Deadman Wonderland is already getting ruined. But I'll give it some time before making my final judgement.
C control was definitely splendid. First of all, another college student. And second, it's an original anime. The story is full of potential. If it goes in the right direction. then it'll be this season's best.
Blue Exorcist was alright. Kind of reminded of supernatural. With the whole "black smoke" exiting the mouth after exorcism.
Steins;Gate is already following the footsteps of Chaos;Head, But It's definitely interesting. I just hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as Chaos;Head.

So far so good. This season isn't that disappointing.

AlexaDawn | 04-19-11, 6:45 PM

KingDeadKira | 04-14-11, 2:29 AM
Glad you responded. Others just blow me off calling me a "douche" or a "pervert". But i'm just expressing myself, (in my own way) so what's wrong with that?!

I dunno but your confusion just deepen our new friendship :D

Don't sweat it. I'm the same. If I don't keep myself updated with something, I always seem to forget. I think I've memory loss...Anyways, what animes are you watching? picked up any of the spring animes?

KingDeadKira | 04-07-11, 1:38 AM
"My weaknesses? I'm EXTREMELY necrozoophobic"

Prepare yourself, because your worst nightmare is here, Muhahahahaha...ha..cough..cough..ugh...

Sorry about that. My undead side often takes over...ANYWAYS, I saw your review on "Are You Alice" and decided to hit on you...I mean hit you up! *cough* It's not like I commented you because you're girl. No no no! The truth is I could care less about your review or the manga...I mean, how is it? any good? :D

chaorcute | 08-20-10, 11:31 PM

chaorcute | 08-15-10, 5:13 PM
non its bad to bad i geuss its for graphic violence and horred nudity but its very good

chaorcute | 08-05-10, 12:00 PM
.... holy fricking hell do not watch elfen lied you will go insane it was so awesome to me but its fucking twisted wow its very emotionaal and horrific lawls and funny oncr in a great while but it is fucked up i think you would puke on evcery episode

and holy shit a just had an animegasm from watching it next up is great teacher onizuka ^.^ now i can get all that gore and blood outa my head with a comedic anime

chaorcute | 08-01-10, 9:51 PM

chaorcute | 07-29-10, 7:37 AM
and i actually realized that based on your grell figure for a fave char

chaorcute | 07-29-10, 7:35 AM
mhm oh i have the card for the thingy *epic yawn* so

chaorcute | 07-26-10, 12:39 PM
ok who ish dis

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