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08-27-13, 6:16 PM
Kent, United Kingdom
July 1, 2012
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Anime isn't really my main hobby so I haven't watched much.


My username is taken from the Kalisia album.

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strategian | 02-14-15, 10:26 AM
the fuccboi king

strategian | 08-25-14, 11:10 AM
delete this

strategian | 05-20-13, 5:37 AM
sorry i'm a lone wolf

strategian | 05-16-13, 7:14 PM
check it

strategian | 05-16-13, 6:30 PM

Ruggarell | 03-18-13, 4:40 PM
Cause I feel like being uptight.

Pheneks | 09-11-12, 8:16 PM
Senjougahara's gone. She's been replaced by Kona-chan. :O

Pheneks | 08-30-12, 10:16 PM
Is that a hint of jealousy? huehuehue

Symmetry7 | 08-09-12, 11:26 AM
yeah, i understand that the pacing was off comparatively, and i didn't like some of the shit that they tried to do with Lelouch, but the ending was quite epic. It really hits home with the tragedy and heaviness of the sacrifice for the greater good.

Symmetry7 | 08-02-12, 9:32 AM
i am now finally creating this page...whew, school takes up all my time.

Reverie_e | 07-11-12, 8:51 AM
You love her, don't you?

Reverie_e | 07-10-12, 6:38 PM
It's been a while since I've read it. Sorry if I got it wrong.

Reverie_e | 07-10-12, 4:16 PM
Up to date with Tomoki's misadventures and already had Kurosawa on queue. Will try the other two. Thanks.

Reverie_e | 07-10-12, 4:04 PM
Haha. I was bored. I expected the same anime recommendations and no response for manga. It was worth a try, right?

Reverie_e | 07-10-12, 4:00 PM
Thanks. Gonna check it out.

Have any manga recommendations as well? Or you're not too big on manga?

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