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05-18-15, 5:20 PM
February 2, 1991
Kansas city, Mo
June 8, 2011
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My rating system is pretty lenient. 7 generally means it didn't annoy me but didn't exactly thrill me either. 8 is my average. I enjoyed the show and could watch it again. 8 is where you'll find most stuff I liked. 9 I really like and is where you start getting into my favorites, but will generally have a flaw that didn't quite allow a 10. 10's are my all time favorites. I can watch them several times or felt they ended very well. anything 6 or below starts getting bad. my ratings are heavily balanced toward 7-10 so below that It really would have to have annoyed me continuously and just absolutely sucked. My ratings also get warped by the overall series. I consider the journey to the ending and the ending when rating. Some series can have good journeys such as the original Evangellion and end up lacking in the end but still get a good score because I did enjoy most of it. Others are based on the ending such as Gurren Lagann (while I really did enjoy the whole series I felt the ending was the strongest part of the series so I rated it more for the ending.)

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billng | 04-16-13, 5:04 PM
Thats because I tend to not watch stuff if I think its going to be bad. Also, your mean score is at 7.8, thats really high :P

billng | 04-16-13, 9:27 AM
Both seasons of code geass a 10? Wow we got one devious customer here. Greetings from TLADT :]

DraconisMarch | 12-18-12, 12:46 AM
Sorry. No random friend requests. :/

iwant2dollars | 07-22-11, 8:12 AM
ya I know man, weird. Actually, I'm gonna try to get a small list for stuff to watch next week. Also, you should look at our shared anime and see what's unique to me cause you forgot neon genesis and a couple others

Sentenal | 06-09-11, 7:13 AM
I think you made a mistake on the rankings, for some reason you gave both seasons of Code Geass a 10, and it also looks like you accidentally put Lelouch on your favorite characters list.

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